McCain Offers Details of His Health Plan

TAMPA — Senator John McCain, detailing his plan to solve the nation’s health care crisis, called Tuesday for federal intervention with the states to assure coverage for people who have been denied insurance.

Mr. McCain’s health plan centers on eliminating the tax breaks for employers who provide health insurance for their workers — a marked departure from the current system — and giving $5,000 tax credits to families to buy their own insurance. His goal in shifting from employer-based coverage to having people buy their own policies is to encourage competition and choice, and to drive down the costs of health insurance.

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My Friends,

Today, there are 47 million uninsured individuals in the U.S., and nearly a quarter of them are children. High costs and limited access are the underlying, fundamental problems in our healthcare system.

As you know, both Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are touting outrageously expensive and unrealistic universal health care plans - a government monopoly over health care.

Unlike my opponents, I do not believe that all of our nation's problems can be solved by turning control over to our government, with all the tax increases, new mandates and government regulation that come with that idea.

Today, our campaign began running a television ad focused on health care - that you can view by following this link - to ensure all Americans hear the truth about how I plan to tackle the challenges facing our nation's health care system. To ensure this important ad is aired in as many markets as possible, I'm asking for your immediate financial assistance.

I believe the key to real reform is to restore control over our health care system to the patients themselves. Americans need new choices beyond those offered in employment-based coverage.

That's why, as president, I will seek to encourage and expand the benefits of Health Savings Accounts, tax-preferred accounts that are used to pay insurance premiums and other health costs. These accounts put the family in charge of what they pay for.

In addition, I will reform the tax code to provide every family the option of receiving a direct, refundable tax deposit - effectively $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 cash for families to offset the cost of insurance.

The reality is that both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama, in their haste to garner support for their so-called "solutions," are promising more than they can deliver. And, once again, they are simply out-of-touch with the real problems facing our health care system and how to solve them.

Here are the facts: Under the Democrats' plan, we will have all the problems, and more, of the current health care system - rigid rules, long waits and lack of choices - and we risk degrading the system's great strengths and advantages, including the innovation and life-saving technology that make American medicine the most advanced in the world.

My friends, this is not my definition of real reform. I hope you will join me in my fight to tackle the real problems facing our nation's health care system by making a contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,300 to help fund this important ad.

I hope to hear from you soon.


John McCain

P.S. While my Democratic opponents continue to believe that our government can solve all of our problems, I am prepared to offer practical, common sense solutions to the problem of rapidly rising health care costs and access in America. I urge you to join with me today and help me take our message to the American people. Please consider making a generous contribution of $50, $100, $500, $1,000, or $2,300 today to fund my campaign's latest health care television ad. Thank you.

P.S.S. - Reminder: Tune into tomorrow at 2pm EDT to watch a live health care town hall.

There's so much here that's completely fucked up that I hardly know where to begin. Let's just talk about 3 points for now:

McCain slurred: «I believe the key to real reform is to restore control over our health care system to the patients themselves.»

Get a clue, McCain! Patients will NEVER control the health care system for two inescapable reasons:

1. Patients often need emergency care and are in no condition to comparison shop when they get it. Hence, little to no control.

2. Patients can't afford to pay for their health care, PERIOD. Hence, essentially no control. At $1000/day for service, NOBODY BUT THE RICH can exert force as a negotiating buyer ... which is why THE REST OF US have resorted to insurance.

McCain slurred: «Americans need new choices beyond those offered in employment-based coverage.»

Employer-based insurance is a method of hiding the true costs of health-insurance premiums. For Toledo, the AVERAGE cost per employee for coverage is $500/mo. That's $6000/yr per employee, Senator. No poor person can afford this, and only a tiny fraction of the middle class can either. That's why employer-based systems are now the basis for our health care system -- IT'S THE FUCKING PRICE THAT'S TOO HIGH, STUPID!

Outside employer-based systems, the prices for the same insurance are similarly high and are thus unaffordable to most. Hence, economic law predicts correctly that people then rely on employer-based systems.

Employer-based insurance systems have gained such power not only due to cultural inertia, but due to ERISA and other legislative acts, employers are intrinsically linked to insurance programs. Not only that, but self-insuring became the rage once certain aspects of legislation (namely, insurance-policy mandates) caused minimum pricing to be too large. Note well THAT meant that employers had even cheaper health-care policies, which you as an individual could NOT GET anywhere else and on your own.

In short, McCain, you goober, if you want to improve this system, stop with all the artificial props that exist and entwine many economic aspects of insurance and employment in our culture. Stop the policy mandates that make it impossible to design personalized policies. Stop with the legislation that allows companies to hide money in insurance actions. Stop with the legislation that allows companies to self-insure without sane regulation.

McCain slurred: «I will seek to encourage and expand the benefits of Health Savings Accounts, tax-preferred accounts that are used to pay insurance premiums and other health costs.»

That does nothing whatsoever to counter the excessive costs of this health care system that your handlers obviously told you nothing more about.

Government healthcare was good enough for John McCain for over 70 years, but it's not good enough for regular Americans? Under his plan, employers will stop offering healthcare within 3-4 years and no one will be able to afford it. He's a joke.

Pink Slip

True – McCain’s entire life, from the moment he was born to the day he dies he will have had all of his health care provided by the U.S. government.

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