how have you cut back in order to pay for higher prices?

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we do less socially that involve patronizing businesses, but increase the non-$$ activities - cards and games at home, etc. I carpool now, and looked seriously at the bus, but Im not quite to that point.

Put more on credit because money's tight? Unfortunately way too many Americans actually believe that's a viable way to face a budget crunch. When times are tight that means we put NOTHING on credit!!

And yes, watch the energy - I dont care if it looks like there's nobody home - if Im in the back room by myself at night, the rest of the house is dark. And sweaters, sweat pants and blankets come out before the heat gets turned up.

"And yes, watch the energy - I dont care if it looks like there's nobody home - if Im in the back room by myself at night, the rest of the house is dark. And sweaters, sweat pants and blankets come out before the heat gets turned up."

ahhhhh, a man after my own heart, :) i'd like to introduce you to my husband. :) it's funny, my husband learned to speak my language by starting out a conversation by saying, "it would be more energy efficient if we..." of course the savings he's hoping for in his eyes is spent on guitars or recording equipment. :)

The heat gets turned down and lights are turned off when no one is around. I brown bag the lunch and when the weather breaks I'm going to start riding my bicycle to work. City buses have a bike rack on the front, so I could ride the bus to work and ride the bike home. Exercise and save money at the same time.

Any credit card balance gets paid off at the end of the month. No exceptions. I suspect my credit card vendor hates me with a passion.

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My local gas station is speedway. I have their little speedway card, and I use it every time no matter what. Then I NEVER cash in the points. It's taken a while, but I know I have enough points in there (should the need arise) that I can cash them in for at least two $50 gas cards.

So if I find myself a time where Im in a pinch, I at least know there's a couple tanks worth of gas in my wallet.

Save those points - and dont blow them on free coffee!!

yeah, but us coffee lovers have a hard time passing it up. :) good suggestion though, i need to get the credit card size speedy card because mine does not work at the pump.

We dropped some of the premium channels on our DirecTV service, and I take my lunch to work every day instead of dining out.

I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but we had a fairly efficient budget to begin with so there wasn't as much room to make major changes. :)

(On the bright side, due to the efficient budget we had while it wasn't absolutely necessary, we are in a reasonably solid financial situation - nearly no debt and a decent amount of savings. Not wealthy by any means, but in a decent position to ride out the recession.)

I laid off some employees. They are now without jobs.

with the cost of gasoline, it made more sense to fly this time, and rent a car while I am there.

where we pay our utility a reduced amount throughout the summer, but pay the higher price in the winter to offset any major bills that would have come in otherwise.

I am also fortunate to have married a culinary genius that is able to make a $50 meal for $5.

I fill my gas tank and notice I'm only paying $5 more a tankful @ $3.90ish for 89 octane or $45 per fillup.

Sounds to me someone is on a really tight vacation budget. That Kennedy Compound visit just might wipe out a weeks worth of funds for you and cut that "vacation" short, so be careful where you go.

Billy, thanks for the tip! Speedway generally has very decent prices on gas, and having a backup fund of $50 sure doesn't hurt.

Pete, what business are you in? Sorry to hear you had to lay people off.

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I would like to tell you, Jack, but then I'd have to kill you. :-)

I'm trying to be anonymous.

There is a pastor friend and his wife here in the South End. You see them cycling everywhere ! They have totally ditched their car


i would ride my bike more, but with all three of my kids, i can only go so far. that, and it can be pretty challenging with the carrier on back. :) that's my goal this summer, well see how well i do. :)

... was the one most often chosen, if you read this carefully:

America can only be doomed as long as people continue to believe that debt is wealth.

Buying (i.e. renting money to buy) houses didn't make any sense when the prices were so fucking high. If you bought (i.e. rented money from a bank to buy) a house and you paid (i.e. signed a mortgage) more than 2.5 times ONE income of the family, then you loaded up on too much debt.

Americans are acting like economic laws were somehow repealed for the nation after 1998 or so.