Congress set to import more foreign workers

I emailed my Congressperson about this -
Congress Set to Import More Foreign Workers.

Now that big corporate lobbyists know they can't get amnesty for the millions of cheap laborers they have imported illegally, they are pushing to increase the number of so-called high-skilled workers by raising the cap of H-1B visas. The pressure is on the House of Representatives to pass an increase soon, most likely in the form of the SKIL Act (H.R. 1930), sponsored by Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ), usually a conservative ally.

There are three reasons why Big Business wants to increase foreign workers:

H-1Bers are paid much less than Americans
The influx of H-1Bers depresses the "prevailing wage" for all computer techies and engineers
H-1Bers are tied to their visa- sponsoring company (much like indentured servants), therefore preventing them from becoming entrepreneurs or competitors

Currently, the H-1B cap is 85,000 visas annually. The SKIL Act would propose an increase of 20% each year if the cap is reached, importing up to 1.5 million underpaid workers b
Meanwhile, U.S. engineers and computer techies are available to fill the positions. A major study made by the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University found that there is no shortage of U.S. engineers. Eighty percent of respondents to a Pratt survey say U.S. engineering jobs are filled within 4 months, and 88 percent didn't offer signing bonuses.[capwiz:queue_id]
As graduation season begins, help protect U.S. engineers and computer experts looking for a job by calling or emailing your Representative today! Let them know you oppose importing underpaid foreign workers!

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