Would You Pay Twice To Have Your Street Paved?

The city is floating a plan to "let" people agree to have thier streets repaired if a majority of property owners are willing to pay out of pocket expenses through assessments. In effect you would be paying twice to have your street repaired. There are a number of Toledoans who will fall for this scam, let's just hope the majority are too smart for it. The Dems who run this town have come up with some real interesting ways to get your money but this one is really creative.

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So we pay one of the highest tax rates in the state, if not the nation, and now theyre saying that if we actually want the services we're taxed for we need to pay for them???

Highest in the state? You want to pay more taxes? Move to the suburbs...


The Finkbeiner administration is considering a plan to repave more Toledo streets if a majority of property owners are willing to pay money out of their own pockets through assessments.

Robert Reinbolt, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's chief of staff, said the city is looking for ways to fix more of the city's dilapidated streets since each year it falls short of replacing those in need of replacement. He stressed that the idea is very preliminary and would need approval from city council.

Council President Mark Sobczak said the plan has some merit.

"I think it has some legs, if there are certain groups of citizens that would want to band together," Mr. Sobczak said. "If [a street] is high up on our list of priorities but did not make the cut of the roads, the percentage we would ask for through an assessment would be relatively small."


Billy pointed out the we are "one" of the highest which can't be argued of course since it's true. NIce to see the chart to prove his point though. Some of the suburbs are higher but a quick check of thier streets will show the citizens there getting the bang for the buck we aren't getting. The schools in the subs also test better than TPS. Always pointing out that the burbs do it too doesn't solve the problem, it's much like not caring for your own property simply because the guy next door doesn't care for his.
The solution is to force the politicians to do what they are chartered to do and not all the feel good projects they love so much.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

One of the highest? There are 98 Taxing Districts in Lucas County Only about 17 of them have a lower tax rate than Ohio.

I willing to have an arugument about bang for our buck, but when you and Billy start off with a lie to bolster your postion, I'll call bullshit ever time.

One of the things that goes into us being a high tax district is the number and rate of assessments we have in the city limits. Assessments is a fancy word for taxes so they should be considered when looking at tax rate.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

A review of local taxes should include income taxes. We should be looking at the total tax burden. And yes, I know that income taxes affect only those with employment in the taxing jurisdiction. However, if you live in Toledo and work in a surrounding community you still make up the difference if the tax rate is lower than that in Toledo.

I've not done any research on this yet. Anyone know what all the income tax rates are or know a source? I believe that at 2.25% Toledo is the highest. The highest tax rate outside Toledo that I know of is 1.5% in Perrysburg, Sylvania... (which may be matched by other communities).

Of course, any real comparison has to take into consideration home and auto insurance rates and more subjective items such as crime rates and the quality of services provided (bang for your buck as expressed here).

If perhaps we hadn't been paving bike paths we'd have more paving on the streets. If we hadn't f'd up so many business to the point they close or move, we'd have more money. If the City has the least little common sense, they'd learn to forgo pretty over substance. I've mentioned many times in the past that the infrastructure is far more vital and priority than just about everything else the City does! Cap the salaries, shut down non-essential departments and stop funding stupid shit just for the sake of a name. The City only has what it has in terms of capitol, so they need to focus on INFRASTRUCTURE!

WE taxpayers already pay for essential services and infrastructure so I'll be damned if I'm gonna also pay a paving crew to do what I already pay for.

Some of the worst streets are in the poorest neighborhoods. These residents may already be struggling to keep up with their tax obligation as is and will not be in position to shell out anymore money for repaving their streets. Therefore, the streets in the poor neighborhoods would continue to deteriorate while those in the more affluent neighborhoods could afford to have smooth surfaces to drive their luxery cars over.

But...I guess that is not much different then the current situation anyhow.

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Firstly, Ford did some borrowing from street funds during his administration. That's one reason why we're short, now.

Secondly, let me see if I understand the SCAM as it's described:

1. A majority of fucking morons on your street vote to fix the street.
2. Everyone on the street has to pay for the fix.
3. Czarty then laughs and laughs up in Government Center, having used Toledo's guaranteed moron majority to get double-payments out of taxpayers.

Now, if instead it's the "people who agree", then they can do whatever they wish. Voluntarily paying more taxes to this money-wasting administration is foolish, but you're perfectly free to do that. You're also perfectly free to burn your cash.

Rental units. Do the owners vote, or the renters? Who pays?

Does this remind anyone of the Catholic church and the selling of 'indulgences' back in the middle ages?

Catholic version - if you live the way you're supposed to (according to the tenets laid out in the bible) you get to go to where the streets are paved with gold. BUT, if you have the bucks, you can pay an 'indulgence' and you're guaranteed a spot in the front of the line.

Toledo version - if you live the way you're supposed to, (in Toledo, pay your taxes) you get your streets paved for you because you've paid for the service (no gold this time tho). BUT, if you have the bucks, you can pay an 'indulgence' to Carty and you're moved to the front of the line...

I bet Carty's even already got his own post hole digger hat!!

Home owners will be the ones with a vote because they are the ones who pay. There is no way landlords in low rent areas will pay more for this, and if they do vote yes, the cost will just be dumped on renters who are already living paycheck to paycheck. Add extra road charges to the extra cost for trash collection, and people start having to decide to pay their gas OR electric payments. Should they get a coat for their son OR their daughter! These are basic services, and I hope few will fall for this crap.

Yep, but then again as far as I knew so was garbage pickup. But then they just made up a new rule on us...

Do you think they'd look at an additional tax that'd appear on our water bills maybe just for the spring quarter - that would go to fixing streets?

Just a couple years ago, my answer might be different than it would be today

i'm guessing there are toledoans out there that will say yes. if the city scares people and uses the blade to print it, then people will buy into it and vote for it. look at the last several elections and what has passed without any improvements, they used scare tactics and help from the blade and it passes.

A city commissioner mentioned in the Blade article this type of plan has been done in the past. Does anyone know anything about this?

I think this is simply moronic. I saw something on another site and this "something" is a statement I've said for quite awhile: Instead of using this level of effort and creativity looking for ways to generate more revenue (taking our money), they should apply this towards unscrewing the city's bloated budget.


working to retain residents while creating an environment that attracts businesses and residents - stabilize and revitalize.

You are right Fred. Part of that is "unscrewing the budget" which must include spending reductions that facilitate lower tax rates.

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