67 days later and now waiting 2 weeks

It has been sixty-seven days since a young, unarmed mother was gunned down and her child severely wounded by a Lima SWAT shooter. We learned on February 27th that Ohio BCI turned a report over to a special prosecutor. That was two weeks ago. Why all the foot dragging? If no charges are filed, the BCI report becomes public record.

It seems unbelievable, but it could happen that NO charges are filed in this case. It's up to the prosecutor. This case is really starting to stink. This has been delayed and hushed up so long that one has to wonder what the so-called authorities are trying to do besides wait everyone out and hope the whole matter is forgotten.

Everyone has been more than patient waiting for the report. Are we going to wait another two or more months and still not have any resolution? How about some indictments?

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I was wondering if anyone would post something on this.

I strongly suspect that this shooting was the result of an accidental discharge. Although no one has stated the kind of weapon used, many police departments are issuing M-16s and MP-5s to their SWAT team members. Instead of being fully automatic, these weapons are capable of a three shot burst mode - that is, the weapon will fire three shots per single pull of the trigger, whereas the real, old style M-16 will continue to fire until the operator releases the trigger or the ammo runs out. The three shot burst requires a lot less training to use effectively than does true full auto mode. I suspect that in a moment of surprise or inattention the officer stroked the trigger, discharging three rounds. I could easily be completely wrong about this, and the shooting could very well be intentional.

Does anyone know how to bring pressure on the government to get the results of the investigation released? I would think writing to the governor might help, but perhaps not.

Mad Jack
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If you are right, Jack, it's a good reason to disband these paramilitary units and take away their high-tech, rapid-fire assault weapons. Those tactics and weapons are supremely dangerous in a civilian environment and should only be used in extreme circumstances.

how the baby is doing?

I have not heard a thing. Commercial media have pretty much dropped this case, and I don't think we'll ever hear any more about it.

Tom Noe steals and the crime hits the Toledo Blade's front page every day for weeks. The pigs kills a mother and shoot her child, and it's just an unfortunate incident.

Mad Jack
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New development...

LIMA, Ohio (AP) - A white policeman identified as the officer who killed a black woman during a drug raid in Lima was among officers called this week before a grand jury.

Civil-rights leaders are waiting to see whether charges will be filed, and police are bracing for possible unrest.

Police Chief Greg Garlock says Sergeant Joe Chavalia (sha-VOL'-ay) was 1 of 20 officers called before the grand jury Wednesday and Thursday. Garlock says he doesn't know whether evidence presented to the grand jury has been completed.

Twenty-6-year-old Tarika Wilson was killed in a SWAT raid at her house in January while she was holding her 1-year-old son, who was wounded. Family members say she was an innocent bystander who wasn't armed.


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