Should TARTA be an opt in/out service?

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TARTA needs to be opt-in at the point of service. You opt-in by paying the fare. If people in an area want TARTA to service it, they are perfectly free to organize as a group or write in as individuals, to ask that TARTA send a bus their way as a new route.

Naturally for Toledo, nothing like that will happen. TARTA will rely instead on the power of government to force municipalities to pay for it.

be used to force people to pay other's way. I agree with GZ... if ya want a bus, pay for it yourself. I never ride the bus...never. When I lived in Portland, I did because it was the most efficent way, here it is not even close to my needs. It's 1 thing to ask the community to sponsor something via free's quite another to force participation.

It actually would be less costly to taxpayers to buy dependable used cars and minimum insurance for people who, on a consistent basis, could demonstrate a need for transportation, particularly to get to a job, rather than paying for all these unfilled, fuel-sucking buses driven by high-benefits union TARTA employees that we see rolling about in and around Toledo. I don't disagree that the poor should have entitlements. But entitlements regarding transportation ought to be cost-effective. Plus, they get to listen to the radio when they drive.

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