Was Reinbolt right to use City resources to look for dog?

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Reinbolt thinks that he belongs to that first tier of citizens that rules don't apply to.

The rest of us 'second-class citizens' are "baboons", according to Reinbolt's master.

We have to find our own dogs.

What "City Resources" did he use?

And this better be more than "He used his city email account."

Shane - Brian Schwartz sent out an official press release on behalf of the city to all media outlets asking them to cover the story. THAT is a city resource.

It is completely unfair to you and I and all the other peons in this city who are not afforded that privilege when we lose a pet. Next time you lose something, call Schwartz and ask him if he'll issue a press release and let us know how that goes.

But can't anyone send out an "official" press release? I have sent out press releases to the media before. They didn't pay any attention, but I did it.
Now, if Schwartz used a city letterhead, that might make it a little different, but not a major crime in my eyes.

We have a citizen, Quigley, that has tried in vain to get an issue resolved for what, a year now or more, a malfunctioning city service, a sewer line, that has caused damage to his property.
Reinbolt's dog goes on walk about and Reinbolt springs into action and uses his position in government to tend to a purely personal matter, his lost dog, while the citizen with the failing sewer system near his house can not get the issue resolved.
This is but one example of the failure to respond in a timely manner to issues that are brought up.
Sarantou took the step to admit that if the city had tended to the MLK bridge and took actions sooner the costs of the repairs would been less.
LeFebvre, has pointed out that when homes are demolished, the rubble from the demolition is some times left for months and months and not until someone contacts another media outlet for resolution is anything done.
I know of at least four locations that have demolished homes that have not been cleaned up for well over six months or more.
But when the Chief of Staff's personal dog goes missing, we see the kind of action taken,
A matter of priorites and importance, maybe, personal dog out weighs citizens wants, desire and needs.

1...The Carty Club does and will continue to enjoy the mis-use and mis-appropration of City resources. Be it 15 minutes or 15 weeks, this is what they have come to expect as part of their bennifit package. This particular item(the dog), is a very small example of that behavior. I recall a quote from Mayor Finkbeiner to me last summer in the parking garage at 1 Gov. "Someday young man, you are going to need your friends". "Friends" meaning him and his cronies. This brings a new meaning to friends with bennifits...lol.

#2 Bob Reinbolt is the City employee that felt it was fine for him to park in the no parking zone outside 1 Gov. and even though he got into it with the Police Officer that told him not to park there...and that drama played out in the press for a week or so. His matching arrogance w/ Finkbeiner, the ticket for that parking job etc.

Reinbolt thinks, as do many of the Mayor's boys, that he can do as he pleases based on position. Someone should remind him that he was hired, not elected.

Other than printing a small story about his misuse of power & being done with it, the Blade for some reason thought the missing dog was newsworthy - so much so, it devoted quite a bit of space (spread over two pages) just to let us all know the dog was found.