Troy Neff Show: One Of The Hardest Interviews Troy's Ever Done


In this emotionally charged interview even Troy can't hold back the tears, as Janet Fackelman gives us a little insight into her life after the tragic loss of her child and husband.

Janet Fackelman Pt.1

Janet Fackelman Pt.2

Janet Fackelman Pt.3

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Incredibly self serving for Mr. Neff to do this interview. Is he trying to gain an audience for his show? And the topic headline is amazing also "even" Troy can't hold back the tears. WOW. It was like listening to the National Enquirer. And after Mrs. Fackelman says her son bled to death Mr. Neff actually says "the injuries must have been extensive"? Again, WOW!

Have advertising rules on SwampBubbles been waived for Mr. Neff ? Seems that he uses SwampBubbles as a personal advertisement venue and I do not see anyone else doing that.

His shows are largely uninteresting and by the blogs that he posts one can readily see how desperate he is for an audience.

He pays $40,000 a year to Clear Channel to use the 6-10 a.m. time slot for his show.

How desperate is that to hear yourself on the radio ?

"How desperate is that to hear yourself on the radio ?"

Apparently you don't have hobbies then. At least, unless you call stalking Brian a hobby.

"Have advertising rules on SwampBubbles been waived for Mr. Neff ? Seems that he uses SwampBubbles as a personal advertisement venue and I do not see anyone else doing that."

Coming from the man who hijacks threads and really never adds anything to the discussion.

If Troy can't INFORM (Not Advertise) us of interviews with people in the community, or politicians in regards to particular issues, then I expect EVERYTHING to be wiped then. NO links to Toledo Blade articles. NO links to Toledo Free Press articles. No articles or stories of from any sources. Essentially SwampBubbles should then just become an opinion and gossip blog, in which case, it will significantly lose its' value to the community as an opportunity for discussion of current events.

Get over it. If you don't want to read it, ya don't have to click the link.

Was someone talking to you ?

P.S. I am the one that is followed around the internet and stalked, FYI.

You should consider minding your own business in the future.

I don't need you to be talking to me. I'm letting known that at least one person on this blog appreciates being informed. Was he talking to you when he posted his podcast?

Mind my own business? In regards to what? Last I remember, this is a blog where input is welcomed. You stated your opinion. I stated mine. Troy provides another opportunity or avenue for discussion in this city, and we need to encourage more transparency and communication.

In regards to the actual post itself, what a terrible tragedy. He should be punished. He should be in jail. But he should not locked up for six years. Families are being torn apart because of a stupid act on the kids part. And although this could all have been prevented if the kids hadn't thrown it, I place blame on Krell for not being man enough to walk away. What a tragedy.

he'll start posting misstatements and convoluted drama about you that isn't even remotely close to reality to imply he's superior.

if you can just ignore him (EDIT), you'll be better off.

I can tell ya from experience. He does need another hobby.

to get back under your rock.

Problem is, you tell other people to ignore someone, yet YOU stalk the same person all over the internet.
Wherever he posts, you also follow up with one.

What is that, Stalker ?


you're doing a fine job, sonny!


Ignore him. It just gets worse if you feed it..

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

could you please stay on topic on a thread ?

This family has surely faced real tragedy. They'll be in my prayers. And it sounds as though it may have been cathartic for her to have had the chance to talk through all of this.

9 months for killing a boy out of rage. 5 years for a grieving father who was obviously struck by the inequity of the situation.

Such a sad story, but it just cements the situation on the ground today. It's not what you, it's who you know.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

As I understand this, a 1998 Pontiac was driven by Austin Oberle, and had passengers Charlie Fackelman (junior), Ashley Roth, Carl Ziegler and Stevie L. Beale. Charlie Fackelman threw a plastic water bottle full of liquid at Randy Krell's car, striking the car's windshield. Randy Krell turned his car around and gave chase. Austin Oberle tried to get away from Randy Krell and crashed at high speed. As a result of the crash, Charlie Fackelman was killed and Stevie Beale is paralyzed from the waist down.

Austin Oberle was charged with vehicular manslaughter and felonious driving, which carries a possible prison sentence of 15 years. Oberle pled guilty to felonious driving and negligent homicide, was sentenced and served six months in jail. He's out now.

Randy Krell was convicted in a jury trial of negligent homicide. He served about five months of a nine month jail sentence. Randy Krell is out now.

The Monroe County Sheriff said that alcohol was not involved in the accident, but excessive speed did play a factor.

The sentence didn't please Charlie Fackelman senior, who went after Charlie Krell with a gun. No shots were fired, but as a result Charlie Fackelman senior was convicted after a jury trial on two counts of felonious assault, one count of home invasion, and one count of gun possession. Charlie is going to serve about six years.

From what I understand of this scenario, I wouldn't have convicted Randy Krell of anything more than, say, aggravated menacing and a few moving violations. Randy Krell wasn't driving the car Fackelman rode in, and didn't strike that car with his own. Krell didn't run Oberle off the road. Austin Oberle was the driver of that car, and to him falls responsibility for what he did. The jury didn't see it that way, and Krell was found guilty and served his time.

Charlie Fackelman senior decided he'd like a little vengeance. Perhaps the man is mentally ill, perhaps not. Either way, Charlie Fackelman had no right to threaten anyone with a gun, nor had he any right to kick down the Williams family's front door and invade their home. If Charlie Fackelman did that to me, I'd have shot him. Fackelman was tried by a jury, and the jury could have found Fackelman not guilty by reason of insanity. The jury didn't. The judge concurred.

I don't think the sentence is too harsh. I think it's a little lenient. I also think that commercial media gave Austin Oberle a pass he didn't deserve. It was his driving and poor judgment that killed Charlie Fackelman and paralyzed Stevie Beale.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

To me, he's the last person to be mad at. 95% of people would gave turned around and given chase to some idiot that hit their windshield with something. The blame rest with Charlie, and the driver first and foremost. Everything else was reactionary. Did young Charlie anticipate that the result would cost him his life? Nope. Did Krell know that the end result was the idiot would lose control, and kill and paralyze? Probably not. Was Charlie egging on Oberle to "drive faster"? Who knows. This is tragic, but when you play with matches, you get burned. Maybe Mr. Fackelman can blame himself, if he instilled consequences with fear to Charlie, maybe he wouldn't of thrown that. I never shoplifted ANYTHING in my life because my dad would have beat my a**, I wasn't worried about the police. This is what is wrong with parent children relationships these days, parents are worried about being "buddies" with their kids. I'm not your buddy, I'm your dad. I can only promise to be fair. Let's just chalk this one up to "thinning the herd", life lost and destroyed due to bad judgement. As tragic as this is, this kind of thing happens for a reason, maybe others will learn from this experience, and what NOT to do. Peace to all.

If you really think that 95% of people would turn around and chase another car for any reason, then you have some serious issues.

I think that Krell is a former school board member and the kids in the other car were quite young.

I think Krell scared the shit out of these kids after an immature stunt. I would expect a more mature response out of Krell.

But I've seen this kind of road rage when my ex and I were (in our 30's) driving to Maryland. There was a middle aged man who cut us off, was blowing his horn and trying to side swipe us. That's road rage. And we went as fast as we could to get away from him because he was trying to kill us.

If somebody did that to one of my kids and chased them to death? I'd take a gun to him. Yes I surely would.

You kill somebody in my family? I kill you back. That's just how I roll.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

(admin edit) Did Krell bump their car off the road? No. Krell didn't murder anyone, you should (admin edit) such a foolish statement.

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