Workplace Ethics

Workplace Ethics!
Does anyone know who to contact regarding workplace standards in regards to treatment of employees and equal paid sick days and the like. As in one employee getting paid sick time as stated in the employee handbook yet not others, hostile and derogatory comments causing employees to become so upset they can not function. Among other things.

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If it's not non-union shop then you're SOL...

Great! Really, nothing?

How big a place are you in? what kind of place is it - production shop, office, retail?

Office, 3 people at the moment. Everytime we hire they only stick around for a few months. Promises in the interview are never kept. So they move on. A few of us are stuck. We can't take the time off between jobs.

There may be some protection from the derogatory depending on what exactally is being said, but you'd probably have to pay for a lawyer to do anything about it and could end up losing your job anyways.

Joining a union is one avenue but a long process at times and employers use road blocks to stop the effort.

When speaking to the employer, use two or more people together.

"Protected Concerted Activity or PCA - is when employees act together (2 or more) to protest or complain about terms and conditions of employment such as wages and benefits. This can occur in a union or non-union setting. This activity is protected by the National Labor Relations Act, which is enforced by a United States Federal agency called the National Labor Relations Board or NLRB. Some examples of such activities include:

a) 2 or more employees addressing their employer about improving their working conditions and pay;

b) 1 employee speaking to his/her employer on behalf of him/herself and one or more co-workers about improving workplace conditions;

c) 2 or more employees discussing pay or other work-related issues with each other.

The NLRA also protects any individual employee’s right to engage in union support, membership, and activities.

The NLRA protects an individual employee’s right not to engage in union activities or in other protected, concerted activities."

An employer can and might retaliate, but with two or more people involved there are legal remedies that can be sought and take good written notes throughout the process.

said. Tell them you do not like it.
Then get an attorney. Gallon and Takats are labor attorneys.

We have documented everything, even past employees. yet as Ohiokay said we could still be out of a job. I'm the money maker in my home as well as the others tha's why we feel stuck. Not wanting to sound stupid...but is there a union we could join to help protect us? I mean there are laws protecting workers wanting to unionize right? You see, we are considered suport staff for a "franchise" so to speak. There are at least 50 of us in the Toledo area and at least 200 in northwest Ohio. I happen to be stuck the longest. 18 years with no benefits what so ever just hourly rate and if lucky a raise every 7,8,9, or 10 years depending on my bosses mood. And I'm not the only one. I am being vauge because I don't want to jepordize anyone's job. This abuse does go on at most offices. I want to get info to help us all. Is there a union we could join, can we form one? Is there anyone that can direct us in the right direction? It's gone on to long!

P.S> please forgive any misspelling, it's late.

what type of work is it ?

Call these guys -

Toledo Area AFL-CIO Council
2300 Ashland Ave., Toledo, 43620. Phone 419-241-1851, Fax 419-241-1823, 7:30 p.m. 4th Monday, 2300 Ashland Ave., Toledo

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