Saggy pants law overwhelmingly approved in Riviera Beach

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RIVIERA BEACH — Pull'em up or pay up! That's the order voters gave tonight by overwhelmingly approving Mayor Thomas Masters "saggy pants" law.

"I am thankful to the people who came out and voted their conscience and defined what is indecent in our city," said Masters after hearing the measure won 72 percent of the vote.

Earlier in the day, Masters feared the saggy pants law was going down in defeat based upon an informal exit poll. But that changed as more voters went to the polls, he said.

Masters believes Riviera Beach is the first large city to pass a saggy pants law through an election. Others have been approved by ordinance through a board vote.

Riviera Beach joins the city of Opa-Locka, the Atlanta school district and several small southern towns with "pull up your pants" laws.

Under the new law, anyone with droopy pants that show skin or underwear faces legal action. The first offense carries a $150 fine or community service. A second infraction carries a $300 fine or more community service.

Habitual violators could face up to 60 days in jail. The jail provision produced a last-minute backlash to the ordinance. But the law was popular among elderly voters who apparently turned out at the polls.

"It's not our intent to get rich off of fines or lock people up in jail," said an elated Masters. "It's about a simple message: pull up your pants."

Masters was also successful in campaigning against three of the 20 city charter amendments promoted by the city council. Voters said no to extending the mayor and city council terms from two to three years. They also rejected stripping the mayor of his power to suspend employees, a measure that Masters vigorously campaigned against.

Voters also choose to allow the leasing of the municipal marina, which is critical to the city's redevelopment plan. The vote paves the way for the community redevelopment agency to negotiate with master developer Viking Inlet Harbor Properties.

Viking's plan hinges on leasing the marina and upgrading the neighboring Bicentennial Park. The developer's goal is to turn the 13th Street corridor into an international destination for tourists and locals.

Personally I think the saggy pants look is moronic, but I disagree totally with passing laws against it. I DO think though, that business owners should completely be allowed to dictate how their workers should dress. I personally dont like it when some waiter sets down the food tray, sticks his thumbs inside his trou to pull them up, then puts those thumbs on my dinner plate...

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I agree billy - I think the look is silly. I've watched these young guys walk with legs splayed to keep their pants up; usually they're hanging below their ass, with boxers showing above. They are PANTS, not leg warmers guys. At any rate, school, employer & parental dress codes are what is needed - beyond that, it is not (or should not be) the govt's or the masses job to tell people how to dress. Too much govt. in people's lifes, and getting worse by the day. This has been a trend for quite a while now, and it's hung on for longer than most trends usually do, so it's only a matter of time before these guys realize how cliche they look & move on (or grow up) to something else. And, our country already has more people in prison than any other industrialized country in the world, and I hear of prison crowding & the expense of keeping those prisoners - so what's the point? ("What are ya in for?", "Saggy pants man, I am bad.")

Reverned Masters is an uneducated dipshit. I've been watching his bizarre behavior for years on the local TV down here, with his color-coordinated helmet and frock get ups.

It is legal to walk the streets in your underwear, but if yer drawers drop below your hip exposing yer undergarments, you're susceptible to a warantless search, which was the reason this law was passed.

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