most and least reliable cars....

Most Reliable Small Car
Most reliable (Best score first)
Honda Fit
Toyota Yaris*
Honda Civic Hybrid*
Toyota Corolla

Least reliable (Worst score first)
Chevrolet Cobalt
2006 Nissan Sentra
Volkswagen Jetta (5 cyl.)
Chevrolet Aveo

Most Reliable Family Car
Most reliable (Best score first)
Honda Accord Hybrid
Toyota Prius
Honda Accord (4-cyl.)
Ford Fusion*
Mercury Milan*

Least reliable
Volkswagen Passat (4 cyl.)*

Most Reliable Upscale/Large Car
Most reliable (Best score first)
Lexus ES350
Lincoln Zephyr*
Hyundai Azera*
Acura TSX
Acura TL

Least reliable (Worst score first)
Jaguar X-type
Chrysler 300 (V8)
Saab 9-3

Most Reliable Luxury Car
Most reliable (Best score first)
2006 Lexus LS
Infiniti M*

Least reliable (Worst score first)
Cadillac STS (V8)
2006 Mercedes-Benz S-class
Mercedes-Benz CLS*
Mercedes-Benz E-class sedan
BMW 7-series

Most Reliable Sport/Sporty car
Most reliable (Best score first)
Lexus SC
Toyota Camry Solara (4-cyl.)
Subaru Impreza WRX
Honda S2000
Mitsubishi Eclipse*
2006 Mini Cooper hatchback

Least reliable (Worst score first)
Pontiac Solstice*
Mercedes-Benz SL
Mercedes-Benz CLK
Mercedes-Benz SLK (V6)
Chevrolet Corvette
Porsche 911 Carrera

Most Reliable Wagon/Minivan
Most reliable (Best score first)
Pontiac Vibe
Scion xB
Toyota Matrix
Toyota Sienna

Least reliable (Worst score first)
Buick Terraza
Chevrolet Uplander
Saturn Relay

Most Reliable Small SUV
Most reliable (Best score first)
Toyota FJ Cruiser*
Honda Element
2006 Honda CR-V
Toyota Rav4*
2006 Mitsubishi Outlander*
Subaru Forester

Least reliable
Kia Sportage

Nissan Quest
Ford Mustang (V6)
Jaguar S-type

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According to, Consumer Reports just rolled out its reliability ratings on some 2007 models. Among 47 most reliable vehicles, 6 are from US auto makers (3 from Ford, 3 from GM, none from Chrysler), continuing the recent trend of making reliable cars (building reliable, fuel efficient cars, or at least "relevant" ones, is the right thing to do and don't beg for help when you can't compete). Overall, Japanese cars are still the ones to beat, taking 39 spots in the most reliable list. Surprisingly, the least reliable cars are European made, as 19 out of 45 most unreliable cars are from Europe.

Didn't see the Jeep Liberty on the list. Didn't expect to find it under a "Most Reliable" heading. As far as "Least Reliable," I guess the good folks at Jeep can thank the Kia Sportage for keeping them under the radar.

Patience is a great virtue.

Other than our crappy PT Cruiser lemon, every car we've owned has been a Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge product, and everyone of those cars were great dispite of neglect & abuse (I'm lazy about oil changes - gotten better over the years). Never had a problem with any of them. Currently driving a Jeep Liberty & I love it - hard on gas, but I love Jeeps, my favorite car. I feel safer in them, better visiblity, handles well. Apparently, somebody from a car magazine or something, test drove a Jeep Liberty & gave it poor ratings - said it drove like a truck. My husband said his 'opinion' in this magazine can hurt sales. I say his opinion is questionable - what did he drive before a Jeep? It does NOT drive like a truck at all, but you certainly can't compare the ride of a Jeep to a ride of a Porche or an M-300. But you know that when you buy a Jeep. I have to wonder how (and who) judges these cars for studies like this.

when you do a search for most and least reliable cars i found most of the reputable sites rely on consumer reports. since they are a non profit, i'd go with their opinion.

i think the magazine is great for consumers since they are not paid by any of the manufacturers. a rating does not mean much to me if the car manufacturer is behind it. if they pay for the study, they can get it to say anything.

here is auto trader's reliability rates.....

The top ten cars for reliability were:

1. Toyota Corolla 2000-2002 (3 faults per 100 cars)
2. Honda CR-V 1997-2002 (5 faults per 100 cars)
3. Honda HR-V 1999-2005 (6 faults per 100 cars)
4. Toyota Celica 2000-2006 (6 faults per 100 cars)
5. Honda S2000 1999-2007 (7 faults per 100 cars)
6. BMW 3-Series Compact 1994-2001 (9 faults per 100 cars)
7. Honda Civic 1996-2001 (9 faults per 100 cars)
8. Honda Accord 1999-2003 (9 faults per 100 cars)
9. Honda Civic 2001-2005 (10 faults per 100 cars)
10. Nissan Micra 1998-2002 (11 faults per 100 cars)

The bottom 10 cars were:

1. Alfa Romeo GTV 1996-2003 (97 faults per 100 cars)
2. Renault Espace 1997-2002 (77 faults per 100 cars)
3. Jaguar XK8 1996-2006 (62 faults per 100 cars)
4. Renault Laguna 2000-2007 (55 faults per 100 cars)
5. Fiat Multipla 1999-2007 (52 faults per 100 cars)
6. Volvo S80 1998-2006 (51 faults per 100 cars)
7. Land Rover Freelander 2000-2006 (48 faults per 100 cars)
8. Land Rover Range Rover 1995-2002 (48 faults per 100 cars)
9. Audi Allroad 2000-2005 (48 faults per 100 cars)
10. Seat Alhambra 2000-2007 (47 faults per 100 cars)

Manufacturers’ reliability league table:

1. Honda
2. Toyota
3. Subaru
4. Lexus
5. Mini
6. Nissan
7. Ford
8. Citroen
9. Rover
10. BMW
11. Peugeot
12. Mercedes
13. Fiat
14. Vauxhall
15. Volkswagen
16. MG
17. Jaguar
18. Volvo
19. Skoda
20. Audi
21. Saab
22. Chrysler
23. Seat
24. Alfa Romeo
25. Renault
26. Land Rover

Your manufacturers' reliability table has to be incorrect. Mazda isn't on it but Seat is? Your source seems to be a publication in the United Kingdom. Last I heard, they don't prohibit sales of Mazdas there.

Patience is a great virtue.

don, now that you mention it, you are right mazda belongs in the upper part of the list. rather than not at all. epically when you look at the bottom of the list. i was trying to find a list that did not sight consumer reports, and that's what i came up with. i found another site i thought you would like better, it's from Australia. :) Australia says zoom zoom.

Top 10 Reliable Brands

30 Jan, 2007

Manufacturer Incident Rate
1 Mazda 8.04
2 Honda 8.90
3 Toyota 15.78
4 Mitsubishi 17.04
5 Kia 17.39
6 Subaru 18.46
7 Nissan 18.86
8 Lexus 20.05
9 Mini 21.90
10 Citroen 25.98

Thanks for the site link. It confirmed what I've been saying about Mazdas. And I imagine a lot of people thought I was blowing smoke. My only regret, though, is that trade laws prevent Jeep from shipping more Libertys across the Atlantic so that our Jeep-loving European friends also could enjoy the thrill of taking their SUVs into the shop for repairs every month.

Patience is a great virtue.

Having driven a Honda before, I can attest to that brand being amongst the ones that seem to require the least attention in terms of car service. As long as you practice proper maintenance, a Honda should last you quite a long time with very few major repairs. Likewise, I drove a Hyundai for several years and never experienced a major problem. It is a bit surprising to see Chevrolets and Fords doing so poorly on the list, as they seem to have a reputation (deserved or otherwise) as being amongst the most reliable cars available, as well as having some of the most devout drivers.

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