Draft Toledo Empty House Ordinance

I can't find this mentioned anywhere, but if you heard Maggie Thurber, or Fred glance over on WSPD this morning, they talked about the proposed empty house ordinance. Here is what I know/remember:

1. If the house/property is empty for a certain amount of time, owners need to board up the windows.
2. Owners must register and pay a fee to register the empty house.
3. The registration fee goes up the longer the house is empty.
4. Owners must put a sign up, which is visible from the street saying the house is empty and have the phone number and address of the owner.

What do you think about this?

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This is what we pay this clown $136,000 a year for.

This is outrageous to pay this non-producing dreamer
this kind of money to come up with crazy ideas like this.

He should resign.

someone bitching about getting a recall campaign together and ousting him over the Marine debacle.

but I guess it was just another empty promise, cuz I ain't heard anything about Carty being recalled.

If the city would just board the houses up for the neglectful homeowner and backcharged the effort, something would get done.

But I guess the option of growing the community through job growth and tax breaks wasn't presented to the council, huh?

Yeah, what happened to the recall attempt El Mahico? Not trying to prod you, just curious.

I once stated that I was going to attend an organizational meeting of a 'Recall Finkbeiner' group.

Some meathead extrapolated from that and added additional information.

If one listened to THAT knucklehead one would get the impression that I was personally going to accomplish a coup de etat.

Sorry I can not tell you anything furthur at this time.

If you have any questions, kindly ask the resident meathead of this site. He tries to be the 'font of knowledge'. Fails miserably, I might add.

Knucklehead stalks me over at GCJ also.
Perhaps you can catch him there.

# 51 el mahico Says:
February 15th, 2008 at 8:00 pm
Got my initial meeting of the RECALL FINKBEINER ! organizing committee to go to. At least SOME people do something to try to change their community, unlike you BIV. You just blog, and cry, and cry, and cry.
Don’t let your panties get in a bunch.

Seeing you were there, have you nothing to report to the community as a whole how progress is going on this stealthy attempt you advertised?

Just another empty effort, just like everything else you've attempted.....

# 76 el mahico Says:
February 16th, 2008 at 11:46 am
Tom - thanks for returning my phone call.

I know it is cold TODAY, but the weather will break shortly. There is a 90 day window that will run up to June 1 , with a March 1 starting date. March, April, May. Sometimes these are nice months in Toledo.

I think the key to success is organization. And previous experience. Thats why I called you. I thought a lot of your time and effort waqs spent at festivals where a lot of non-toledo, non-registered people were asked to sign. Many ineligible probably signed because they do not understand the process, and felt it was the thing to do as they hated the Fink so much.

Do you remember in the Godfather movie where the hitman was asked about taking out a guy ? His answer - “Difficult. But not impossible. ”

It is with that same sense of realistic optimism that I am viewing this necessary task that awaits our community.

Do I need to post more proof?

I am not a public employee. I do not owe you anything. I was there not as your recording secretary.
You are MY secretary. he-he. Thanks for jumping through more hoops for me.

Typical of your previous posts on other sites of you "waiting for an apology"...

You think everyone owes you something.

Gotta go, got a 9:05 out.

See ya soon.

that's gonna cost ya some vacation time you just can't afford on your budget.

Looking forward to see how your Sylvania/IndianRiver connection works out.

Remember, you were not invited here by me....

till then, genius!

I'll keep y'all posted whether he does show up....or just another hollow and empty threat that he's so well known for... lol

just want to remind you that you were the one posting that lie about the recall thingy, and I find it hilarious you're denying the whole community your progress on your efforts to spite little ol' me.

Yep, looking out for your community....one lie at a time!

the only flight out of Toledo tonight is going to Memphis, and if you're flying out of Detroit or Cleveland, judging from the time you posted, you're going to miss your flight....


Crowne Plaza Lounge, Laptop computer, Detroit Metro.......DelRay Beach, Laptop, Captain Hiram's.


how convenient

next time you should check the departure schedule before you "leave", because the only flights out of Detroit last night to West Palm were at 9:13, and Lauderdale at 9:22, but none at 9:05. Still, not quite enough time to make the hour journey, check luggage, go through TSA, drink your "non-alcoholic" drinks in the lounge, seeing you've already claimed you don't imbibe, "play with your laptop with your expensive wireless card" and make the boarding 10 minutes before departure.

but whatever...it's just another day in your fantasy.

well, "enjoy your Captain Hirams."


Cowne Plaza lounge is across from Detroit Metro.

1) Used computer to post.

2) Walked across street, checked bags 1 hour prior to flight.

3) I never said I was flying commercial, never said I was landing West Palm Beach.

4) Besides, get out of my biz, get on down here to the Cap's. Drinks are on me, dinner too if you cannot afford it. You are proving to be a real friend.

Did not see you or Ms. tonite, hope to see you tomorrow nite.

"free wireless".

if you'd just hold your breath waiting for me.

enjoyed your tap dance routine as well.

Looks to me the boy is going to spend his whole vacation driving up and down my street..

It'd be ironically hilarious and tragic at the same time had you actually came down here to Sebastian, but you're going to just absorb this into your reality, as you've done with everything else.

The only person you're fooling is the poor sap that married you.

log on at 1:46 pm and look who's sitting on the site.


Then I refresh and you're goooooooone!

Like I said, you just can't spend a day away from the site "while on vacation".

Yeah buddy, speaking volumes about that credibility thing.

dude, it's freaking 80 degrees and sunny out there and you're sitting in here on your computer.

Ohhhhhh that's right, you're here for a whole month.

another lie....

I have you so pegged, you psychopath.

Shame tho, seeing we are going to have dinner at Hirams tonight and pick out the most palest moron drinking his soda. Looks like it won't be you we'll be laughing at.



gotta say, all this talk of Captain Hirams had me checking out their website.

Menu looks pretty damn good. I'll take the grilled yellowfin, some oysters and a couple of iced-down Budweisers.

You guys buyin'?

it's not tooooo shabby for a tourist trap.

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And this time of year, it's the best place to people-watch.

And for anybody passing through, except for one certain de-lusionist, our meal is on me.

someone needs to understand that a real man does not put out all his business on the internet.

Some people do. 

They are usually very needy and insecure in themselves.  They need an audience for their business, a shoulder to cry on, to get sympathy from the female types.

That's all the free education for today.  

Gotta go.

Got a plane to catch.

unlike you, I have nothing to hide.

Enjoy your flight!

And I'm going to enjoy my month off, unless you can't stay away from a computer that long on your "Florida vacation"....

I can only hope you make it to Toledo back in one healthy piece.


El Mahico is wrong in making allegations and Brian is wrong for taking the bait and beating a dead horse with the responses. This is strike two.

The city does, although I cannot say for sure all of the time.

There is an empty house on Lagrange, one of many, that has a lot overgrown with weeds and grass.

Sent in a complaint, was told owner is dead, within a few days there was plywood up on the house.

But yet, other properties are wide open and being torn apart or stripped of the siding.

I made the city aware of two, 404 Arcadia for one, that is being stripped all the way round, many months ago and it is sits being peeled like a banana.

Either way, we have people who abandon the houses and fail to properly secure them or we have a system that is alleged to being considered that has little if any in the way of enforcement.

Heck the Mayor and some council members seem to be in denial still about the people leaving and the abandoned and boarded up house.

... or the policy of bulldozing. Note that destroying housing just keeps the prices TOO HIGH on all the other housing per supply and demand. In fact, destroying housing like that only says that it has value as long as a financial transaction is involved. Revolting.

Given a choice from destruction, I'd choose forcing the "owners" (in reality, bank-renters -- these people don't own SHIT but a huge debt) to either take care of the property or lose it to the city.

Of course, the city is not a repository of responsibility. Properties left in its care are not properly redistributed. What SHOULD happen is a lottery for such properties -- opened only to the disadvantaged, not some fucking flipper or developer -- and the winners must present back taxes + maintenance fees, with minimal use of financing (i.e. bring mostly CASH, not another MORTGAGE which will just present another FORECLOSURE and therefore another ABANDONMENT). Naturally, the price of the house would be reset to ZERO for a time, but that's just to be expected, and as a bonus for the nominally poor person it would result in ZERO property taxes for about 3 years (the assessment interval). After time, as the now-advantaged homeowner (yes, a home OWNER at that point, with the use of CASH) can only have improved the house from inhabiting it, the assessment would go up to a more rational home value, and finally property taxes start rolling in.

To the first and reasonable approximation, everyone would win under that sort of plan ... except the scumbags like banks who want everything routed through mortgages. We've seen exactly how damaging it can be when you try to get more people to carry mortgages. It's currently crashing the already weak US economy.

What SHOULD happen is a lottery for such properties -- opened only to the disadvantaged, not some fucking flipper or developer -- and the winners must present back taxes + maintenance fees, with minimal use of financing (i.e. bring mostly CASH, not another MORTGAGE which will just present another FORECLOSURE and therefore another ABANDONMENT).

Poor people with enough cash to buy a home out right? Never going to happen.

Believe it or not, mortgages are not a bad or evil thing and the majority of those of us with them know how to pay a mortgage...

Poor people with enough cash to buy out the amount of back taxes and maintenance fees, only. Yes, I do believe that's possible. The base price of each of the houses in question is ZERO.

As for the mortgage issue, by the time you're buying the house with 100% financing you're in as much evil as you can get. Knowing how to overpay for a house -- affordable or not -- is also not something you should be proud of.

Americans have gone on a buying binge that has doubled the size of the average American home since 1980. Not only can't Americans really afford all that, but they can't afford to heat and cool such larger spaces, either. This all has a limit, and we've reached it ... and having reached it, we must now RETRACT.

Not all of us need to contract. My family likes rattling around in 2300 sq feet. I took a 15 year loan at 5.5% and will have it paid off in 8 years. I'll be just into my 40s with no house payment.

What is evil is the banks giving 1-2% loans for a few years with rates at adjust to 10-15% with early pay off penalties and then turning around and selling the loans as securities to investers. that's evil...

is in the doldrums that it's in.

The suggestion seems to be to take from one and give to another through some means other than a buyer to seller transaction.
The properties are lost to the city and by the time they are lost to the city they are in such disrepair that they are best bulldozed and the lot cleared, but then we have an empty lot that is too small by today's standards to be built on.
Lagrange Development Corp, was rehabbing some houses before they fell into disrepair and had to be rehabbed and from what I understand the process is still underway, but the number of vacant houses is growing and number of buyers is shrinking.
It is a novel idea that a disadvantaged person, who is struggling to make ends meet would have enough liquidity to bring cash at such an event.

Burn the place down. After all we are short on fire protection so it'll be totally gone by the time they get there and we're short on police protection so the investigation will be botched.

Just don't light it in view of a red light camera. That's the only way we catch criminals here.



There's a row of "new" housing that caught my attention along Champlain between Basset and New York avenues that cater to the lower economic echelon. Very nice houses and across the street from some really blighted housing.

I recall these new homes replaces a row of dilapidated

Does a lot for a neighborhood to have them new homes.

of starting a new business....looks like I should go into copper.

Mr. Ferrara works in the mayor's economic development office and has been overseeing the administration's efforts to sell off excess city property.

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