Woman, 90, Disrupts Bingo at McDonald's

INDIANAPOLIS — A 90-year-old woman accidentally backed into a McDonald's restaurant, disrupting a bingo game and sending a couple to the hospital with minor injuries.

Lois Weber told police one of her tennis shoes became stuck under the gas pedal on her 2004 Cadillac, causing her to lose control and back into the restaurant Wednesday. She said she recently changed shoe brands and was not used to the wider fit...................


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all hell breaks loose when someone disrupts a bingo game.

Is Ronald aware of this? Gambling under the Golden Arches? And what happens if I order the No. 5 and some old man calls calls out 'B-5' at the same time? Will I get my McChicken or have a sackful of McBurgers?

Patience is a great virtue.

that's what i mean don, it's CRAZY! you really get the old people going on those intense bingo games. :) they have pace makers close by just in case.

with the defiberlator usage when you get a huge churchful of blue hairs on a $5,000 jackpot and one calls BINGO after about 4 rollovers.

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