Rodeo Bar owners cited for over-serving Gagnon

Well, so much for personal accountability... Go speak with a bartender and see how easy it is for experienced alcoholics to look and act sober while being totally shitfaced. And trust me, you dont get to the level of blood alcohol that Gagnon was without A LOT of practice.

Gagon was at a family party in a hotel before he went to the bar, which is where he got the brunt of the alcohol he drank that night. Are they sueing the hotel as well? Or his family?

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Which, in my opinion, the bar should not have been fined or cited for anything. Who forced this man to drink? The bartender? Pretty soon I'll be able to fine the chef for feeding me if I'm overweight.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

madjack, you're right. My ex brother in law could drink anybody under the table -and he never, ever appeared drunk. He just could hold his booze. Had a few dui's over the years. And there's no way a bar can possibly know how much a person's drank at other bars before he got to their bar. Add to that, how busy a bartender can be, and how rowdy people in a bar can get just being happy - unless somebody is misbehaving in a noticable way, it could be difficult to tell who's drunk & who's just loud & happy.

It's very unusual for a bar to be cited for this. Primary responsibility for overserving lies with the server or bartender taking care of the overserved person and the only citations referenced in the article were to the establishment.

I suspect that the state conducted staff and management interviews and determined that the bar owners either directed staffers to continue to serve Gagnon on that fateful night or otherwise allowed friends and family to consume too much so often that it was determined to be policy to do so. Without the testimony of someone on the inside stating the aforementioned, the case would be impossible to proove.

I imagine it's difficult for a bartender to to cut-off the owner/owner's family in their own bar. Depending on the way a place is run, it might even be a career decision to do so.

Big Jim

Big Jim

And I wonder if the cop who made the text message - Mayor Brown's son, Jeff - had anything to do with this as a way to keep his name out of it all. I mean, in light of the fact that there were growth hormones & syringes found at the Rodeo bar & several people/cops had noticed & commented on the fact that good old Jeff had 'bulked up' a lot in the last year. He is a slimeball, just like his mother & would sell out anybody to save their own skin.

I suspect it makes a difference that one of the Rodeo bar's owners is Michael Gagnon's cousin, and Gagnon was a regular customer there. (Presumably being overserved there on a regular basis.)

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