FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE!!!!!!!!!


Now that I have your attention.................

The paper is coming!!!!!

The paper is coming!!!!

The paper is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if this is your idea of free advertising it's pathetic! we are getting more and more annoyed with you and your so called paper. why don't you take a class or two on the basics of marketing.

watching him pull the string on certain people.

I wonder how long Der Swampmeister will tolerate this abuse of his site ?

LittleRed - If you don't buy into it, why can't you just ignore him and move on ?

BBbBBAAAWWWWAaaaHHhhAAAaaHHHhAAaa!!!!!!!! Unbelieveable!!


"Oh, Bother!" Said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Did you say something, Mr.Darkside ?

 I was too busy trying to learn how to smoke these confounded cigarettes. You say they are harmless, so I thought I would give them a try.

cough,cough,hack,hack, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeez ! ! !

Please try to stay on topic in the future. Thank you.

"LittleRed - If you don't buy into it, why can't you just ignore him and move on ?"

this coming from someone who is always picking fights and hijacking threads.

Why do you focus on me and let yore boy bri go scott - free ?

You have made many comments against me, yet you look the other way for your boy. Why do you do that ?

Do you feel sorry for him ?

I do too.

Please try to stay on topic in the future. Thank you.


cuz I'm not a liar, El moron.

You, on the other hand, ooze ignorance.

besides, it's common knowledge, now moreso than ever, that you offer nothing except your childish comments and attack when your true inept intellect is shown for all to enjoy, as your recent example towards the poster shows..

Oh, by the way, research boy, how's that stay at the Kennedy Compound? LOL

You're as useless as this pathetic example of PR, which is why I've chosen not to comment on, until I see you attack yet another poster with my name.

And stop bringing up my name. I've already destroyed your credibility. The envy is becomming annoying, stalker.

I treat you with the greatest respect, yet disdain flows from your lips and fingertips quite freely. Are there internal problems we should know about ?

Brian, Brian, Brian...
What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully ?

how his stay at the Kennedy Compound was, really.

I mean, that's all he talked about, comming here to meet me and such, ya know?

El Moron, try reading all your posts towards me, it's crystal clear to anyone except a moron what your intentions were.

But now we all know that all was a lie.

He's so fun to watch with his tapdance and smokescreen show.

step up to your audience and share with us your vacation photos!

Why must you avoid the bright lights when they're shown in your darkened corners, bubba?

Come on El Moron, share with us how many times you went by my house waiting for an invitation from me, come on! Let's see those pics of you at the non-existant Kennedy Compound! You certainly took photos of your "fishing expedition", right?

I just enjoy the volumes of silence from you with this "vacation" of yours after all your hype. lol

With who ?

Firecracker, I never pick fights with intellectually handicapped people. My folks brought me up better than that. The fight they pick is within themselves.

Please try to stay on topic in the future.

The topic was - nick just pulled your string... you're easy ! So are some other guppies !


enough on who picks fights

Create your own banner at!

Based on your advertising I highly doubt that I'll be checking this out. When I read news online its usually more of the national variety.

nick - our interest was slightly (very) piqued when you first mentioned this new paper. However, now I think most of us have reached the point of not caring at all, because of your repetitive, boring, identical posts about it. Teaser ads can be effective - IF they remain teasers. Your posts about this paper have gone far past the teaser stage. We KNOW. You can stop telling us what we KNOW. (and for what it's worth, the web address looks like something slapped together last minute to prove a point - a point nobody cares is proved.) I mean, you've posted 6 threads about this in 5 days - all identical. Now, it's overkill.

el mahico & everybody else who's bickering over stupid stuff - go to your corners now, or no cookies before bed.

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