Clinton, Obama focus on faith at forum

GRANTHAM, Pa. - Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday that the potential for life begins at conception as she and presidential rival Sen. Barack Obama answered questions about faith and religion in both their personal lives and the public discourse.

In a forum devoted to an issue rare on the campaign trail, the two White House hopefuls talked about the presence of God in their lives and how often they read the Bible as well as divisive issues such as abortion, abstinence and human rights within the context of faith.

The two are reaching out to people of faith in Pennsylvania, which holds its primary on April 22. GOP nominee-in-waiting John McCain did not participate.

When asked if she thought God wanted her to be president, Clinton quipped, "I could be glib and say, well, we'll find out."

She said she doesn't presume anything about God and she thought Abraham Lincoln was right to not act as if God is on our side. "In fact, our mission should be on God's side," Clinton said.;_ylt=...

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Why would the candidates religious beliefs even matter? I understand why some may be concerned with their views on abortion rights, etc. - but who cares what their faith is or what they believe as far as religion goes? Certainly has nothing at all to do with the running of this country. I don't care if the next president drinks dandelion wine & howls at the moon on a prayer rug as long as they know what the hell they are doing about getting this country back on it's feet; as long as they are honest, ethical, responsible & informed - who cares about their faith? Frankly, I got weary of hearing Bush talk religion - it has no place in the White House & the running of this country. The president's job does not include the spiritual education of the people, and given that only about 1/3 of the entire world are Christians, it seems pretty arrogant for a president to 'guide' us spiritually. My 'gag reflex' goes off everytime I hear politicians talk religion.

That said - at least Hillary gave an honest, believable explanation of her views about when she thinks life begins & her beliefs on abortion rights - as much as I dislike Hillary, I give her credit for having the guts to say OUT LOUD that she believes abortion should remain legal & the govt. should stay out of it.

Obama on the other hand, tap-danced his way around the questions. He simply doesn't 'know' how he feels? At his age, and running for president when he knows damned well abortion rights are usually front & center of a lot of people's thoughts when it comes to voting for president - I would assume Obama has given the subject a lot of thought, and must have some idea of where he satands on this by now - I don't believe he could be where he is politically & not have formed some personal conclusions. But he took the easy way out & just said he didn't know, wasn't sure - a good way to cover his ass. As always, Obama talks a good, safe talk - but never really says anything with substance.

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