Carefully define debate on trade

IT'S easy to play bumper-sticker politics with trade. But it gets us nowhere.

When Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton came out against the North American Free Trade Agreement in the run-up to Ohio's presidential primary last month, they also spoke about U.S. trade policy generally. They mentioned problems with China's currency, toxic toys, and contaminated food, and communities wrecked by plant shutdowns and lost jobs.

But conservative economists and a lot of newspaper editors heard only "NAFTA" and saw only "protectionism."

Our country deserves a real debate on trade, not a debate where labeling one side protectionist is game, set, and match. (cont.)

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Since Democrats and Union Hacks want to keep those "phone solicitor" and "1st level tech" (script monkey) jobs in America, it is only fair that we send the foreign jobs in America back to their own countries..

Start by closing the Honda plant in Marysville, OH.

Then close the BMW plant in Georgia.

Then close the Toyota plant in Kentucky.

Close the Sony plant in Pittsburgh.

Shut down those Daimler plants (German Company) or is it Magna that owns Jeep now (a Canadian Company), anyway shut down those foreign auto plants in Detroit, Toledo, Fremont CA, Spartanburg, and Tuscaloosa!



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creamed on these trade pacts. America first ! We need CEO's to keep their companies at home. Manufacturing should be protected. We did it in the 1930's with Taft-Hartley.

And you'll be hard pressed to find an economist who will state that protectionist measures like Smoot-Hawley did more good than harm the economy during the Great Depression.


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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

about capitalism. The heart and sole of America's success is its' ability to out perform competitors in the market place. It boils down to profits on products and services. Protection policies undermine the goal of profitability. If an enterprise cannot succeed in a free an open market place it should go out of business. Russia had a great protective work forced policy supported by government subsidies. There was no incentive to work because the outcomes were always the same.

When the Berlin wall came down we got our first look at the central planning concept for labor protectionism. There was a picture from one of the earlier months when outsiders could finally get into the country and the picture showed a 1920 Ford tractor-combine with the old steel wheels still being used on a farm.

I am not for rewarding jobs for jobs sake in America. Produce or step aside for those who can.


The heart and sole of America's success is its' ability to out perform competitors in the market place.

How have we done this recently? How have average Americans benefitted? Everyone agrees trade is a good thing--that's a no-brainer. But why is it so hard for some people to question how some of these trade agreements are being written? Especially when the benefits of these agreements sometimes favors some overwhemingly over others.

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