While gas prices rise and many Toledoans are suffering, Bush stammers around like the village idiot.

Follow the link to watch the video - the guy can't even speak in complete sentences, it’s scary that this guy is leading the free world. Though in fairness the world has pretty much written him off as the village idiot that he is.


During his nonsensical press conference today, President Bush argued that the best way to help the struggling economy and the staggering price of gas was to either start drilling immediately in ANWR or to get him a magic wand.

Village Idiot

Somehow if you mention ANWR it means you don’t care about the environment. Well, I’m hoping now people, when they say “ANWR,” means you don’t care about the gasoline prices that people are paying.


I think that if there was a magic wand, and say, okay, drop price, I’d do that.

The sad reality is that this President has done nothing over the past 8 years to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, leaving us beholden to the skyrocketing prices — which are due in large part to the instability we have created in the Middle East. It’s a truly vicious circle.

Imagine if we had invested a fraction of what we spent in Iraq on sustainable energy. Gasoline could be well on it’s way to being a relic of the past instead of one of the primary causes of the current recession. Considering both Bush and Cheney’s extensive ties to the oil industry, I guess this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

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I could smell the beer on his breath from here..

Pink Slip

with representatives like Kaptur getting in the way, what else could be done? You say Bush has not done anything then you should be joining me in saying Marcy and the others in Congress have failed too because they are the ones prohibiting using our own resources to become independent.

BTW it is interesting that you make fun of the President and how he speaks. It is almost like you are using the personal attacks to strengthen your point. I guess that says a lot about your points.

I don't need personal attacks to strengthen my points, but Marcy is beginning to sound aloof and out of touch with the real issues. Maybe you are seeing this too because you are so sensitive about the post on the video of what she said.

They were all willing to stand up and help home owners who made poor spending decisions, but when it comes to bread and butter issues like this, there is just silence. That is all I need to know.

Hey at least Bush is trying to deal with the problem. Maybe if Marcy would spend her time getting more refineries produced and getting more oil then maybe she would actually be helping out the normal Toledoan.

Hey at least Bush is trying to deal with the problem

Olbermann nails it:


This video pretty much calls Bush for the lying village idiot he is, point for point.

B/c it's been a long day and that's all this brain can do.

1. Sensor - I am not being smart - I've heard the oil ties mentioned for a long, long time now - what oil ties do they have? Disclaimer wrap - I'm not being smart with you, I'm just asking b/c I don't know and it seems like you might.

2. We are going to have to do something to get off our dependence on foreign oil. Is that a fair starting point? Is that something everyone can agree on?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

People have been clamoring for that since, way back when.

Then there was conservation, which helped with the long gas lines in the 70's and yet, larger and more ineffiecent vehicles became popular again.

Crude Oil Imports (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Feb-08 Jan-08 YTD 2008 Feb-07 YTD 2007
CANADA 1,920 1,944 1,933 1,840 1,848
SAUDI ARABIA 1,614 1,479 1,544 1,185 1,382
MEXICO 1,231 1,198 1,214 1,358 1,398
NIGERIA 982 1,163 1,075 1,061 1,085
VENEZUELA 945 1,135 1,043 1,115 1,031
IRAQ 780 543 658 325 433
ANGOLA 341 566 458 451 504
KUWAIT 261 239 249 158 165
COLOMBIA 220 171 194 73 106
ALGERIA 191 366 281 392 474
ECUADOR 169 247 209 178 226
BRAZIL 169 169 169 103 156
CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE) 97 91 94 41 48
CHAD 89 117 103 87 78
RUSSIA 80 16 47 49 40


Then, how do we tell, suggest, legislate that company's restrict where they import the raw materials to make gasoline from?

BTW it is interesting that you make fun of the President and how he speaks.

No it isn't - it's boring. The President of the United States should be well spoken when ever he's in public. No exceptions.

People look at the price of unleaded regular and scream bloody blue murder. The problem isn't our dependence on foreign oil. The problem is our dependence on petroleum, and the obstruction by Fortune 50 companies to any and all research on economically feasible alternate energy sources. Secondarily, the problem is price gouging by big oil, which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Face it. We are well and truly screwed. There is no meaningful difference between Hitlery, Obama bin Runnin' and What's His Name. None of them will pull the troops out of Iraq, none of them will cut taxes, none of them will shovel money into infrastructure, medical research, alternate energy sources or protecting the environment. And the worst of it is, with the cost of petroleum, this screwing is going to be a real dry one.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

The dirty little secret about oil is that it’s a global commodity. We could start pumping oil tomorrow from ANWR and if China was willing to buy it at a higher price, the oil companies would gladly sell it to them.

Hell, we still sell Alaskan Oil to Japan.

McCaskey... indeed.

With who is president you idiot! By the way....Here's a story of Hillary bashing Bush for not stoping a program started by no other than.....her husband Bill.

You don't think Bush’s weak dollar policy has the effect on the price oil?



How’s about Bush’s war in Iraq?

How about Bush’s total trashing of American world influence. One of the most under reported news stories this year is Bush going to Saudi Arabia this January begging the Saudi’s to increasing production and being told no. No one respects America anymore, because no one respects Bush.

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