My husband just got pulled over by two troopers for a vehicle inspection ???

On the way to his aunt's house, my husband noticed someone on the side of the road with two troopers on Holloway between Garden and Salisbury. On his way back he was stopped, and the troopers informed him that they were doing random safety inspections (he drives a 2004 vehicle).

They checked the car over from head to toe, including lights, signals, washer fluid, all other fluids, tires and tread wear, rear view mirror, etc. and then he was told that he passed (which he'd better considering our car is an 04). He was also told that he needs a red county sticker on the front plate. We have one on the back. I've been looking around and notice some cars have them, many do not.

Do you have a red county sticker on your front plate? The lady at the BMV said you would get a front & back sticker at the time of plate purchase. And that we need to come in for a replacement ($.50). For some reason, we only have one on our back plates (both of us)

I guess two things bugged me about this- first of all why do two troopers have nothing better to do than to sit on Holloway road and pull over an 04 vehicle for an inspection? It's not even a main road. Also, i was told we must have thrown away our other red sticker from our plates when we got them. I read everything, I can't imagine why I'd take the time for one sticker and not the other. Has Lucas county always had two red stickers?

Has anyone else been pulled over specifically for an inspection?

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When we lived in Springfield Township, back when I used to drive? It was a regular occurrence for the Highway Patrol to set up an inspection site at the Fire Station near my children's elementary school where they would pull you over and cite you for such major crimes as having a car that was not designed to have a front license plate.

They also do the same thing on McCord right past the ice cream place near Bancroft, where they set up shop and flag people over.

This has gone on for years...We had to take our minivan that was not designed to have a front plate and have holes drilled in the bumper because we got tired of being pulled over for it. I don't believe there has always been two stickers for the County, it used to be one.

We don't remember days only moments...

With tax revenue down, the police are looking to make money every way they can. I don't think I have ever seen so many speed traps around town as I have now. There were several of them on 475 yesterday and they have been running the dozen police car "Welcome to Toledo" bust on I75 near the state line.

It sucks that things are tight right now for a lot of people and the city/state is looking to yank a quick $100+ from people.

I haven't been pulled over in 6 years, but have gotten pulled over 3 times in the last 6 months, all for little things....

Do you agree?

coming down the hill on Glendale between the Trail and Detroit. Coming up a hill to stopped traffic- I don't think I was going 40, but I didn't fight it. I am not nearly the speed demon I was before kids, and I thought being pulled over for 5 over was a bit much.

They do not give you two county stickers anymore so what are we supposed to do!

We received only one county sticker on ouur 2005 and 2007 car, so this has been going on for a while...

So I don't think in that area it has anything to do with increased tax revenue. It got to the point where if you were a resident of that area and you didn't feel like being hassled you avoided where you knew they would sit. Unless you wanted to be late picking up or dropping off your child to school.

It does have to do with there being three different law enforcement groups in that area so seems as if they have more time to do that sort of inspection process than what happens here in Toledo with there being less available officers.

We don't remember days only moments...

One of my daughter's friends was pulled over for having an air freshner on her rear view mirror, evidently that's something that can be considered illegal because it could block your view. She wasn't cited, but that was all they found when they pulled her over for the inspection and they gave her a verbal warning on it.

We don't remember days only moments...

I think these verbal warnings still make a way on your record though...

I have seen this SAME inspection check point, at the Fire Station, at Holloway & Garden Rd.

I was just wondering what happens if someone is going to work, or is seriously pressed for time ? When I've seen these guys before, I made a turn and went to where I was going, via a different route. I was ON THE CLOCK with my employer and didn't have time play around.

Most people live busy lives and probably don't have an extra 10-15 minutes to waste. Many employers aren't very understanding either, about arriving late for work.

I certainly can understand someone getting delayed for disobeying the law (ie..speeding, ignoring traffic signs, etc), but MOST people don't have time for these games.

That's exactly what they are. Games. This just shows that the state has TOO MUCH MONEY when they can afford to BS around like this. I don't even understand the legality of these stops. We seem to be moving into an Orwellian world or a kind of police state.

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