After year on market, former Jeep site not sold

It has 111 acres, quick access to the highway, and an adjacent rail line, and smoking is encouraged - especially from its 93-year-old smokestack.

But like so many other properties in Toledo, after a year on the market the cleared site of what was once the oldest auto factory in the United States is looking for a buyer.

The asking price for the site of the former Jeep plant on North Cove Boulevard remains the same: $6.7 million to $8.9 million.

Chrysler's Ms. Hepler said she was unsure whether the environmental issues with the land have been addressed, and cautioned that any potential buyer "would have to do their due diligence. It is a former manufacturing site."

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$7 million to buy and $250 million to clean up. NOT a good buy!

It's a toxic waste dump...who'd want it!

There are a LOT of properties like that in town, which have been on the market for a lot longer.

Can you name one ?

The Jeep property is unique in it's size, location, infrastructure, and proximity to expressway access.


Using both names now? Why not just start a thread and you and the Lone Ranger can discuss whatever you'd like. After your little deal with Starling, you're garbage in my book.

Now -
Name some of these properties that you refer to, Billyboy.

You talk out your ass most of the time and I hope to show you that fact here.

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P.S. Stay out of my business with Starling. It doesn't concern you

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$7M for a site with unknown environmental cleanup issues?

Here's what SHOULD happen ... that Pick-a-Part site should move in (after being summarily tossed out by the dipshit residents around the old Houghton site along the Trail). The site was an auto factory. What can the EPA possibly claim against using the site for storing more automobiles? No cleanup would be required.

The price should be set to $1M for PaP, with a written letter of environmental conformance from the EPA. Done. Deal.

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