Delta ends air service from Toledo Express to Atlanta

"The remaining daily commuter flight between Toledo Express Airport and Atlanta will end on May 1, officials said yesterday.


"The elimination of the Delta Air Lines flight will reduce the nonstop
destinations available from Toledo to just Chicago, Cincinnati,
Detroit, Cleveland, and St. Petersburg and Sanford, Fla.


"It is important to understand that the decision to terminate our
current once-daily Atlanta flight is not being caused by lack of
support from our community," said Eric Frankl, airport director for the
Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.


"It is a direct result of soaring operating costs."


And our very own Executive Assistant to the Mayor, commented before the plans hit the wires;


" The aviation industry is one screwed up mess and trying to apply common
business solutions to such a screwed up industry is impossible."


All this coming from a city that needs businesses and so on and we have people making comments that industries are screwed up.

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Well, he isn't far off. The airline industry isn't like any other industry and it really is a mess.

On the other hand, its' not for the Executive Assistant to the Mayor to be saying such things.

On the topic of the Port Authority and Toledo Express Airport, I'm not very well versed in its' funding, is the primary funding for the Airport from the City of Toledo or from the county? I'm pretty sure its' from the city, but wanted to know for sure.

doing my transfers in Cincinnati instead of Atlanta.

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