Hillary Clinton Still Owes the Toledo Public Schools and University of Toledo money for events

Will Hillary Clinton force us taxpayers to pay for Bill Clinton's visit to the Toledo Technology Academy and the University of Toledo ?

According to Clinton's campaign finance filing on 4/20, she still owes the Toledo Public Schools $4800 dollars. Now I am assuming it was when Bill Clinton was there, because this is the only time that Clinton held an event at the Toledo Public Schools.

Toledo Board of Education Treasurer's Office $4,800.82

You will also note that the University of Toledo is owed 1,553 dollars. Looks like Chelsea's event cost $1500 for her to meet people at UT.

You would think that the Toledo Public Schools and UT would demand payment upfront.

You can see for yourself on the fiance report site:

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I wouldn't get too upset about the few thousands they owe. These campaigns are notoriously slow paying their debts... but they usually get paid eventually. What I would question is the reason for the debts in the first place. Is this for security (I thought candidates had their own security), food (let them brown bag it), transportation or what? I hope the candidates weren't CHARGING for their appearances!

Or, maybe, this is for school personnel charging for their time spent sweeping up the after-gala mess?

First, she paid the Washington Local Schools (or someone did).

Second, Obama has paid his debts.

I know I will be watching to see if she pays it or if we need to pay it.

And to me that is a lot of money. It could buy several computers, pay a teacher's salary for a month.

I am sure some of the TPS expense came from labor to set up the event and take it down on Sunday. Thanks to those union contracts the district pays extra for weekend work.

politicians never use their own money, they use ours and promise to repay the debt. It gives you a look at what the candidate's monetary policies will be like.


Just a little more anecdotal evidence about why this nation needs to elect Obama. Character counts, as we tell the kids in grade school. I don't like calling Clinton and her husband slimeballs, but I can't think of a better descriptive. And as much as I try to like McBush, I can't help but think the man would drop dead from a coronary on Inauguration Day. And then who's the president-in-waiting? The creationist bass player from Arkansas?

Patience is a great virtue.

We don't know if he paid or not, the University of Toledo isn't even listed in either the vendor debt or the disbursements made for either March or April.

There is only one payment of a little over $300 to the University of Toledo Office of Accessibility.

So before people start patting him on the back for being better about it, why isn't it listed?

He has "Event Site Rentals" listed but no breakdown that confirms the University of Toledo was paid or how much was charged. Yet Ohio State University is listed as being paid by the Obama campaign at 24,190.00. I agree her campaign should pay it, but at least it's listed as a debt rather than no information being listed at all.

We don't remember days only moments...


"The creationist bass player from Arkansas."

LOL Elmer Gantry in the flesh, or as I call him, Bill Clinton with a Bible. Talk about a lying opportunist slimeball. The Clintons have nothing on him.
I am SO glad this POS didn't make it, although it didn't do much for my faith in the average American's intelligence
to see him go as far as he did. Possibly the absolute worst candidate on the GOP side-with the Stormin' Mormon as number 2. McCain will more than likely get my vote, but not if one of these two phonys wind up on the ticket.
Neither one is a conservative, both love big government and more control of your lives.




So Hillary might get stuck with a bill?

Oh. Sorry.



It's my understanding that his "check" hasn't cleared yet either.

If he has paid, exactly what date was it paid?

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