Convention Leaders Make Friendly Wager on Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado
Avalanche Series

(SAINT PAUL, Minn.) - The National Hockey League's Stanley Cup Playoffs
commence this week, and the cities hosting the 2008 Republican and
Democratic National Conventions will be at the center of the action when
the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche face off. Today, the two
leaders planning the political conventions agreed to a friendly wager on
the series.

Republican National Convention President and CEO Maria Cino and
Democratic National Convention Committee (DCCC) CEO Leah Daughtry agreed
to the stakes earlier today. The losing city's convention team will
send a "taste" of that city's local delicacy for the winning city's
convention staff to enjoy. If the Wild win, the DNCC will send the
Republican National Convention staff a selection of delectable
Colorado-raised beef steaks. If the Avalanche win, the Republican team
will send the DNCC staff an assortment of walleye from the lakes of

"Minnesota is the 'State of Hockey,' and I am proud that we have become
part of the 'Team of 18,000," Cino said, using the term the Wild coined
to describe its consistent sellout crowds. "It is only fitting that we
stand with our new community in Minneapolis-Saint Paul and enter into
this friendly wager with my friend in Denver, where she and her staff
are working equally as hard.

"Our staff in Minneapolis-Saint Paul is pretty excited that the roads to
the White House and the Stanley Cup Championship will both lead through
the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul," Cino added.

"To my friend Maria and her fine team in Minnesota: get ready to be
buried by our Avalanche," said Daughtry. "Denver has welcomed us with
open arms, and I'm now proud to ante up on behalf of the hometown team.
Fortunately for me, the Avs know what it takes to win a championship.
Soon enough, the Pepsi Center will be home to the Stanley Cup once
again. And just five months from now, it'll play host to another winner
- our nominee for President of the United States."

The Northwest Division Champion Wild play at the Xcel Energy Center,
which is also home of the 2008 Republican National Convention. The
Avalanche makes its home at the Pepsi Center in Denver - site of the
2008 Democratic National Convention, to be held August 25-28.

About the 2008 Republican National Convention
The 2008 Republican National Convention will be held at Saint Paul's
Xcel Energy Center from September 1-4, 2008. Approximately 45,000
delegates, alternate delegates, volunteers, members of the media and
other guests are expected to attend the convention. Minneapolis-Saint
Paul is expected to receive an estimated $150-$160 million positive
economic boost from the four-day event. For more information about the
2008 Republican National Convention, please visit our website at .

About the DNCC:
The 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee is the official arm of
the Democratic National Committee responsible for planning and
organizing the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

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