Feinstein wants CO2 listed as a danger to public health

More political correctness..

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, along with several other organizations, is calling for Senator Dianne Feinstein to reconsider a proposal that would list carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.


In a recent letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, Senator Feinstein (D-California) urged the agency to find CO2 emissions a danger to public health. The finding would lay the groundwork for the first ever CO2 emissions standards for new cars and trucks. However, Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Marlo Lewis warns that the finding would also make CO2 a pollutant that would be regulated far beyond new cars and trucks.

"But [the EPA] would also have to regulate carbon dioxide emissions just about everywhere else in the economy," Lewis explains. "And potentially over several hundred thousand small to mid-sized buildings, businesses, and farms could be affected."

Lewis says that listing CO2 as a pollutant would not only put a "big chill" on new construction and cripple the economy, but it would also swamp the EPA with applications and hinder them from enforcing what Lewis describes as "critically, statutorily required Clean Air Act obligations."

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The only real danger to public health in CO2 emmisions in this country is the volume produced by politicians making meaningless speeches about things they no nothing about. I would therefore propose an amendment to Ms. Feinstein's proposal to severely restrict such emmisions in Washington DC.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that the EPA can regulate CO2 as a pollutant.

So technically, I and every other human being are polluting the earth just by breathing. We all exhale CO2. I am a danger to public health?

I am a danger to public health?

Probably. But we can discuss that another time.

I and every other human being are polluting the earth just by breathing

I don't think that how it works. Green plants take in our CO2 and produce O2 for us. However in copius amounts, anything can be poisonous. Too much water, for instance, can kill a person.

Not to public health, but to corporate profits.

Here's how the "carbon credit" scam is going to play out:

1. Carbon emissions will be classified as pollutants.
2. Corporations and financiers will line up to influence the system of how it can be regulated.
3. The regulations will inevitably settle on a system that can be gamed (i.e. allowing a staff of accountants and lawyers to completely overcome the regulations) and shows class favoritism (i.e. forcing the poor or individual to pay more).
4. The wealthy will indulge in speculation on the artificially created shortages (like for carbon credits) that the regulations will create.
5. The corporations that "pollute" now will just trade and wrangle with these credits and will just continue to emit nearly the same levels of carbon.
6. The poor and the individual will be loaded up with blame and assessments that will force them to pay out even more to the government.

END RESULTS: A few wealthy people will become even wealthier. The masses of the poor and the individuals will become poorer. Corporations will continue to shift production overseas and the real pollution load there will increase. And the ocean levels will continue to rise as Greenland's icecap continues to melt and slide off.

Feinstein can just f*** right the hell off. She wants to create a Hell Society for the common man, and she's conducting her aims all under the guise of concern for that same common man. But since she's an elected rep, I can only fault the fools who elected her.

It's not really about Feinstein. The Supreme Court has already ruled that CO2 emissions must be regulated by the EPA. That was over a year ago. The EPA has done shit so far, and Feinstein is trying to hold their feet to the fire (and follow the law). Adhering to the law? Novel idea.

Feinstein can just fuck right the hell off. You're so articulate, GZ.

Personally, I'd like the EPA to declare Feinstein a danger to civilization as it should be known and stifle her with dump truck of wet fertilizer driven by Kennedy.

Mad Jack
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