Fred LeFebvre of Fred LeFebvre and The Morning News Interviews Judge Kuhlman on the Fred LeFebvre and Morning News program

Fred LeFebvre interviewed Judge Tim Kuhlman this morning about how talks are going between the municipal courts and the administration. Fred LeFebvre was told that the talks aren't going very well at all and that council member Michael Collins doesn't understand the way the system works when it comes to funding the court system. Fred LeFebvre of Fred LeFebvre and The Morning News has put the podcast of this interview on the WSPD website where all podcasts from Fred LeFebvre can be found. This message brought to you as a one time public service by Fred LeFebvre......and The Morning News. LOL

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Just as Tim Kuhlman has said that council hasn't provided him of any documents showing where savings can be made, he hasn't shown us, the public, any documents to prove to us otherwise.

Fred, you seemed ecstatic and in agreeable to Tim Kuhlman, yet, you seem to be the biggest voice in town about fiscal responsibility. Show me documents or research to prove that hiring part time or retired police officers wouldn't save us money and give me evidence to lead me to believe that they would provide any less security than an active duty Toledo police officer.

Also, Tim Kuhlman said that the problem lies with the communication, I didn't catch it all but supposedly there is two systems that would be in place under this idea and there were be no one in charge in case of an emergency. Isn't that already in place? Aren't the courts protected by both the city police and the Lucas County sheriffs office?

according to the Free Press article, Fred spends most of his time researching topics for his show when it ended. Here he is trying to be funny. I find his show funny, All he discusses is how much monies the city spends on flowers or how much Carty spent on a shower... or a stupid bike path.

Fred why don't you spend some time to find out a way to be more positive. I use to love WSPD's morning show, not any more! I have never heard so much negativity before... every day... every hour of your show. All I hear is bitch, bitch, bitch... does paying taxes make you angry? No one like to pay taxes, but I do not know of a single person who enjoys you complaining day in and day out about taxes.

I did recently start listening to the Troy Neff show, and what a fresh breath of air. I like to wake up and enjoy intelligent conversation, not an overpayed gentleman bitch about how the city of Toledo spends our tax dollars. I would like to see your ratings comparible to the years past, when Mitch did a fantastic job hosting that station. You are a poor excuse of a host!!!

I hope like hell you never need the police or fire in this city, because if I were them after what you TRIED to do to them... I would take my time responding to your call. I fully support the Firefighters and Police of this city, when they ask and they rarely do, I fully support them. Oh and by the way, so did Troy Neff!!

Umm, excuse me. This is just too funny.

Here you are criticizing others for being negative but then you turn right around and become negative yourself.

So unless your motto is "it takes a naysayer to know one," then for your position to be logically consistent you would need to say it more positively or just ignore whatever they say.

It's probably better that before trying to get the splinter out of other people's eyes that you get the logs out of your own.

Imagine if your kid came home from school and complained to you that his teacher gave him an F and you ask him why. Your kid says oh, it's no big deal, the teacher was just being negative.

What if the doctor told you that you've got cancer? Is he being negative? Or what if your neighbor came banging on your door at 3a.m. yelling wake up your house is on fire--do you say, "stop being so negative, and go back to sleep?"

Another day, another WSPD host rips off Troy Neff without giving proper citation.

If you're going to copy something from Troy Neff, copy his interviewing style. He engages his guests and allows them to speak, whereas you come off as a combative ass more focused on the next question than what your guests are saying. Might be fun for you, but it sucks for listeners.


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I think this is more parody than anything and pointing out how stupid it is to keep posting "Troy Neff......"

Do you think he was being serious when he put his name 3 times in the Subject line? Lighten up people!

I was wondering why he didn't try to fit his name in a couple more times :Þ

But someone at ToledoTalk beat him to the punch.


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I find it funny that Fred makes fun of others that does the same thing he does only they do it better!

Now that is parody!

I still want to hear from Fred in regards to the actual content of the Tim Kuhlman interview. Is there any evidence, from anyone, to show that there wouldn't be a savings by having retired officers and/or part-time officers work the court security rather than full-time active duty Toledo police officers? Is there any evidence to show that security would suffer if they moved security into that direction?

Pretty funny Fred, even if most people don't get the joke. This could be as the Free Press says "the most important post most people aren't reading."

I found it funny.

Still waiting for the "Troy Neff wipes his own ass" thread.



At least Fred doesn't have to pay for airspace.

Fred or Troy or anyone, I don't mind them posting alerts, links to the work because they do add to the discussion of politics and events. These are all newsworthy. I listened to all of the interviews and appreciated the opportunity hear them.

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