The issue with Jon Stainbrook and thoughts

I have not said much about Jon Stainbrook, but here are my observations. This is a 1 am post, so who knows what it will be :) :

1. Jon, Tom Noe has been long gone from the party. It does not make sense why you keep saying the Noe's are running it. I have been to almost every central committee meeting and executive committee meeting and his name has not come up. What Republicans in this area are dealing with is the trust that was lost with him. It is hard to get Republicans motivated now because many have been disillusioned.
2. You say you are not trying to split the party, but you attack people who you say are being run by Noe, but you don't specify who that is or what that means. From all of your talk, that is what you sound to be doing. I just hear there is this unnamed Noe group which does not exist, but you mention it is a group.
3. Since 2003 I have volunteered and assist with many events, but I have not seen you. I have seen you recently but that during your split and helping Kidd run as an independent. You say you helped move the headquarters, well that is possible but there are many more events. Why we not seen you?
4. There were many precincts to be filled on central committee, but you target specific people, like board of election workers and other good Republican volunteers. That does not make sense if you are not trying to split the party. Why not work to recruit volunteers in the open precincts. Why appear to target specific people who have had a history of helping out?
5. When you helped Joe Kidd, all appearances that were made that when you did not get your way, you took your things to your own party.
6. When people talk with you you have a tendency to trash others, but yet we go away leaving what are you going to say about us when we are not around. You take what appears to be video for the purpose of later use, which does not reflect good. So we do justly wonder.

While Jon has a point about the volunteers and the sorry state of them, it is not that the party is excluding Republicans, it is just Republicans need to see progress, especially in the City of Toledo. There are a lot of good stones to build upon and a ton of progress to be done. They also want to see a party taking the Democrats to task for the sorry state they have created in Toledo and in the public schools, which affects the whole region. I think all of this can be done, but it can be done with everyone's help.

We may very well have some great mayoral candidates next year, and the city races, and school board races in 09, we can make some progress, which is why it will be important that everyone should work together now more than ever.

The local Republican party can do better on many fronts, but instead it appears that you are raising an army to take over, but why not everyone work together? Many people fear a pillage with your statements, including some of those who have worked very hard for candidates in the last few years, not a stronger organization so it is not unreasonable for people to be worried. We need to keep those who do work hard and expand the party, which is why we need everybody.

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Well Stainbrook or as I will now refer to him as The Stain certainly talks a lot but has very little to show for it.

What community projects has he led?

Sure he found a bunch of nobody's to run for central committee but what have they done in the party?

Has he created any organizations or helped with any influential organizations recently to get something done in town?

I can sit back point fingers and yell "I wasn't involved with the Noe's" too but it doesn't make me qualified to be a party leader.

In the end I believe Dave Schultz was right.



Mikey, your comment struck a nerve with me. I'll tip my hat to you and grant that you have likely been more active in the party thus far than I have. I respect that, and hope to contribute significantly to the party over time. I am a newcomer, one of your nobodies. I believe that the long-term well-being of Northwest Ohio depends solely on growing the GOP into a viable alternative to entrenched Democratic rule, period. Let me start by saying that being so dismissive of duly elected Republicans new to the party is out of line. A little respect is due, if only for the electoral process. The voters made their decisions; I ask that you hold off at least until you know who we are and can make an informed opinion.

If you think that the GOP is doing as well as it can in Lucas County, and you're happy with it's performance, we can agree to disagree. I am not, and that is why when Jon approached me, I was immediately interested. The bare facts are that there are not active Republicans in sufficient numbers in Lucas County at this time to accomplish what is needed, which is a revitalized region. What has been done to bolster the numbers? Apparently not much, considering the large numbers of uncontested precincts where Jon was able to find people. Let me ask you one question: if the current Republican Party in Lucas County was healthy, growing, and being led properly, would Stainbrook's efforts have had even an outside chance at succeeding? The majority of his candidates had no opposition, which begs the question : Why has the LCRP, rather than developing and deepening it's presence, left wide swaths of Toledo lay completely fallow, without any precinct representation at all? How has that been considered acceptable, and is it not an indicator of a general malaise in the party?

A lot of the criticism I've heard about Jon's candidates are that they have not been active in the party before, or that they are not ideologically pure enough to belong. The point I would like to make is that treating the LCRP as a social club is disservice to the residents of Lucas County. They flat cannot afford a GOP that is only an echo-chamber where familiar, like-minded people reassure themselves and grumble about the outside world as the population numbers drop year after year. Attending two or three fundraisers a year doesn't make things happen; if it did then the county would look much different. What is needed to make the party more significant is an ever-larger pool of active members, and I see Jon's efforts as a successful first round. Just going to people and honestly telling them that they are needed and asking for their help is a powerful motivator. It's simply not enough to sit around and wait for people to decide to become politically active and join your conversations already in progress. This is not a union where membership is mandatory; we don't the option to be so insular. As a party we need to grow, and we need to be the ones to start that conversation.

The only thing that allows me to shrug off comments like yours, and others, and move forward is the knowledge that some people actually want me to succeed in my precinct, and will not treat me as a pariah simply because I am new or because of who brought me in. I expect to succeed and do well; I have a precinct that I am responsible for, and I have voters that I feel a new kind of bond with. It feels right, and I do take my responsibilities to them seriously. In talking to some of the others, I know that there is a wide spread between those who are not likely to be active to those who are new and going to be very active. The same would be said of any outreach program. Give this time to play out, and regardless of your thoughts on the larger brush-strokes of events, don't be so quick to dismiss the people who represent the influx of life that the party, and by extension, the region, really need. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out who some of them turn out to be.

Brandyn Riffle, Precinct 3Q

Standing ovation, Mr. Riffle. Excellent post!!

He's in prison for a long time as unrepentant criminals like him deserve.

His complacent wife fled like a thief to Florida, bought into state-law secured assets, and was given a cushy job by Jeb Bush. Even being so protected by bona fide ReTHUGlicans, she's out of touch and therefore of no concern locally.

So why are the Noes still news? Is the criminal Tom somehow controlling things from prison? Is the complacent Bernie doing the same from Florida? I need evidence of such assertions.

If local RePUBlicans want to truly advance their party in the area, it only stands to reason that if the Noe crook/collaborator pair is truly gone, then they should ACT like they're gone, and move forward. After all, I don't hear anything about TAFT, for fuck's sake, and he was essentially an indirect conspirator in Coingate (for all his lack of concern when directly advised that there was a problem).

Hey - why not? It worked so well for the local Democrats.....(not)

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

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