Community Organization/Solidarity Picnic Meeting April 24, 2008

This Spring/Summer Bethany Lutheran Church is sponsoring the largest intercommunity organizational picnic of its kind in the area to be held in front of the old DeVilbiss High School (3301 Upton Avenue near Central Avenue - Toledo, Ohio). While still in the planning stages, this picnic will serve the twofold purpose as both a social activity, introducing both local businesses and residents to one another, and as a social organizational activity to address many of the problems, and possible solutions, concerning the area.

The first planning meeting is scheduled to be held at Bethany Lutheran Church (3274 Upton Avenue - Toledo, Ohio) on Thursday April 24, 2008 and invitations are graciously extended to not only those interested in contributing to and attending the event itself but especially those interested and able to successfully assist, manage, organize, plan , promote, and organize such events. Whether you want to get involved, have some good food, or merely socialize; we look forward to seeing you at Bethany Lutheran Church tomorrow at 7pm!!!

Heather & Cory Buford
Virtual Realty Consultants
GateWay Marketing Online
Sr. Web Designers/Developers
Business Development Specialists

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for the alert. I won't be able to make it because I have 2 other meetings tomorrow evening, but let me know what happens or what opportunities exhist.

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