Blizzard Bill will now be on 13abc

Blizzard Bill Spencer is moving to 13abc. I thought he was covered under a franchise contract at NBC 24. Why not? The presidential election will ensure there is lots of money flowing this year to the TV stations.

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Anyone know why he changed stations? I happen to really like the weathercaster.

A higher rated station means more of it.

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I just saw him and he looked strange on 13abc. I think Stan is retiring and they want someone to replace him. Plus it is obvious that 13abc has more money than 24 and can do that. They have been poaching/pilfering/pirating (thanks carty) weather forecasters from many of the other channels (36 and 24).

Tonight they had a little video bio and talked to Bill. He has gotten a bit grayer, but they always change something when they switch channels.

I am so used to him being on 24, it will be weird for a while.

I also just saw the Jamie Farr casino commercial too :)

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