McCain Raises $400K in Toledo

Sen. McCain raised $400,00 at an event held at the Toledo Club Tuesday evening. What does this mean for the voter of average means? To me, it shows that Sen. McCain will not be as eager to represent the average person’s issues as president as he may claim during the campaign.

I would be curious to know how many “bundled” contributors it took to raise that amount and what did he promise. I also think it is telling that he chose to come to Toledo, a Democratic stronghold, on a night that the news outlets will be focused on the Pennsylvania primary. Don’t get me wrong, I think the elite are entitled to representation. I would only caution you to think twice when Sen. McCain is campaigning for the common man’s vote.

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Both the Clintons and the McCains are worth well over $100 million. On the other hand, Obama just recently finished paying off his student loan.

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Obama is far from poor with income of $4.2 million last year. Nonetheless, he is the "poorest" of the three left standing.

We also have to factor in his age as compared to Clinton and McCain. Both he and his wife went into debt to get a Harvard law degree. Generally that is a good investment - and I consider education from a top tier school to be an investment.

Assuming Obama wins and serves 2 terms, he will be 55 upon leaving office. Give him and his wife 5 years (Clinton is 60) and my guess is that he too will be worth a lot more. Bill Clinton had been out of office 7 years at the end of the 2007 tax year.

Want to guess how much Obama would make on his memoirs if he were elected?

As to McCain, most of his wealth comes from marriage. But he did bring home a good penny by most measures of the average income of Americans.

Let's face it, you have to be wealthy or well connected -probably both - to run for national office. Besides, most people we as Americans would consider for president must be successful. Generally that means they have brought home the "bacon" in slabs and not in strips as most Americans do.

Except I thought I read that the 4.2 million was Obama's total worth.

I just hope none of the $400K was stolen Ohio State tax dollars like the money Bush got from Maggie Thurber, Betty Shultz, Donna Owens and Sally Perz via Tom Noe.

We can hope...

I could care less what the personal net worth of a presidential candidate may be or how much he or she makes on memoirs, speeches and the like following the end of their term.

How much wealth they have accrued has little or nothing to do with the policies they enact, or at least try to enact depending on Congress, as regards to the 'voter of average means' as the original post mentions.

The 'voter of average means', which is the great majority of us, i.e. the middle class, needs to finally elect a candidate that speaks for them. We have not had that in the last eight years. And, if the majority of middle-income, middle-aged, small town and rural white male voters continue to get suckered into voting Republican again as they have the past two presidential elections, we won't have that candidate yet again.

"Guns and religion'....Obama was correct on the unfortunate mindset of many rural voters , mostly white males, who get tricked into voting for candidates whose policies are actually not in their favor.

Agreed McCaskey. I guess my line of thinking is that the candidate with the least money is more likely to follow populist policies. Maybe they've been less tainted with the stink of the lobbyist world. But that remains to be seen

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To Sensor G,
For the love of God, can't you drop someone's past mistake? I have to believe your spouse is quite miserable living with someone who constantly brings up mistakes from the past. It must be nice being perfect.

To McCaskey,
How do you figure Hillary or Obama are speaking for "the middle class?" Both of their healthcare policies will cost tax payers 10-15% more out of their income...and surely a healthcare system operated by the government will work as well as our government run public schools....low quality. Also, how will raising taxes on my "middle income" be benefiical...when we'll be forced to give up more of our paychecks to pay for social programs?

And please....please....tell me you're not one of those people who still don't realize capitalism and the global market are the reasons the manufacturing jobs are gone and never coming back. Please...tell me you don't really think if Obama or Hillary get elected that all the manufacturing jobs will suddenly re-appear.

Please...please...don't tell me that you believe if Obama or Hillary are elected that the gas prices are going to go down. I hope you realize that we can't drill for more oil in our own country because of liberal environmentalists....and also...that the Arabs are dismantling this country not through weapons of mass destruction....but, by destroying our economy.

However, while I am wiloing to to give someone a second chance (I have personally agreed with and praised Maggie Thurber's words on this blog) I am not willing to forget that it was the mindset that created the crime. (both Reps and Dems have this mindset). Trust but verify. I don't think your analogy equating marriage to politics is apllicable.

Also, I think it would be more accurate to say the policies of free-market capitalism are driving our economy.

I'll forgive, but forgetting is hard. All conservatives do is talk about Clinton's blowjob. That didn't affect me at all, but made for some good reading.
Noe and the Noettes on the other had used stolen tax dollars to help elect the worse president ever; costing me 10s of thousands in losses in my 401k and house value. They also cost my company a bunch of money by nearly bankrupting Ohio’s worker compensation fun.

Now Maggie says “sorry, my bad” and rallies daily against how tax dollars are spent has about as much credence as Bill Clinton leading a no more blow job campaign.

For the record, my wife is perfect and doesn't make mistakes.

forgive, but forgetting is hard. All conservatives do is talk about Clinton's blowjob. That didn't affect me at all


Except it wasn't about sex, although it's continually been spun that way. I had a bumpersticker on my car during the impeachment hearings that said: "Pssst! It's the PERJURY, Stupid!"



Except it wasn't about sex, although it's continually been spun that way. I had a bumpersticker on my car during the impeachment hearings that said: "Pssst! It's the PERJURY, Stupid!"

Well since he didn't commit perjury, and "it wasn't about sex"....then what was it really?
Oh yeah, he was a Democrat.

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That I am very sorry about the difficulty President Clinton had and since I have never walked a mile in an American Presidents' shoes - it would be inappropriate for me to judge them.

What I am correcting is an outright rewrite of American history.

The FACTS of what happened are that :

1.President Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998 on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice,

2. President Clinton was then acquitted by the Senate on February 12, 1999, voting 45 votes for conviction and 55 against on the charge of perjury and 50 for conviction and 50 against on the charge of obstruction of justice.

3. The Senate needed 67 votes for impeachment and was 17 votes short of impeaching President Clinton.

That's what happened with regard to the perjury business. Quit trying to marginalize or rewrite history.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Exactly. He was acquitted, therefore no perjury. Fine work kateb

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employee should not be investigated and prosecuted ?
Clinton was/is a sexual predator . He needs to be watched

We can't?

There is drilling in the Gulf Of Mexico;

"Evidence this week of a major new oil find is a tantalizing reminder of the importance of deep-water drilling to America's energy future. The field found deep below the Gulf of Mexico could boost the nation's proven oil reserves by as much as 50 percent, Chevron Corp. announced Tuesday.

But amid the exuberant claims of a new era for domestic oil drilling, some energy industry insiders could be forgiven for their subdued responses. The sheer depth of Chevron's discovery reinforces a well-known truth: the world's much-needed petroleum reserves are harder and more expensive to find than ever. "

Senate Pushes Expanded Oil Drilling in Gulf of Mexico

1. Health care costs: nobody, not you nor I, knows what any candidate's health care plan would eventually cost taxpayers after getting through Congress. John McCain apparently has a plan, but he won't say how much it will cost. Hmmmm....and, I doubt sprinkling around tax credits will be enough to handle the job.
2. Manufacturing: as long as the trade deficits continue as they have in recent years, manufacturing job losses will continue unabated. The deficit at the beginning of this year was 58.2 bill. In Jan. of '01 it was 32 bill. Since most in both parties support NAFTA, as do the current candidates albeit with differing emphasis/oversight, this can be laid at the feet of everybody, but remind me again who's been in the White House since Jan. of '01?
3. Gas prices. Oh, those mean 'ol tree-hugging Libs, not allowing drilling. Sorry, Kooz, read the section dealing with proven U.S. reserves:
Not enough here to make a real difference. And no, I don't read anything into the fact that two former oilmen are now the President and Vice-Prez, and that it was about a buck-fifty a gallon in Jan. of '01 and is now 3.59. Really, I don't. How much profit are those oil companies making again? Yes, I know, it's called capitalism, LOL.
4. Arabs destroying our economy? No, Kooz, we don't need any help from outside sources to do this. We've had probably the most incompetent administration ever to accomplish this, principally on a phoney war sold to Congress and the American people on distorted, exagerrated, ginned-up 'evidence' that right now has cost $514 billion and rising at about 340 million a day.
You rail about taxes, Kooz, but don't worry. The next two or three generations will be footing this bill:

Yes, it's been a mighty fine eight years for America's middle-class. We can only hope for more of the same.

I just hope you start a thread the next time Obama and/or Hillary do a $2300/ plate fundraiser. When is that? It will probably be tonight.

Chico, your logic is ridiculous. Clinton and Obama have held fundraisers where millions were collected. Where's your post about that? $400K is NOTHING when it comes to presidential fundraisers.

Perhaps if you refrained from projecting your feelings onto my logic you wouldn't find it so ridiculous. If you are assuming that since I commented on a McCain fundraiser that I am not critical of Obama or Hilary, you are incorrect. Because of the timing of, the place of and amount collected at the fundraiser I felt it was appropriate to comment.

Does anyone remember a Democratic presidential candidate raising $400K in one evening in Northwest Ohio?

But isn't it safe to say that most everyone is unhappy with campaign finance as it lives and breathes in America today? I think it's awful.

If you don't align yourself with those types of fund raising tactics and PAC's - you'd never have enough money to run a campaign. So then the potential leaders never have the opportunity to become a candidate and those we do see on the ballots have sold their soul....

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I can't wait for Obama to win election, win re-election in 2012, then release his memoirs four years later. If I'm lucky enough to be alive, I'll buy the book about what transpired in the eight years hence and will even go see "Obama - The Movie" if I can afford the popcorn. I'm sure the next eight years are going to be exciting for America and I can't wait to read about it and watch the film. Speaking of wealth and the candidates, I'm in favor of the proposed constitutional amendment limiting the right to vote only to those earning at least $62,500 annually (adjusted for inflation in the years ahead). This seems a logical way of disallowing the dim-witted a say in who leads the U.S., doesn't it?

Patience is a great virtue.

sensor - 1) so you're going to "Lord" maggies past screw up over her head for the rest of her life? 2) I cringe everytime I hear the expression "my bad". It has to be one of the worst gramatically just flat out horribly wrong expressions there is, and makes the person saying it sound like they are trying to be ghetto-gangsta-black cool - sounds just stupid when anybody says it. Is it really that much more complicated to say "my mistake", or "I was wrong"? 3) People who lord other people's screw ups over their heads tend to be that way generally to all I think. Just how they 'work'. So if your wife is 'perfect', it must be because she's terrified to make a mistake because you'll lord it over her the rest of her life. Here's a clue: nobody's perfect, and if you think she is, then she's probably not telling you everything. Smart woman.

1) YES

2) I use the term for effect - it worked

3) You don't know me at all. My online persona is very different then my real life. I’m just a softball playing, beer drinking, white collar guy with a great wife, two wickedly smart kids and a couple of cats.

I “pick” on Maggie, because she’s on the radio everyday talking about responsible government and when she demonstrated she’s just another crooked politician who took advantage of her position and tax payer money.

Softball playing, beer drinking, great wife, 2 wickedly smart kids...if you hadn't thrown in the part about the cats, I would have started to think maybe my husband was posting here and I didn't even know it. lol

You sound like you could be a neighbor or something. Weird. And we're way past April Fool's day, right?

I guess if you're a normal neighbor type of a guy I don't understand alot of your posts. Particularly where Maggie Thurber is concerned. Is there anything in YOUR past that you would feel uncomfortable being flogged with in the manner in which you've used this piece (singular) of time from Maggie's life to make her feel uncomfortable if SHE posts online?

Just asking b/c you showed a very human side with that post and it's possible that could be interpreted to mean you may have some kind of ability to relate to others.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I like to think I relate to other fairly well. While my past isn’t perfect, there isn’t too much that could be used to flog me. Frankly, I’m just not that interesting. There isn’t too much I regret in life, because my past has given me what I have today and made me the man that I am. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I find Maggie to be a hypocrite. She advocates “good government”, but when truly had the power to do something about it; she turned out to be just another corrupt politician.

Maggie talking about the use of tax payer dollars is the same as Bill Clinton talking about sexual absence.

pay your pennance, learn your lesson and move forward, you're always going to be condemned for that action, forever?

Sensor, buddy, Betty is still on Council.

I'm with you on the ethics aspect, but damn.

Maybe she's chosen to be an advocate for responsible government as a result of her transgression, right? Just an insight.

It's not healthy to carry this burden towards one when others more vile run amok and aren't under your scrutiny.

One thing that concerns me about McCain is his self-professed lack of knowledge on the economy. If he is raising money from the conservative elite it make sense to me that he will be easily influenced, given his lack of knowledge, by them. I am deeply concerned about the direction of our economy ant the hands of free market advocates. We need to have this discussion.

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