Dark Horse Candidate?


Bob Barr Weighing Presidential Run
by FOXNews.com


"FITNews, who was first to report the possible presidential bid, wrote that Barr will receive the endorsement of Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul, a GOP presidential candidate who is still technically in the race but has not suggested he would throw his support to McCain."



I don't know enough about Barr to jump on his bandwagon yet, but I do know more people than not who feel that none of the current "big three" are fit to sit in the oval office. A fourth option might be an alternative to voting "none of the above" next november...

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I really hate those people who post, then reply to their own post before anyone else does, but in doing more research on Barr, i found another site that was so helpful I had to come back and post it for everyone's info:



Then after the election, we could all sing:

(apologies to The Regents &(later)the Beach Boys)


"Oh, Bother!" Said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.


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