Local small businesses optimistic despite downturn

"Perhaps it's a testament to the indomitable
spirit of entrepreneurs that many small-business owners in the Toledo
area remain optimistic despite high energy prices, rising costs of
materials, spiraling health-care costs, and fears of a recession."



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I said to myself:

"I bet this bit of fluff is a Homer Brickey piece of happy horseshit."

I then clicked on the link and was proven CORRECT.

Predictably, all this nonsense "reporting" by Homer forgot to add:

"... and the collapse of consumer credit."

Homer strikes me as the type of Blade "reporter" who is probably enjoying his Blade salary and benefits and has no real economic worries ... unlike what he attempts to write about. When the list of problems grows huge, you can't possibly slant the news story towards hope and accomplishment. But that's what Homer does in article after article.

He's the kind of guy who would report on a leper colony and note that the residents are very good at weight loss.

The article is just happy horseshit and anyone reading can see that (that is, anyone reading who doesn't have a comfy Blade or city job). Look at the facts and see that small business is suffering and will continue to suffer. In a Depression, businesses just shut down. Toledo will become a commercial ghost town.

"Homer strikes me as the type of Blade "reporter" who is probably enjoying his Blade salary and benefits and has no real economic worries..."

Isn't that the point? To be able to maintain a job with a nice salary and benefits and not have any real economic worries? You fault him for having a nice salary and benefits?

I work with MANY small businesses downtown and a few in the suburbs, and the general consensus is they really are very optimistic in seeing growth and are still seeing decent profits. And while three businesses have closed downtown, there are four more I know of that are opening up.

Thats not dismiss the current economic condition either, though. Its' a struggling economy, but its' not quite doomsday either. There are businesses posting profits and hiring workers in Toledo, but it has a long way to go to getting to where it needs to be.

No, I fault Homer for being unable to respond realistically to our economic collapse, what with his constant HappyNews and all.

If you've been fortunate, then good for you. But don't sit there and blow happy smoke up our collective asses as if your fortune is so pervasive.

You do know we're entering a Depression, don't you? The point of catastrophes is that before things fall apart, they seem just fine. All that consumer over-crediting is coming to an end. People will have to resort to REAL MONEY to buy things. Since there's a lot less real money out there, then any so-called optimism is DELUSIONAL.

"If you've been fortunate, then good for you. But don't sit there and blow happy smoke up our collective asses as if your fortune is so pervasive."

And don't sit there crying doomsday when its' not quite there yet. The simple fact is, there are businesses that are succeeding. Why can't they earn a little praise from the media?

Oh, thats right, good news isn't news. Only when someone makes a criticism or points to a business that closes THEN we've got some news on our hands.

And thats all while agreeing to your point that our economy is tumbling down due to consumer credit, and individuals not being responsible with their finances.

Propaganda isn't news.

The real news is that Toledo's economy is collapsing. There will always be some businesses and individuals who will prosper in that environment. That's just statistical economics and you might as well just report that gravity is working in the Toledo area today. We don't need notification that gravity is functioning.

There are huge holes in the Blockade's reporting of the Toledo economy, and they use a very thin sheet of wallpaper called Homer Brickey to help cover those over. Reporting on successful small businesses is one of the tricks the so-called Ownership Society does to get people falsely hopeful about our general condition. Small business is a population pregnant with failures, but from the news reports, you'd think it was for everyone to undertake.

If the Blockade really wanted to report, it could resort to more statistical methods. Its reporters could track businesses opening and closing, for a start. Toledo citizens can't even reliably say what's happening, and have to resort to anecdotal evidence of looking around at buildings. This is by design, of course, since the Blockade's propaganda machine can't operate by letting people know that Toledo is actually collapsing. Mercy me! People might move away even FASTER (which is the sensible thing to do).

Fair enough. I only question because when the Blade reported that Diva's, Ken's and that other sub shop that closed up on the corner (not Quizno's - the one that closed because their service SUCKED) it got PLENTY of attention by members of this board as validity that our economy sucks. I'm sorry, but Bellacino's blew. Diva's had a perception of high prices, and Ken's Flower Shop I gander wouldn't have left if 5/3rd stayed at their same location. The point being, those businesses failed because of their poor business models. Diva's was poor marketing, and marketing itself as an affordable lunch destination. Bellacino's could have served their customers with better service, and Ken's Flower Shop was dependent on an anchor tenant. However, they were used as validity for the tumbling Toledo economy, all the while, there were three or four more places in the works downtown for lunch destinations, and I know of a few more. Then theres things going on such as Xunlight Corp and some of the other technologies being developed through the University which are largely ignored. If its' statistical economics that there will be businesses that succeed, it is as well statistical economics that businesses will fail, especially small business and restaurants.

I'm not denying there is a troubled economy.

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