Troy Neff Show: Great Minds Think Alike.

While other hosts were grandstanding at city council, Troy and his producer booked a show full of news makers. Here is an interview with Commissioner Ben Konop.

Who let the dogs out? Troy has a little fun with Commissioner Ben Konop about his theme song.

Konop talks about putting the freeze on the Lucas County dog warden's door-to-door inspections.

Ben Konop

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Yeah, asking questions regarding how our taxdollars are being wasted is grandstanding.

You're such a prick.

is not a nice thing to say Westsider.

your number 1 with me too.

... Westsider does have a point. Mr Neff, what behavior counts as "grandstanding" in your opinion? Who precisely demonstrated this behavior?

To conduct oneself or perform showily or ostentatiously in an attempt to impress onlookers/listeners: The morning talk show host doesn't hesitate to grandstand if it makes his point and he would like to remain nameless.

some people just know how to have fun amongst the drama-laden morning drive time folk.

Apparently it does Bri. Maybe you can point out to me the parody in guestzero's comments.

The morning talk show host doesn't hesitate to grandstand if it makes his point and he would like to remain nameless.

It was directed at tha specific comment.

Seeing I'm around sarcasm on a daily basis, I utilized it in my post.

At least I got the joke.

Again, my apologies.

I put in long days, I understand your reference now. By the way my comment came mostly from

I'd like to enter my earlier comments about the Boy of Troy as evidence for the prosecution against defendant Neff. But as appalling as this radio guy is, I do wish Fred would stop hawking for that restaurant, Carrabba's, in the middle of what is supposed to be commentary. Stop prostituting yourself, Speedy.

Patience is a great virtue.

adjective: incapable of being imitated or copied; surpassing imitation; matchless. Thanks :)

Wow booking guests must be hard since they refuse to appear on your main competitor's show. It is not a comment on Troy as much as the shallow behavior of Toledo's local politcos.

Actually booking guests was not always this easy. It did take some time to repair and establish relationships with many of these politicos. I offer them an opportunity to make unfiltered statements to the public. I do not always ask questions the way some would like but as I've stated before I think most listeners are capable of detecting B.S. answers. Sometimes my objective is to give them just enough rope and see what happens.

I think most listeners are capable of detecting B.S. answers

But as far as Im concerned, when I hear a BS answer to my face, I call them out on it - when I hear it on the air, I expect the host to call them on it.

People can be held accountable for what they say, or what they evade without losing tact or face. Just letting the bs flow and then saying "there you have it" doesnt do a whole lot for me.

Sorry Billy, I'm not likely to go as far as you would like calling them on it. I make my opinion known and others are free to do so as well. I do believe in holding them accountable and we can do that at the ballot box. Problem is voters have not done so.

i agree with you billy, i think these politicians need to be called out, and not let say whatever they want on the air to cover up any mistake they had made. people want to hear the hard questions asked, so they can decide for them self how they feel.

Your opinions are appreciated. :)

You are a talk show host - if you make your opinions known that's fine, but when you are interviewing someone it's THEIR opinion that the listeners are waiting for too - if you're letting them dance around and evade issues, you'll get them to come back to your show, but are you doing justice to your listeners?

Whatever - it's your show. Some folks like softball. Some like baseball.

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