50,000 Marchers or more coming to Lima, OH...could this be a repeat of what happened in Jena????

A radio talk-show host pledged to organize 50,000 marchers from across the country to protest a fatal police shooting on the eve of an officer’s trial in Lima, OH.

This could be bigger than the Jena rally!!!!!!

Read more on the Toledo View...it is posted on the main page.


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Jesus Christ. The officer is being charged. What the hell else do these people want? Oh, I forgot... death to Whitey, right?

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Seriously though...

These people want Justice.

"The man, who was the target of the raid, has pleaded guilty to drug charges. "


Looks like SHE SHOULD HAVE MOVED OUT OF THE CRACK HOUSE to keep her children safe.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

to that brother. She obviously knew what was going on and voluntarily put herself into the situation

... where anyone should expect to be murdered and have their children shot by police.

In case you're blotting out reality, the officer in question is under indictment. Are you saying that indictment is PR for public consumption? Are you also saying anyone the cops shoot during one of these bullshit stormtrooper-esque raids are just going to have to accept their death or injury?

The Drug War is a complete failure in the USA and is one of the more serious attempts to destroy the Republic. Either you understand that, or you understand it and want such destruction to occur. I really don't see the third option there.

The indictment could very well be for PR. Its not like that never happens.

I still wonder what exactally happened because when you say she was "murdered" you make it sound like you think she was cowering in a corner of the closet and he hunted her down just to shoot her, which I highly doubt is how it went down.

Apparently Lima should have held-children registered as deadly weapons, then. You know, just in case another police officer has to shoot the person carrying one of those.

My greatest fear here is that Lima is going to sweep another raid-shot person under the rug as "collateral damage". No drug is worth having raids upon homes that result in these kinds of things. The entire system revolves around the assumption that such an overwhelming, militant response is somehow justified. It is not. And now Lima has the opportunity to either see justice done (where yes, the facts are likely to emerge in court) or just continue the systematic assault on citizens with para-military forces.

from ToledoView get their T-shirts, bumper stickers and posters together, because I'm seeing a huge public relations opportunity during this march!

The story on the Toledo View website was taken directly from LimaOhio.com and was reported there on March 28th. Normally when you take a whole story or even part of a story, it's considered common net courtesy to link the original source.

The impression would be for those that did not read the original article, that Heather Rutz wrote the piece for the Toledo Views site, when she works for Lima.Ohio.com...It also could cause problems for those at Toledo View since Lima.Ohio.Com does have their rules for copying material listed on their website.

There's nothing wrong with using content from other media sources, bloggers do it all the time, but you should give credit to those who did the original work...

We don't remember days only moments...

Actually Lisa, looking at the Toledo View...the link is on that story. You must have missed it, but it is there.

It wasn't there...now it is listed under Heather's name as the website, but it's not an active link back to the source. I realize I am old but my eyesight has not yet totally failed.

The page was updated on Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:23:30 AM


We don't remember days only moments...

Actually Jean, after looking at the Toledo View... there is no link. What you do have is text labled:


Limaohio.com is not hyperlinked to the site or posted article. There is a difference between just making mention of someone or something and an actual LINK as Lisa suggested.

From Wikipedia
, the free encyclopedia

A hyperlink, is a reference or navigation element in a document to another section of the same document or to another document that may be on or part of a (different) domain.


- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I should have taken a screen shot but I didn't think it was that big of a deal, I was just trying to offer some advice as far as what is considered polite from net standards and to help them avoid problems if the Lima.Ohio.Com site took issue with them using content without credit.

It's a normal mistake lots of people make when starting out.

We don't remember days only moments...

This is comical.....don't we realize that there are many media sources, such as the Blade, the sojourner truth, the midwest urban, the toledo journal, the toledo freepress, the city paper etc.

I am sure they all have their pros and cons...and some people like them, and some don't. I am sure that for everyone who hates the papers, there is someone who likes it...therefore I think all these papers will be around for a very long while.

do you take every piece of constructive criticisms as an attack on ToledoView as in we "hate" the newspaper. Some of the people offering advice here like Lisa are seasoned Internet Junkies who can offer advice, protocols , best-practices and legalese when it comes to Internet design. You would be wise to listen to them. We are not here to doom your newspaper, rather we are here to make it better. :)

Don't be so bitter.

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

attacks on the Toledo View since shortly after it made it on this site. Here is what I see from my spectrum (black eyes): A new alternative "black" "get whitey" newspaper on line, supposedly, when in fact the "newspaper" is balanced as far as white/black issues and pictures are concerned.

If someone wanted to offer constructive criticism they should have contacted Bishop Ward or Dwayne Morehead off line and offered to "help" if they thought it was necessary and really wanted to help. That would have been appropriate. All everybody did, except Chris Myers, was criticize.

Again the paternalistic attitudes of bloggers here assume that the children do not know what they are doing.

Email or call Bishop Ward or Dwayne Morehead to offer help if you are really sincere and then if they want help, give it. If they don't back off!.

Let's get back on topic. 50,000 Marchers in Lima Ohio in the near future.

First off...By Bishop's comments to me as follows

Firefox - Toledo View Submitted by bishop on Sun, 2008-03-30 23:47.

KraZyKat - Thanks for your input... Yes, we do have someone on our staff that checks the site statistics. Thanks again...we are taking steps to make the site as user friendly as possible...however we also realize that we won't be able to please everyone all the time. However, as the Internet industry continues to grow, we will continue to update or site accordingly to stay up to date. Thanks for your input. We value our viewers input, whether it be good or bad.

It's apparent I have contacted him in the past. The fact that it was through the SB medium and not a direct phone call is irrelevant as he put the paper into position for this type of online contuctive criticism by the repeated solicitation of it to this site.

Now back on topic...50,000 Marchers in Lima. Pointless IMHO. The officer is already indicted. Let the Justice system work before protesting a "what if" senerio.   __________________________________________

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Anyone who read this piece here would believe that it came from Toledo View and it did not. There is no mention of the link to the real source. Over and over again real work that people do is taken without attribution on the net. I have a problem with that, however all I did was nicely point it out.

Google 50,000 Marchers in Lima and see what hit comes up first, Swamp Bubbles or the valid source to the story - LimaOh.com - Swampbubbles - which means anyone searching for information on this story that came here will not be informed of the original source of the story. It's part of the problem the main stream media has with us and it's a valid complaint, evidenced by posts like this one.

If you think it's paternalistic to want people who actually did the work to get credit? I disagree. It's something I've done in the past when other people have not properly attributed the real source. It is paternalistic from the advice standpoint, I won't apologize for part of my personality being one that I try to help people avoid pitfalls that I've seen happen rather than to sit by and watch them do something that I could possibly help avoid. Emailing would not have solved the larger issue of the real source not being attributed here. When I first started blogging people gave me advice, some I listened to, some I didn't, some I wish I would have. I'm also never going to be sorry for pointing out the person who really did the work nor is that something that should be done on the side.

As to the original topic of the march? If you are following the Lima news, the most recent march was canceled by the ministers and there are some that do not feel "outsiders" will do anything that will help the situation. one post from LimaOhio.com and a second one that tells you how the Black Ministerial Alliance is looking at this from a larger viewpoint than just the Chavalia trial.

We don't remember days only moments...

Anyone who read this piece here would believe that it came from Toledo View and it did not.

Which is true, and Toledo View should credit the original author immediately. Why the owners of Toledo View would fail to do so or simply refuse to give credit where it's due is beyond my understanding.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

claims that they can get 50,000 protesters here.

Here's the unassociated quote from the post above: "A radio talk-show host pledged to organize 50,000 marchers from across the country to protest a fatal police shooting on the eve of an officer’s trial in Lima, OH."

That, to me, is media talking. He pledged, not confirmed. Big difference.

Which, in turn, tells me that this disc jockey is garnering attention to his unknown show by riding the coattails of this tragedy.

And this is where my problem kicks in. How is one to attribute this alleged quote to an alleged talk show host without having to go to that ToledoView site to read it instead of it's original source?

And that, my dear , is one of the reasons I refuse to utilize that site as a resource.

And one of the other reasons is because this site is an "agenda-driven" site, not an informative site.

invite for constructive or any other kind of criticism.

***he put the paper into position for this type of online contuctive criticism by the repeated solicitation of it to this site.***

As far as waiting to see the Justice System work, we have already seen the justice system at work.

is that some folks seem to accept the concept that they might be standing with a child in their arms, not threatening anyone and a police officer can shoot them and that child. Is that REALLY ok with everyone? Seriously?

What about if you run out of gas? What if you hit a deer and wind up knocking on a door in the middle of the night?

A woman was killed. A baby was shot. And then after a ridiculously prolonged period of time, this 'officer' was charged with two misdemeanors. I thought murder was a felony? B/c it cannot be part of a police officers' job to shoot unarmed young mothers as they stand holding their babies.

I have kids - I WAS young. Several times I found myself in situations I realized I should not be in and extricated myself PDQ. Any honest person will acknowledge as much.

This does not give anyone the right to kill me during that process or shoot my child. I have a right to be human. I have a right to be anywhere I choose to be, so long as I am not committing a crime - and I have a right to expect NOT to be killed.

IMO, the only reason that the officer was indicted at all (misdemeanors) was because of the public outcry. It was a very halfhearted attempt to calm the community. And for the record, I am incensed over this and hope to see a real prosecution take place. And I am white.

If this had been my daughter and grandchild I am afraid of how I would have reacted. He may be safer in jail.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

There is a community forum where people are sharing their thoughts on this topic on the LimaOhio.com website. It's clear there is a division of thought even from some of those in the African American community on the idea of 50,000 coming in to march.

Part of one comment written by trck7766:

You would be a damn fool to think we all (African-Americans) agree with a certain few rougue individuals, that seem to be bring attention to this city. Most of us African-Americans want unity in this community! This was proven by the Program at the Civic Center (but yet you did'nt see these same rougue idividuals at the Civic center).

This community took three steps forward to unify this community, and now it seems to be taking five steps backwards, because of individuals that seem to be wanting to make a name for themselves.

We don't remember days only moments...

who are not for progress if it calls for something other than "yes mam, no mam". Those, who in the words of Fredrick Douglas, " profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men and women who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want the rain without thunder and lightening, they want the ocean without the awful roar of it waters."

There have always been those of us who don't want outside agitators, look at the civil rights movement. Without a different view from people not involved sometimes people get stuck. If it had not been in part to the Freedom Riders from the north and the intervention of the Federal government and other outsiders, where would America be today as far as civil rights?

What does the family want who lost a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, mother and whose grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, son lost a finger and other injuries at the age of one year old?

I know what I would want! Bring on the 50,000 or more!

As far as the way in which the advice being given to the owners of the Toledo View, it was handled IMO very undiplomatically. It would have been professionally better not to blast someone out but to do it in a positive way in a private conversation. If it was felt that advice was needed.

that protocol was not followed in this endeavour.

Fredrick Douglas was respected because he was a man of principle.

To use him as an excuse is just....ugh.

If you want credibility, you have to earn it.

The excuses will be your anchor.

From GZ:I really don't see the third option there.

Then you're out of touch with reality. Take a look at prime time commercial TV. Watch the shows that are designated as comedy and ask yourself if you find the shows funny, and if not, then why not. How does the show stimulate your thought process or your emotions?

Look at the commercials. Pay attention and watch them. Do any of the commercials really make you want to rush right out and buy something? Anything?

If you have the opportunity to interview people for a job, pose the question, "What was the last inspirational book you read?" followed by "Who was the author and why did the writing inspire you?" Count the number of glazed expressions you get against a thoughtful, concise explanation. I'm betting you'll get only one, you see.

And that, my well-read friend, is why many people do not see the war on drugs for what it really is, and hence do not understand the real ramifications of this murder and subsequent sham of a trial.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

speak English, what did you say? And who were you talking to?

It's all about justifying the lack of ethics within the website while trying to justify 50,000 people to visit Lima.

The person that posted this thread obviously is affiliated with the site somehow, along with many new names that have proliferated this site in response to Mr. Ward's site just dims the credibility.

It's clear to me since the site was launched by the many posts within this site that there is a lot of work needed to bring this site up to standards. Flagarently breaching the ethical standards many of us work hard to excersize and respect insults those of us whom actually involve time and effort in not only the respect to those that initially created the work we're copying, but to have no option except to have to go to the ToledoView to read the complete story.

And this from some punk thug from Galena Street.

I personally believe that the cop in Lima should have been charged with murder. the swat team is (or at least should be) trained in situations such as what happened in Lima.

I believe that cop committed murder...but then again, I don't put anything pass the law and government.

I mean, it is interesting. Look at Martin L. King Jr. and many others...it was the government that not only wanted him dead, they had alot to do with his killing. And there have been many others!

Now 40 years later, the government wants to honor the same man, that they killed!

I think the situation in Lima is bigger than Lima, and bigger than the drugs....there is a race conspiracy in America. America has a long way to go in regard to race relations. Just like Jeremiah Wright said God Damn America....if you study the speeches of Martin L. King Jr. he said some similar things.

One can only hope and pray that if Barack Obama is elected as president, that no one tries to do harm to him as well....but even he has already received threats because of the color of his skin.

When will America wake up and realize that there is no such thing as color blind. Race is still a problem in America...there are still disparities among African-Americans...we are still minorities....and in some ways we are still enslaved.

I hope people show up in Lima to protest...and I believe that they will. I know in Jena, there were thousands upon thousands of people there.

At this rate, we need to rally here in Toledo as well.

grow up, people.

why in the fuck do you think the ethnic community deserves to be heard by society with thinking like this?

I can't offer any credibility towards a culture with a train of thought such as this.

The anger you guys harbor is disgusting. It's always about the black thing, huh Twila?

I pose simple questions and you avoid me like the plague, because you know those are loaded questions and will show you and your true intentions, as well as any other of you like-minded racial hypocrites had you spoke your truth.

Label me a racist, will ya?

You racists wouldn't survive if you didn't have racial strife to hang a hat on, even if the Justice System has yet to run it's course.

I'm not seeing anything this maniacal out of the Asian or Hispanic community.

Fucking hate this and fucking hate that. A black guy gets fired and blows away two white men and not one fucking word, but this drama and you guys can't shut up.

This pandering and inciting is making me sick.

And this is what's going on on ToledoView? Nope, you're never going to find any IP address associated with me on your pages, thank you.

Ignore the ignorance of Brian in Florida. It is evident how he feels about African-Americans...it seems that he is racist himself.

This is why he is able to say what he does, and disrespect you and many others on this blog.
#1 he is in Florida...or at least that is what he says.
#2 I am sure he would not have the courage to say these harsh words to your face.
#3 he is a coward, an unintelligent one at that...he uses profanity often, to try to intimidate people, as well as to make up for his like of intelligence in finding other words to use.

It amazes me how some people can think that after African-Americans have been oppressed, lynched, killed, hung from trees and much more for hundreds of years, that we are just suppossed to forget about it over night, and ignore the issues that STILL exist. Those days are over Brian in Florida.....

We will defend ourselves...you hit us, we will hit you back. You put your foot on our necks, and we will remove your foot by any means necessary.

I am sure the owners of the Toledo View would not lose any sleep over you not visiting the site.
There are plenty of people that will...I am sure they realize that the view will not be for everyone.

Lastly Brian...It's one thing to be a fool...and it is another thing to open up your mouth and prove it!!!

And you sir, have proved it!!!!!!!

that even amongst the group, I could stand to your face, look you in the eye and say those words to you.

The question I pose to you is, can you stand there and take critisism maturely, or are you one that has to "smack the man down for steppin' up?"

Let me share something else with you, shawty, that I do live in Florida, I will say these same words that I've posted today to your face, and you too would have been educated moreso had you focused on that instead of your hatred.

You just need to embrace that which angers you and work your way past it so you too can get over this sense of entitlement your culture so preciously thinks it deserves.

And until your group starts advocating for peace, I will be here.

I am sure the owners of the Toledo View would not lose any sleep over you not visiting the site."

All the criticism heaped upon the Toledo View might trigger a relapse of Dwayne's "anxiety" and force him to go on FMLA for another twelve weeks.


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

have you been drinking or are you still drinking or are you on the pipe? Because you are making no sense to me.

It amazes me how some people can think that after African-Americans have been oppressed, lynched, killed, hung from trees and much more for hundreds of years, that we are just suppossed to forget about it over night, and ignore the issues that STILL exist. Those days are over Brian in Florida.....

Show me your scars where you were thrashed by the master's whip, psycho.

Show me the scars around your neck where you were hung until you were dead.

We will defend ourselves...you hit us, we will hit you back. You put your foot on our necks, and we will remove your foot by any means necessary.

Exactly the reason your culture lacks credibility by extorting with violence. Real mature.

Who exactly has their foot against your neck again? White people?

It's worthless antagonizers such as yourself that will not allow "racial harmony" to grasp root, but then tomorrow you'll be out bitching about how the white man held you down. That excuse is 50 years old now. It meant something back then more so than today, but you still drag it out to protect your arguement.

And even the recent implementation of "hate crime" laws isn't enough, where daily people from all cultures are arrested and charged with this crime, convicted and sentenced aggressively.

Nope, in your mind, whitey is the cause of you being held back.

grow the fuck up and put your "past" behind you, because it's that which is holding you down.

How much more are you going to inflict before you give peace a chance, Jean? Until you take the first step to put your cultural past behind you and lead the way towards society embracing the differences of our cultures?

It's crystal clear those amongst your web site buddy group would rather instigate more violence instead of creating some sort of dialouge to create awareness and propagate racial harmony in your community.

And it's not my fault you failed to continue your education to understand the usage of my big words. I paid for mine so they're easy to use for me. Or did the white man keep you from going to college too?

Twila, sorry you can't grasp the meanderings of logic and common sense. Not my job to hold your hand, dear.

which has turned into another two-sided drama that accomplishes nothing.

Good luck with your web site.

First Brian, I am very educated. I have a ph.d. in education.

So once again a fool is opening up his mouth and proving it.

Secondly, in regard to lynching...I would have you to know sir, that my father was lynched and killed in Louisiana when I was 4 years old.

It is interesting that when you put your foot on our necks, it is acceptable. But when we say that we will defend ourselves by any means necessary, and remove your foot....then all of a sudden it is resorting to violence....What was it when you put your foot on our necks?????

And as a white person Brian, you have no right to tell any African-American to put our past behind us...after we have been oppressed.

Lastly, Brian I can show you scars as I am sure many African-Americans can.

The whip has changed to an office pen. The sheets have changed to neck ties and suits, and the horseback riding has changed to seating behind office desk and and judges seats.

Jim Crow has now become James Crow Jr., Esquire.

and you've turned your back on opportunities presented for our future.

Big whoopie on your PhD because you've just continued with this racial divisiveness.

Your education speaks volumes. But then again, I'm talking to someone with blinders on focused on the land of entitlement.

And as an American who has been oppressed by this entitlement you think you so justly deserve, I have every right to bring it to the forefront. I pay my taxes just like you and I have to be a certain skin color to qualify?

And here I thought you folk were striving for "equality".

And you don't need to be white to accept and embrace the past and move forward. But thank you for keeping it racially hostile, Ms Worthless PhD..

no you wouldn't say that stuff to anyone's face because you can't even use a real name and say to it a blog. Brian "el" maxon.

Sorry for whatever happened to you to make you so bitter because the whip on my back ain't nothin' like the whip on yours.

His name is Brian Maxon. He was in Toledo for 2 years, and then his child was taken from him. (I wonder why?????? Unsuitable and unfit to raise his children?)
Brian Maxson is the same guy that met a chick in Henry J's during the Christmas season in 1990. He engaged in a one night stand with her...after that one night stand, she invited him to move to Florida, and he accepted the offer.

So let's look at the facts again.....

This guy Brian in Florida, lived in Toledo.

In Toledo his child was taken from him.

He has a one-night stand with a woman.

After the one night stand, he accepts the offer and moves to Florida with the woman he only knew in the bedroom after a one night stand.

Does this makes sense to anyone else on here?????

Oh, of course not, we are the fools and Brain Maxson is the one who is educated.

Brian, grow up...stop having one night stands and moving in with women that you don't know...get your priorites straight...and then perhaps you may be able to get your children back.

I was in Toledo for 25 years, bitch.

And you got every fact wrong, even the one's I've already provided!

Yeah, that PhD is just paying off! LOL

but your true colors just shone brightly into your community, you spiteful little wench!

well done!

That's quite a scathing personal attack, jean17.

Let's put aside the the veracity of your claims for a moment and examine their nature and what they tell us about you. The most significant and obvious observation would be that a real lady would never utter them. It would be beneath her, and upbringing and education would dictate that she do verbal battle on intellectual, relevent and rational terms, not personal - and certainly not with such low-brow venom.

What did you say your PhD was in ? Education ? Really ? Tsk, tsk...

If you are unable to relate to or understand any of the above, perhaps you can relate to this and use it as a guide for future discourse: those in glass houses...

BTW, I don't know Brian, I'm just really, really embarrassed for you jean17. And for those who raised you.

ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm embrace racial harmony ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm embrace racial equality ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm grow up and get over the blame game ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Are unwilling or uneasy about accepting the others point of view.

Some where in the middle lies the common ground, and the common ground seems to some to be so far away and unreachable, when yet, it is right in front of us.

to see how a person of such calibler demean themselves to a level which only children run amok yet think they're in a position of credibility,

Twila is going to have issues addressing you as "El Jeano", Jean.

It astounds me how a community with such pain can just keep cutting themselves when those around them are trying to help.

And when pressed to be held accountable for their words, the chosen path to respond is to attack the personal life?

How smart are you, Jean, really?

Just pissed that PhD away again as far as I'm concerned.

****Twila is going to have issues addressing you as "El Jeano", Jean.*****

What exactly does that mean?

and chose to make this personal.

First of all...........................
I do not know this person although it is hard for some people to think that all black people don't know each other. Just another stereotype from the peanut gallery.

I repudiate, denounce and reject everything they have said. (tongue in cheek) and laughing out loud!!!

"sharing the same viewpoint as you".

Sorry for your extended confusion.

that is a pretty condescending attack given the nature of Brianwhoever's posts, previous and present. Can you denounce, repudiate and reject his posts?

how much drama can you conjure up?

You can't even answer why you've implied that you're so "entitled" to the respect you're so desperately trying to earn.

Try asking the source, Twila, I'm a big boy. Stop dragging people into your drama.

Besides, it wasn't my perspective which inspired the poster, it was her inaccurate attack on my personal life. At least get the facts straight.

Can't imagine how you'd have been had the tables been turned and I trashed her life malicioiusly because I couldn't debate responsibily.

Look at how you're treating me now only because I said it was wrong of that site and Jean to not create a link within this thread!

And to think you couldn't comprehend.

I'm done with you chuckleheads, you can find your own way out.

This is about the most entertaining thread I have read in a long time on this site.

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