Here We Go Again: Sewer Collapse

Here we go again. The sewer is collapsing in the same place it did last June. I have been calling the City about it since early Febuary. As of Today...a 20' section of City owned land is a hazzard and my plumbing is backing up. Any rain at this point will likely cause another flood of my home. To say the least.... I'm Angry.

And people wonder why I hound the city about infrastructure/sewer/water issues. Take a look at the pics on my site from 2 days ago and today...Grrrrrrrrrrr!

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Do you happen to have a mortgage on your house? Because if you do and you can talk to an officer at that bank - hey - they've got clout, those banks do (and lawyers).

And they wouldn't be very happy about their investment being unnecessarily put at risk. Come to think of it - your insurance company might not appreciate having their assets put as risk either :-)

I'd start calling some bigger dogs if the city won't respond.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

This has been going on for so long now and I realize the city is broke(n), but seriously, gigantic sewers made of brick need "Emergency" repair. The City doesn't have the ability to respond prior to an event, hell it takes weeks if not months to respond after the fact.

give Channel 11 a call. They really do help. Or call the Health Department and make a complaint against the city. After all, sewers are not clean and healthy places, ya know.

And from a professional side of the fence ... the bank will not involve itself in this issue. Quite simply - they don't care. As long as you make your house payment, they will tell you to contact the city. Even if you walked away from your house they would not get involved. The would just take a lower price for your house and pass the repair/worry onto the next person. Your insurance carrier probably won't get involved unless you have already had claims from this same issue.

I have dealt with homes that have had collapsed water mains, collapsed gas mains, and collapsed/overflowing septic systems. The banks/lenders won't get involved. They don't care, they don't know anything about the house, and they will toss your report onto a pile of about 50,000 other reports that they don't intend on taking care of.

It's these types of issues, not just behind my house, but all over the city that are a priority and the departments and the adminisrtation are both to blame for the inability to move swiftly to prevent damage. Since this is the 2nd time in under 12 monnths that this has happened (June 07') and now, both times I informed the city as soon as I became aware of the problem's development, I'd sy this 1 is totally on them.

I've done my due dilligence to inform and re-inform the city of this issue and it's just a brick wall to get through to them. If my home floods, if someone get's hurt because the open area is not fenced in, if the street gives way, again, this will be completely in the lap of the City.

And yes, if we get damage, it will be another insurance claim and I doubt that the Insurance Co. will wave the deductible a 2nd time. This is sheer negligence on the part of the City and this time I won't just "let it go". The lawyers will line up to clean em out in court.. "Them" being all of us taxpayers.

... to contacting a claims executive in your insurance company and spelling out the matter in a fairly clear terms? You're saying that you can SEE a significant claim coming, and the city's really not doing anything about it, which just means you insurance company KNOWS that its coming, too.

Don't talk to your local insurance rep. Get ahold of a claims EXECUTIVE.

I'll contact them before I go to work. Last June it took 15 minutes for my basement to flood 3 feet deep during a heavy rain. As I related on the blogs last summer, a big part of the problem is that the Neighborhoods department backfilled the lots around me with solid clay making it impossible for the water to seep into the ground. So...when it rains/melts/pours it runs to the low point(the sink hole) and this makes it bigger. Since all the water rushes into said hole, it runs right up the pipes with pressure and back into the house. The sewer is 20 feet down.... the basement is only 8' under ground. My drains are already doing the gurgel gurgel burp!

What makes me angry and sad is that the last time..the Insurance covered 4 grand(that's all they cover on basements on my policy) which replaced the appliances and water heater, and repaired the boiler. The 10 thousand cermaic molds, the 2 kilns and the rest of our personal belongings that were there were just destroyed or damaged. There wasn't enough insurance money to replace that stuff. So we lost many thousands of dollars in material belongings.

I remember when the adjuster came out he looked it over and was very sad for us as he could tell the losses that were not gonna be covered. I'm sure you can imagine the City's Ashford sent me a packet to get a grant for a backflow preventer and a sump pump.(sump pump cannt keep up with the volume) Though I don't have a sump pump, the plumbing had already been replaced and there was a backflow preventer that failed under the pressure and there ya have the flood. Fixing the sewer the right way would be the best prevention.

So a sewer collapsed again? Big deal. It probably was ruined by water leaking through the pot-holes in the street above it.

Luckily you Toledo dupes voted FOR that 3/4% stupidity tax.

But the lights for the trees on Summit Street are fixed.

There are flowers all over the place.

The Erie Street Market ONLY lost a few thousand dollars last year.

The mayor has a working shower.

And the Teamster member garbage collectors, who only work 4 hours a day and get paid for 8, have better health insurance than YOU do.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

You are a riot!..lmao

As each day opens the ground more...I take a few pics...

No work has even been started. In fact, Ed Moore(Dept. head for sewers), was here Monday morning and told me he'd have it fenced and taken care of...nothing yet.

The hole is growing in size and it's there ya have it.


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how's the sewer problem?

I posted new pics and updates on my blog and it's fenced, they dug Friday..but I had left for the day and they were gone when I got home. I'll call tomorrow and find out what's what?

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