Email to Councilman Craig on Road Repaving for District 3 S. Toledo

Dissapointed in the road repair schedule for S. Toledo district 3 I submitted this email to Councilman Mike Craig:

Mr. Craig,

As a resident of South Toledo I was very disappointed in learning that only .43 miles of roads in S. Toledo District 3 are to be repaved this year; a total of 4.31 miles of East Toledo streets are to be repaved.

 Street  Limit   Limit  Mileage  Cost
 St. Clair   Harrison  Emerald  0.12  40,000
   Segur  Broadway  Bloomfield   0.31   110,000

I feel you have lost focus on the needs of your S. Toledo constituents and instead prefer to satisfy the concerns of your Home Neighborhood East Toledo as a priority. The total amount of roads scheduled to be repaved in district 3 is a measly 4.74 miles while Mayor Finkbeiner's district 2 is scheduled for 14.41 miles of repaving. Please explain to me how this is fair and how your voice could be so weak in your solicitation for road repaving in your district? Please drive down Arlington Ave or Broadway and answer me how roads like Heatherdowns or the Walbridge Park can take priority over these?

It appears that you have become just another politician unwilling to listen or pay attention to your total constituent responsibility and instead intend to focus only on those who you consider friendly like your next door neighbors. This email shall serve notice that you have lost my vote in any future ballot in which your name appears as a contestant for public office.

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He as the rest are loathe at times to respond to e-mail.
They read em' and fail to respond.

He apologized for not responding to emails. Yes, I think he should reply to each one. He publicly decried the lack of funds for street projects in district 3.

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