The MLK Bridge....A NEVER ending headache.

All dressed up and nowhere to go... The MLK, which just re-opened, hit a snag already..the electrical system belched and the darn thing was stuck open today. Ironically, just as the Docks were starting the "Celebration" day for the dilapidated thing's completion.

MIllions and Millions of dollars and years of would think it would be able to go at least a few weeks without a serious failure. But this is a business as usual town.

It should have been demolished and replaced...period.

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Ironically, my Brother brought the subject up today-he said that it's almost like changing the name from the Cherry Street Bridge to the Martin Luther King bridge seemed to put a curse on it.


"Oh, Bother!" Said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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