Automated Trash Program Details - Did the city expand the test area? Includes photos and Instructions

I came home today, apparently the City stopped by, because we had new 96 gallon cans for the automated trash pickup pilot. While I like this, I was surprised because I did not think we were in the test area. I have attached photos and a scan of some of the brochures that were included with the cans. My initial impression was they were large, as tall as our grill. I have included an egg carton in some of the photos so you can get a sense of the size. See the attachment below to to get the files and photos.

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i really like your family photo. it was beautiful to see them happy with little gina standing so tall next to mom and dad garbage can. you can see the pride in momma's face as she holds her close. did you think it was ok to take a picture of little gina without her lid on? there are people out there that are lidless garbage predators. they take suggestive photos of the cans, and it's banned in many states. you might want to check if ohio is one of them.

thanks for taking the photos. :)

that taking a picture of Gina topless may cause some controversy, but I was looking for something provocative but artistic. I think the family shot with Gina topless softens the graphic nature of the topless shot, and makes it more artistic. It is an endearing photo.

Well if those predators come here looking to grab a glance at Gina, who is topless most of the time in our back yard, our pit bull may have something to say about that. Our pit bull can get to the fence in 1.2 seconds can you?

just wanted to let you know chris. gina is your garbage can, and you know she does have a reputation on the streets as being a dirt can. :)

i think you missed a few views of the cans. we didn't see it being rolled down the driveway, or you gracefully throwing your bags into the cans. what about what it looks like when you throw pop cans into the recycle bin. we NEED to know theses thing chris! we are counting on you chris, don't let us down man. :)


as you can see in the photos, Gina lives up to her reputation of being dirty and topless.

About more photos, they loose their artistic nature with me in the shot, but if I get bored.....

The opening for the gate through which I would have to roll the cans is 36.5". That is probably pretty standard. I measured our egg carton, and it was 12". I then measured your egg carton in eggtop.jpg with my ruler (for scale). It was 2.75" (to scale), and the trash can (to scale) was 7". If the top of the trash can is square that means I will have no trouble getting it through my gate. That is good news because I can keep my trashcans behind a locked fence rather than outside the gate because I couldn't get them through.

Old South End Broadway

post the measurements later today. It did fit in our gate, but there are different sized gates.

Being they are not a square, I am taking the largest measurements to see if it can fit through the gate.

The Black one:
Height, including lid: 44.5"
Side width: 34"
Front width: 28.5"

The Blue one:
Height: 40.5"
Side width: 27.5"
Front width: 27"

Our gate opening is 35"

These cans are big, but since I see them in Ann Arbor they are not a surprise. I could probably hide in the black one if I wanted to. I am sure I will see some of the neighborhood munchkins being pushed around in them. Interesting, they only gave one side of the street cans yesterday. This morning the gave the other side of the street the cans. They were not city trucks handing out the cans, so apparently they were contractors. The guy was sitting on the trailer and would roll the can to the curb (while still on the trailer, the cans can roll themselves).

We don't toss out too much trash. We hardly fill up Gina, and with these cans, we probably never will fill them up to the half way point.

The other thing that concerns me is we are supposed to put the cans on the street. But our street is 2.5 cars wide and the other side of the street is for parking. Since our side of the street is the driving side, it will be interesting to see how cars will get through with the cans on the street.

The other thing is since the cans are so big, I doubt I can carry them to the curb. We do not have a garage and before I lifted the can to get it around my car to bring it to the curve. Rolling one down with my car parked will be an issue because there is not much space. But if we don't fill them up, I can probably carry them.

I am not complaining, I hope they do switch to automated collection. I also some someone will have the courage to get rid of the trash fee.

Anyone else get the cans?

...when I googled on the Internet. When I googled "95 gallon trash cans" this was the sit I found most popular, I hope we don't have a replacement cost (either as individual citizens or as taxpayers) that is this high.

Old South End Broadway

southendbrdy, you really put some thought into the garbage cans. :) see, chris, we need those extra photos.

I finally saw the website on comp.jpg for the company that manufactures these carts, Too bad we have to go all the way to California to fulfill our needs. Maybe someone local or regional will take up the challenge if this trend becomes widespread enough for local firms to make some money.

Old South End Broadway


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