Knock, Knock....Who's There? Dog Warden, Dog Warden Who?

The dog warden who's looking to make sure your dog is licensed, that's who. Starting tomorrow the Lucas County Dog Warden office will be going door to door to find dogs without licenses. Tom Skeldon will be on with me tomorrow at 7:45 to talk about it.
The law says you must have a license and that the county can set the fee. What is missing from the law is a description of enforcement of the law. Obviously if the warden catches your dog loose and you go to claim it, and don't have it licensed you will be charged the fee and a penalty. It may even be argued that the warden could walk past your property and see that your dog isn't wearing his license and fine you then.
But there is nothing in the ORC that says you have to answer the door when he comes knocking or that you need to answer any questions he asks. In fact unless your dog answers the door without his license on the warden is SOL.

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Is every dog in Lucas County required to have a license?

I know I should probably be aware of this, being that I have a dog. But I'm not originally from this area...I've never lived in a community that required dog licenses before, so it never occurred to me to check when I moved here.

Have heard references on the news about dog licenses, but I assumed that maybe it was a City of Toledo thing.

I'm surprised they don't mention anything at the vet office or something like that.


every dog is supposed to.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if you have a dog and they find out by knocking on the door.

From past experience, when you knock the dog makes its presence known. I wonder what the warden will do. Will he cite you or write a reminder notice?

What if you are dog sitting and the dog is from another city or part of the city and it barks.? What would he do?

Why is he doing this? Does this mean he has too much time on his hands he wants to go knocking on doors? Didn't they pick up 900+ pit bulls which means about 3 a day. Doesn't that keep them busy? How many pit bulls does he pick up on these sweeps.

This seems more to be a reminder that big government is out there reminding you that you better bow to the throne.......

ok, so a person pays $30 per dog in january for a license, and double if it's after the deadline. does the money they collect ONLY go back to the dog warden's office, or is it go into the bottomless pit called the city's account? other than fees and licenses, what other ways is the dog warden's office funded?

The ORC, Ohio Revised Code says any county can set a fee and require a license. You are under no obligation as far as I can tell from reading the Code to answer your door or allow the warden in your home. Unless there have been complaints he has no probable cause and we still have that in this country. UPDATE- Skeldon will be on at 7:35 to answer all questions.

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I know where Sarah lives. I will make a citizen's arrest and hold her in custody until the authorities arrive. Heil, Skeldon!

Patience is a great virtue.

Going door to door looking inside a private residence for unlicensed dogs is good, but having the ECHELON program that was started by Bill Clinton continue to monitor calls coming in to the United States from known terrorists is bad.

Man, Libs really confuse me.

BTW, I am sure some moron will try and say it was Bush who started listening to incoming phone calls, so here is the TRANSCRIPT of the 60 Minutes segment that proves Bubba Clinton was the one who started the spying program.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Wrong as usual...

ECHELON way pre-dates Clinton. It was a product of the cold war. Its earliest references date back to the Nixon administration. Not surprising considering what a paranoid freak Nixon was.

The link you posted only mentions Clinton once and doesn't reference he creating ECHELON in any way.

BTW Both Bush and the Dog Warden are fascists. I’m sure if the door to door search was looking for Gays, Immigrants or sex toys you’d be all for that.

Tom "dog killer" Skeldon is nothing more than a fascist pig. He's no damned good and the world would be a much better place without him.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Having a suspicious mind, I have a feeling this is about more than just the tags. Just think about the other things that will also be in their line of sight. Also, isn’t the “Dog Warden” an extension of the Sheriff’s Department? Just curious about that.

Lets see, 1 of Skeldon’s favorite hobbies is the whole “Pit Bull” thing. While I agree that Pit Bulls are a problem dog, he seems to have a serious hardon about em. Obsessive one might say. It’s not just about having a tag for the dogs you have be sure. They will be counting numbers of dogs, checking conditions of dogs, checking breeds of dogs, assessing temperaments of dogs, and so on.

But dogs are not all they will see now are they? Now, unless you bring forth the said pooches to the front yard, the Warden and his tribe will be in your home, on your property, looking at whatever is to see there. So, unless they have obtained search warrants for the premises, they will be violating your rights from the knock to the door on through.

Chances are that even though anything other than the dog tags is none of their business, they are connected to other law enforcement branches that are concerned with what else they may see/report to them. Granted, for most of us, there is nothing to see/report, but for some, this will lead to serious trouble down the road. It would be a violation of every-one’s rights to obtain information in this manner.

The County has a record of every dog tag sold and to whom since January. They have zero reason to go to these homes at all. I have 3 dogs, I bought all 3 of them tags and it’s on file with the County. If they want to know about my overly expensive tags..go look it up.

Skeldon and his operatives need to spend their time and our fee monies chasing down the abuse cases, dog fighting rings, strays and leave the rest of us alone.

Skeldon in the Podcast from LeFebvre's show confirms that there is a computerized listing.

But with so many fosters in the area for area rescues it will prove interesting the ruckus when the fosters are cited for not have a dog licensed, when they are merely providing a home for a dog that may be adopted out of state.

why don't they license cats? Are we afraid unlicensed and unsupervised dogs will form packs and attack someone? If that is the case I would rather the police round up unsupervised kids who run in gangs and fine the parents for having children without a license for parenting skills.


i was wondering about the cat issue myself. of course, it would be harder to prove you have a cat. now, i'm a cat person, have 3 of them, but they are all fixed and indoor cats. outdoor cats bother me. they might as well be raccoons, or other varmints in my book. i think they should do something about the stray cats wandering around. they say it's illegal to have a cat off your property, but yet nobody does anything about it.

there is a law saying that cat owners are suppose to register their cats and I think there's a fee with that too. This in not enforced.

Skeldon has said many times, he's a "Dog" warden, not a cat cop so call the humane society about the ferrils and strays. What a bunch of hooey!

I'm a cat and dog lover, but my cat is strictly indoor as well and fixed and old now.

The stray cats and ferrell cats outnumber dogs at least 10-1 and they do far more damage and cause way more problems than a dog. They are also twice as annoying. Cats are also more of a health risk. They carry more than rabies as diseases, the strays often are sickly, nasty, foul and piss on everything with a stench so awful that it takes strong chemicals to clean it up. They get into trash just as bad if not worse than dogs, they get under your porches and houses, having kittens and in total, are a far bigger problem than the stray dogs. Even the stray dogs cannot keep up with the stray cat problem.

I think I know what it is though: It's a lot easier to catch a dog than it is to catch a cat. They might actually have to work for a catch with a cat. A dog they can just hit with a tranquilizer shot from a gun. Cats are far faster and more elusive


"there is a law saying that cat owners are suppose to register their cats and I think there's a fee with that too."

where does it say that? i'm wondering because every year we get a letter from the zoo reminding us that we need to keep our cats indoors and fixed. they also say the health risks cats can do to their animals. they have never said we need to register them, just that it's illegal to have an outdoor cat.

... I manage to see an episode of "Animal Planet" or something like that, the dog wardens are chasing animal owners in DETROIT. Stay tuned for similar over-enforcement efforts in our Rusty City, as we travel down Detroit's economic road. When people get poor in our sort of society, law enforcement goes beserk.

License fees from the dog licenses go into the dog warden's account which is under the county commissioners budget. Quite some time ago, the commissioners said the dog warden had to be self-sufficient and not get transfers from the county's general fund in order to meet the budget.

The city of Toledo (and a couple other cities) have a contract with the dog warden to enforce both state and city codes within their jurisdiction. The city pays the dog warden to do this - and that money goes into the dog warden's budget.

Cats IN TOLEDO are required to have a license but the city of Toledo does not enforce this law. In fact, about 2 weeks ago I talked about this on the radio and no citation for cats had been issued in over 5 years.


why do they make a big deal about dogs being licensed, but not cats? is it because we have a dog warden and not a cat warden? cats seem to be a bigger issue.

probably because the Ohio Revised Code is silent on cats - which means the dog warden (and counties) have no authority to do anything about them.

But since cities, which have the ability to make their own laws, can make such a law, it falls back on the city to enforce the law they make.

In Toledo, they collect money for the cat license, but never enforce it - or the 'nuisance' factor which is what they can cite cat owners for when their cats roam about the neighborhood doing cat things in cat ways.

Complain to city council that they have a law on the books that generates income (from the license fees) but is never enforced. In over 5 years, they've never written a ticket for any of the cat offenses they created.

You'll just have to ask City Council why - they're the only ones who can really answer.

when their cats roam about the neighborhood doing cat things in cat ways.

Yeah don't cross my path

I don't bother chasing mice around
I slink down the alley looking for a fight
Howling to the moonlight on a hot summer night
Singin' the blues while the lady cats cry,
"Wild stray cat, you're a real gone guy."

I wish I could be as carefree and wild,
but I got cat class and I got cat style.

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

To keep the department self funded.

Like any other department or agency, it has expenses and the expenses rise year after year.

could possibly be interpreted to come searching private residences. We have a right to be secure in our persons, in our papers and the right to privacy upon private property.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

We have lots of rights.

And then there is a duty to follow the laws, as they are set out, whether or not we agree with them.

The Dog Warden's can be turned away and then they levy a fine and if the dog has tags and so on, and the owner did not provide them, when requested, leads to an interesting legal challenge.

In the podcast this a.m., Skeldon was asked about dogs that are in a yard or home and do not have the tags on.

He side stepped the question.

If the dog is licensed then the Wardens will not stop by.

last year with much attitude. I got a citation.

I guess I'm forewarned. Anybody shows up at my house with big attitude needs to have big breakfast and bring many friends.

Attitude indeed....who do these people think they are? And who, exactly, do they think they work for?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Sweetie was among a litter of six kittens birthed under our hot tub about five years ago. We got a cat trap from the TAHS, caught two of them and took them to the vet to be fixed. Never caught the others; they ventured off with mom to points unknown and eventually split up, I imagine. Sweetie and his brother hung around together for a few months, but the brother eventually ventured off, too. But Sweetie has stuck around all these years. My neighbor, the widow next door, lost her household cat to leukemia a few years back and for a while tried to coax Sweetie (she gave him the name) to come inside. No way. Sweetie is strictly an outdoorsman. But he's a good cat, loves to walk around and is probably a common sight to 10 or more households on and around our block. His primary residence is at Marie's next door, where he's always assured of high-quality canned food. But he strolls over every morning when I go out onto the back porch to read the Blade, drink coffee and have a smoke. It's a pleasure putting a handful of Friskies in his dish, freshening his water bowl and scratching behind his ears. If there's a point to this, I guess it's that not all cats seen outdoors are feral, in the traditional sense of the word. Sweetie is as pleasant and domesticated as C.J., my own cat who has an intense fear of the outdoors.

Patience is a great virtue.


sweetie sounds like a very nice cat, but i'm sure he is in the minority when it comes to fixed outdoor cats. nothing worse than hearing a private moment at 3 am outside your bedroom window, man are they vocal. :)

the warden is picking a neighborhood and going door to door, I thought. So if going door to door, they have no idea who has a dog.

Well, in the Podcast with Skeldon he stated that the wardens use a list of people who have licensed dogs and I suppose when they hear or see a dog at a residence that is not on the list, they stop and ask about it.

Up until this year I have never heard of the door to door effort.

i had them at my door two years in a row. my dog only barks at my cats, so unless they bring a cat with them, she'll be sleeping on my bed i'm sure. :)

"This in from the office of Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak:


Toledo, Ohio – While urging every dog owner to follow the law and get their dog licensed, a majority of the Board of County Commissioners will direct Dog Warden Tom Skeldon to place a moratorium on door-to-door license checks."

"The Lucas County Dog Warden's door-to-door campaign to enforce the state's dog licensing laws has been put to a temporary halt by the county commissioners. Commissioner Ben Konop said he wasn't sure if the door-to-door license checks were a good use of county money - and he was concerned the random checks might violate protections against unreasonable search and seizure. "

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