Toledo hires private trash collectors in apparent 'sick-out'

The city of Toledo was forced to hire private trash haulers yesterday to help collect residents' garbage because of an apparent "sick-out" among refuse workers.

Twenty-three out of nearly 100 refuse collectors were out yesterday - one day after the city began distributing to some 10,000 households the 96-gallon containers for an automated trash-pickup pilot program.

When the city begins the pilot program on Monday, the trash pickup day for about 7,000 homes in three pockets of the city will be changed and the number of routes will be cut from 33 to 27.

Julian Highsmith, the city's commissioner of solid waste, said he hired two trucks each yesterday from Allied Waste Services and Waste Management at a cost of $140 an hour per truck.

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"That's going to make them work longer days," he said. "Right now, they are averaging four to five hours, and with these longer routes, they will probably be working six to seven hours a day."

i don't have much sympathy for the g men. at least they have a job. quit whining about increasing how many hours a day they work. six to seven hours is less than most people. then, there are all the unemployed people who would like to have ANY job to help pay the bills.

the city's commissioner of solid waste, said he hired two trucks each yesterday from Allied Waste Services and Waste Management at a cost of $140 an hour per truck.

does this mean that the city hired private carriers who used 4 trucks total and got the work of 23 men done?

good question billy, i'm wondering if the g men that did show up got in trouble? it just seems a little suspicious that 75 people didn't show up for work, but yet their union denied the sick out.

...before going to the private sector. He didn't say in the Blade article how many responded. If 20 or so responded, and each worked four hours overtime 10 routes (at two collectors per route) could have been taken care of. Also, if each private truck had a driver and two collectors that would have been a total of 12 men for four crews (one for each truck). All this is just speculation on my part but I would assume that those who work in private enterprise are just human beings, and not supermen.

Old South End Broadway

Im just asking questions here, but was he asking for men who dont work 8 hour days to be paid overtime for work done DURING an 8 hr shift?

the routes covered by a private waste management company. In Maumee we have one truck with one driver who picks up all the waste in our neighborhood. Contracted work eliminates the need to provide health insurance and retirement programs and the cost of purchasing and maintaining trucks and rids the system of union "sick outs".


An EX-Toledoan who moved to Lambertville, I have to pay a company to pick up my trash.

It's about $12.00 a month.

BUT, I don't have ANY city income tax to pay, I have NO city assessed property taxes, absolutely NO .3/4% additional tax, my sewers work, Monroe County is patching streets right now and has been all winter.

Yep, I have to pay $12.00 a month for trash pickup, but I save almost 2/3 of what I was paying in taxes when I lived in Toledo.

I pay $12.00 a month for trash pickup, and if I find it cheaper or want a better/different/cheaper company to do it, I can fire the company I use now and hire someone else.

I personally saved about $1200 a year in taxes, got a MUCH better school system, don't have to deal with back-biting moron City Council worms and a psycho mayor, but I have to pay $12.00 a month for trash.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Toledo Ohio (AD) The Toledo Blah is reporting that the law department was just ordered by Carty Finkbeiner to proceed with the paperwork to move the city limits north 4 miles.

There's a certain guy that posts on a local site bragging about how much spending cash he has available, so we want it!", Carty said today.

And in an unrelated matter, a contingent of delusional acrobats have taken arms at Lewis Avenue in the Hill's parking lot and they're headed north to Sterns Road.

you can read updates when they're available at

i saw that story on tv as well. carty can smell more tax money from miles away. he's always got his nose up his butt. :)

Dear Libs Can Blow Me,
The nicest thing about Toledo is that there are fewer like you living in the city, and instead congregating amongst fellow dorks in Mayberry, Monroe County. Have fun on your sorry-ass two-lane roads and look out for spoiled white boys hurling water bottles from moving vehicles. And cut your grass, m.f., don't you know the neighbors are watching?

Patience is a great virtue.

If wanting to live in a safer, cheaper, cleaner, and less instrusive place with better schools makes someone a "dork" then I want to be a "dork" as well.


what got into you? i didn't know you had such a potty mouth. that is unless "sorry ass two lane roads" mean that there are apologetic donkeys running around up in Michigan because they are confused which side of the road to run on. what does "m.f." mean may flies because that does not make much sense.

Though I know the baby buff pic is innocent, there have been several people charged with child porn for uploading them to internet sites. It's silly, but what one may think is cute, others may take offense to or worse, feed some ped's imagination. Seriously, If I were you, I'd remove it.

chad, it's a picture of my dog with a hat, where do you get such crazy stories. :)

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