Troy Neff Show: George Sarantou, Mike Craig, Betty Shultz, and Mayor Finkbeiner

The Troy Neff Show continues to be the only place where the news makers come. Mayor Finkbeiner says he wishes that every person in Toledo would listen to the show. Toledo politicians talk Erie Street Market and much more......

George Sarantou

Mike Craig

Betty Shultz

Mayor Finkbeiner

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Hey Neff do your advertising somewhere else. Every day you take up space promoting your show that no one listens to.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

It is ok for media to post links to their work as long as if it is newsworthy. All of these interviews are newsworthy.

Carty's endorsement only solidifies my decision to never tune in.

"Newsmakers" have no qualms about dialing in to Neff's show because they know the host is either too shy or too uninformed to ask questions with pertinence. "Newsmakers" know they'll get to prattle on endlessly. His show, on a daily basis, serves as an ideal damage-control outlet for those whose names are in that morning's Blade. As negative as Fred is and as obsessive as he can be with trivial matters (Erie Street Market, for example), at least the guy on WSPD asks straightforward questions and will repeat the question when he -- and his listeners -- realize a "newsmaker" is trying to respond with a plateful of crap. And just to set the record straight, I am not Fred.

Patience is a great virtue.

"And just to set the record straight, I am not Fred."

now wait a minute old timer, didn't you say you were fred's dad? :) i think you are just giving troy a hard time because you enjoy not getting a response from troy himself.

The newsmakers come because I'm not an ass. I think most people, as you are Don, are smart enough to indentify a plateful of crap. I don't feel the need to repeat the questions multiple times, pissing the guest off. As far as the mayor is concerned, I love the mayor as a guest and will bump almost anyone to put him on at any time. Love him or hate him, he is good radio.

and this is really Troy not staff.

well it's about time you showed up and contributed

I've avoided anything Troy Neff only because your elitist ass is too good to participate

but now that it's known you made your debut here today, I have to say "It's about friggen time".

let's see how involved you are now that you finally posted something.

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