State swipes smoking prevention fund

The state has moved to take control of the smoking prevention fund. The administrators of the fund didn't hide the money from the state. And now they plan on burning it for they own purposes. They have pilfered this fund until they is only a small percentage left.

Use the funds for their intended purpose hiporcites. The state has learned their lesson well. Watching the Feds steal from or borrow against monies. One day soon there will be no more left. Creative finances will break our economy.

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Good! The anti-smoking cartel doesn't deserve anything.

supposed to prop up the businesses they've ruined with their scam?

You Ohioans got had. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Thank Stu Kerr for me, will ya? :)

"Smoking prevention" actually means "revenue suppression" to the state. Why stop smoking since the taxes are so lucrative?

I can now fully suspect that "smoking prevention" funds were used as leverage to better wield the mighty sword of the Tobacco Settlement. Once the Settlement funds starting flowing, the health excuses could fall aside and the REAL government aim become clear: steal more money from business and then spend it lavishly building a secular empire.

If Big Tobacco had their druthers, they'd use this example of the "failure to uphold" on the side of the states, and cut back on the Settlement. Ohio's lies merit it.

If you ask any kid if smoking is good or bad for them, they will tell you it's not. Kids today already know about the dangers of smoking, so I fail to see why millions of dollars for 'education' is needed. They KNOW.

I love it when the anti-smoking gestapo gets the shaft from its own supporters. HA HA. Guess who paid all that money into the fund in the first place? Smokers!

Here's an update on the imbroglio. The smoking prevention fucks are now suing the state.

a perfect example of why the government should not get more money than they need, because regardless of the original purpose (the state would be poor for future health care costs) the instant there is any money sitting around, you have politicians salivating at the mouth thinking of ways to get their paws on it.

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