Has the format of SB changed? Or is it my computer? Not happy with it at al.

Has the format of Swampbubbles changed - so only a small few topics are posted now? (Or is it my computer?) The only way I can see what's newly posted, is to click on "Recent Posts" - almost seems like too much of a hassle to bother doing. I admit I need to spend less time on this (or any) forum, and perhaps this is the way to make me do that. But just my two cents - if this is a change done purposely, I don't like it at all. How does everybody else feel about it? (Or am I the only one it's behaving this way for?)

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ChrisMeyers should change the right-hand Recent Comments portion of the screen to include more recent comments because when things get hot and heavy with TPS et al., it wipes out all of the old comments even though they may only be a couple of hours old. The Brian and El Macho boxing match or whatever eats up all the recent comments box. It becomes hard to find replies to comments that have disappeared. I suggested this change to him a couple of times on the "secret" Geek group, but he didn't take action. Oh, well. I've got other stuff to do anyway so I won't worry about it.

I haven't noticed any change on this site. But perhaps there has been a change. It's not like I'm looking for wisdom from contributors, only for a few chuckles from postings from the irate and cynical among us about matters public, and I particularly enjoy when they redirect their attacks on each other, so if there has been a change, I've failed to notice it. I enjoy the animosity, the occasional baiting, cursing and name-calling. It's almost like we've all bellied up to the bar and are trying to instigate a brawl. What could be better than that?

Patience is a great virtue.



I'll take a Crown on the Rocks!!

It looks the same to me, but then I always use the "recent posts" link so that I'm seeing the most recent stuff.

You may have a cache issue. Press the refresh button on your Web browser or empty your cache. You may have to log out and do this. Last night I think I posted 5 stories myself, so the new content is the same as before. You can also keep up with the latest posting by clicking on the "Recent Posting" link on top. Pete, I added a few more comments. The box expand and contracts based upon the title and when there is a lot of discussion on large titled topics, the box expands really long. I believe it shows the last 18 comments. So I did hear you Pete, and I am balancing long length and number.

For the record, I find this site to be really well managed and user friendly. Good job constructing the site!

Thanks, Chris. As long as we're on the subject, how about limiting the length of title lengths so that it doesn't take up so much room. If you can't make a headline in seven words or so, then truncate it. That way, the Recent Comments section won't be taken up by long, long titles that should be part of the body of the comment.

Glad I got an LOL from Sandy. It made me smile. I'm glad my post made her smile. Nine out of ten dentists advise us to smile at least twice a day or risk losing our smile to bitterness. Let's all brush our teeth and smile at least twice a day, each.

Patience is a great virtue.

you are on a roll today.......LOL

But I do agree, lets all stop and smile! LOL

Your funny.

On my computer the only way you see the sidebar items is if you are actually on the page of the post - the front page is blank and there have been several times like earlier tonight and last night where only one post showed with no sidebars...

I thought it might be just me since I'm using a loaner computer with IE and normally I use Firefox but that's what I'm seeing. I'd be happy to take a screenshot and email it to Chris but it's not a cache issue...

We don't remember days only moments...

I'm having the same problem.

the screen shot. The problem is the Red Lasso player. It has a bug in its code to mess up the CSS layout. I will be sure if I include the player so you can see it on the home page that I check IE. Everything should be back to normal now. Thanks for mentioning it.

We have had users who have not seen new items appear on the home page, and a refresh fixed that. But I don't use IE primarily either, so some of these things slip me. But I remember this was an issue before and I forgot about it.

Again, thanks!

Still having the same scenario as lisarenee, not fixed yet. When I go to SB, it only has about 3 or 4 comments (at most), and NO sidebars at all. I have to click 'recent posts' to have sidebars come up, then all topics posted are condensed, in a very non-interesting way (like toledotalk).

It was like that for me this afternoon, Starling. I did not do anything different to my computer and it is back to normal now.

I have no help for you. :)

This time do a refresh one or two times and see if it still is there. Can you take a screen shot and end it to me? I have tried on IE 7 and IE 6 and they are both working correct although IE 6 gave me an odd alert wanting to continue to load page content which is probably a result of the youtube video players. The Red Lasso players should now be buried inside the post not permitting the problem.

but it's fine now.

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