Union Killings Peril Trade Pact With Colombia

No wonder labor is so much cheaper in other countries. In Columbia, if workers feel they are mistreated or taken advantage of and want to unionize, they're simply killed.

Lucy Gómez still shudders when speaking of the murder of her brother, Leonidas, a union leader and bank employee who was beaten and stabbed to death here last month. His murder was part of a recent increase in killings of union members in Colombia, with 17 already this year....[more]

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that is to say selling to us an equal amount of products as they consume of ours, we will now lose a valued trading partner to appease American unions. Net result Columbia will not sell us product and therefore lose financial stability and of course will no longer be able to purchase American products. The only difference is the American companies who were selling to Columbia will lay off workers and then move their companies overseas. Not too smart, but then we are using our political thinking caps rather than our business heads. Pleased remember for the most part our elected officials have never made an honest dollar working in the private sector. They feed from the political trough provided by the working stiffs of this country.


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