Discovery stuns many City Council members

City finds $1.1M for beefing up budget


The news of the found money — which comes
from an uncashed-check fund — was a surprise to council members who
were briefed yesterday on revisions to Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s
proposed budget during a 3½-hour finance committee meetin


City Finance Director John Sherburne said the
unclaimed $1.1 million comes from checks not cashed by vendors during
the last decade.

“The overwhelming majority of these are small amounts,” Mr. Sherburne said.


Councilman Shultz was irked that she’d never heard of the fund in her 14 years on council.

Regarding the fund, Mr. Sarantou said: “News to me.”

concerned it never came before us before,” he said after the meeting.
“Part of the problem is they do not have enough people in the finance
department to keep up on everything.”


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Checks that are ten years old are irrelavent. Budgets should be kept current.

... how lazily wasteful the city government really is. They had $1.1M sitting around in some account. How many accounts are unaccounted for in this fashion?

After many conversations with City officials and clericals...more than dozens. The books on past fiscal years still not closed out stretches back several years.

The fact that the Mayor considers a million a "Small %" of the 400millionish blurget just goes to show what he considers small. Last time I checked..a million bucks is still a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$

the city can't operate the market or any other operation that requires management skills and the ability to count.


“Part of the problem is they do not have enough people in the finance
department to keep up on everything.”

Sounds like an excuse to expand govt and to do some hiring.

Better yet, it just simply sounds like an excuse.

Your boy George Sarantou is head of the finance commitee, right?

News of this "found" $1.1 Million dollars makes old George Sarantou look like he is either:
1) Totally inept and stupid, not able to be in charge of any money


2) A liar, cheat and possible thief for hiding money.

Your City Council should be mad as hell because most of the people up here in Michigan are LAUGHING AT YOU TOLEDOANS AND YOUR SAD EXCUSE FOR GOVERNMENT.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Toledoans are so scared of the rich Republicans that they'll vote for the most inept labor-aligned Democrat over and over and over (Czarty being a prime example).

The sad truth is that the labor-aligned Democrat is as much an elitist pig as the cigar-smoking Republican rich guy ... and the latter's more of a stereotype than your average Republican.

From their voting patterns, Toledoans largely just don't vote. And, those who do just sling their votes towards taxation, spending, and politicians who are labor-aligned but otherwise buffoonish at best.

A very severe form of economic schooling is here for Toledoans who fit into these vote patterns. For continually voting for representatives who have no budgeting skills other than those used to defraud, Toledoans have a Detroit-styled municipal collapse to look forward to.

A million dollars? That should be around the amount that Carty will have to pay his outside attorneys to defend himself against the discrimination lawsuits, unless City Council and the Lucas County Democratic Party convinces him to resign.

In Toledo $1MM - That's a lot of Flowers, Bike Trails, and perhaps a Bathroom Upgrade!

In Detroit - That's alot of stripers to attend several prviate parties at the mayor's mansion or out of state "hot spots"!

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