Julia Bates: How Long Will You Deny Danny Brown His Day in Court?

Another year has passed, and still Julia Bates refuses to make a decision on Danny Brown, the Toledo man who was wrongly convicted in 1982 of a rape-murder. DNA evidence exonerated Danny in 2001, and he was given the right to a new trial, but Bates and the prosecutor's office refuse to either give him a new trial or declare that he is not a suspect.

So Danny sits in legal limbo, and April 9 will mark the seventh year since he was released.

And this will be another year in which I remind the community of the travesty of justice in our own backyard, and another year in which Julia Bates will likely continue to ignore the civil rights of Danny Brown.

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billy - here's one of the innocently imprisoned. Now & then, the Blade has an article on one of these people, who can't even get the felonies removed even after they've been proven innocent & did a lot of years in prison.

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