Woman, 75, gets phone call about her funeral arrangements

METHUEN — Rose Griffin is not dead, so the call from someone trying to arrange her funeral was a bit of a shock. The Methuen woman got the call at a late hour Friday night from someone looking for her son, who was not there.

When an irate Griffin used her caller ID to call back, the man informed her he was a funeral director trying to make arrangements for her son's dead mother.

The 75-year-old Griffin told him: "You're talking to the dead person."

Joe Cataudella, co-owner of Cataudella Funeral Home, said someone played a "cruel prank" and left a message with the home's answering service that Griffin had died.

Griffin, a Wal-Mart greeter, joked that she expects to be around for some time because she's mean and only the good die young.

She says she has no idea who was behind the prank.


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I am a life insurance agent. A couple of years ago I received notification from my home office Claims Department that one of my insureds passed away. I called the deceased's home phone number in the hopes that I could speak to a family member to express my condolences, and to make arrangements to assist with getting the claim form completed and the death benefit processed.

Imagine my surprise when the person who answered the phone was the "recently departed".


yeah, i bet that was an awkward conversation after that, did you send the check anyway? :)

Fortunately, I know this man well enough to know he has a great sense of humor. Instead of making up a bogus reason as to why I was calling his phone number, I told him the truth about the reason for my call. He thought it was hillarious. Now, whenever he calls me, he says "Hey, this is dead man calling"... and we both laugh.

i'm glad you knew the guy, and he wasn't offended. :) we need to laugh more. :)

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