A stabbing at Start High School.

Two students were stabbed today at Start High School and the school is on lock down. I don't know the extent of the injuries but it is ironic that this would happen at a good school after passage of Issue #7.

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I am sure those Start HS students said, "hey after the Levy, lets stab one another!"................

Are you serious?

there is nothing at tps that would surprise me.

Typical TPS bully tactic Sandy. You post her name even though she's chosen to use another to post. Typical TPS bully, so are they giving you guys a class now? If so they need some new material. You are all using the same, tired old tricks.

Hey purnhrt...Sandy knows who you are. Did it work? Are you intimidated?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

what the hell are you talking about kateb..............?

Are you serious?

"Typical TPS Bully tactic"..........OMG that is the funniest (admin edit) I have heard lately. Actually our Parent Congress meets once a month to brainstorm new bully tactics to use on your ass.......LOL

aren't you? Do you kiss your kids with that mouth?

I had thought you said you were a teacher. I surely hope I'm wrong about that.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Purnhrt - I think that was a very petty comment to make - saying that it was ironic that there was an incident at a "good school" right after the levy passed. Money and votes had nothing to do with the unacceptable behavior of a couple of students. Start is a good school, and is becoming better all the time. The principal and her staff are doing a wonderful job in a challenging year. There were quite a few staff changes at the beginning of the year, and the move into the new building happened mid-year, yet the respect between students, and between students and staff, has increased greatly. Teachers are in evidence in the hallways between classes, as are administrators, making sure that the dress code and discipline guidelines are being followed. There is a very positive attitude throughout the building. Please don't disparage something that is so good and positive.

A month or so ago a male student told me the student with the knife had been flashing it around in a class for some days before the incident. Students are apparently afraid to speak up. I wonder what the honor student and others who claim to be students who have posted here have to say about that? gossip spreads like wildfire there, why did no one talk about it to the adults?

What I meant was that it is sad and ironic that two students at Start High School were involved in a stabbing. Money does not always solve problems especially the problems that TPS has. While this could happen at any school at any time it is pretty sad that instead of trying to solve the problems of TPS the superintendent and others want to lay the blame of the dysfunctional schools on the poor and disadvantaged students in the inner city schools. This type of violence happens everywhere not just at Scott, Libbey and Woodward. I think this should be a wake up call.

We have been saying for a long time that TPS is an accident waiting to happen.

It also happens on the streets. Is TPS responsible for this too? Look at the 2 shooting just the other day...very sad.

St. Art and Bowsher have their obstacles and I am sure this is known. However, studies have proven to show Social Economic Status has a direct correlation with many life challenges. However, I know all SES has challenges in different ways. Just because one is middle or upper class, does not mean they have no challenges.

My question is why is TPS always at fault with you?

sandy, didn't you say you were a teacher, shouldn't you be teaching right about now? tax money hard at work yet again.

I never said I was a teacher. Actually I said that I could not speak at BOE monthly meetings if I were a teacher.

I am a proud parent of 3 wonderful boys, all honor students, in TPS and I spend endless hours ....VOLUNTEERING! Appology accepted.

TPS Cheerleader!

If the first step to solving problems is to identify them - why is it you try to humiliate and shame people from doing that first step?

Why is it that you cannot allow people to have a discussion about the shortcomings of the district so that the problems can be resolved and the district bettered for our kids? That's the part that makes me so mad.

You'd have the world believe this is the only perfect school district. And you'd cover up problems that should be solved.

In doing so, you harm the children's circumstance.

My question to you: "Have you bought into the party line so completely that you are willing to harm the children to protect the status quo?".

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Yes..........I am guilty ! I do not want a good education for my own threee boys in TPS. Please do not tell.......

Let me ask you a question, how damn kids do you have in TPS?

if, as you've said - you are reasonable - you aren't the one with the hostility problem?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

"how damn kids do you have in TPS?" what does that have to do with anything? she's a tax payer who's concerned about how her tax money is being spent. please sandy, if you have nothing intelligent and without swearing to say, then say nothing at all. do the rest of us a favor.

There is precious little information about this incident known to the general public and you are already identifying this as a symptom of problems with TPS?

I know before the levy they were concealing issues that were happening around the schools, one being a kid with a gun at my kids' elementary school. I bet none of you heard about that.

The more TPS can conceal issues at the schools, the more favorable the opinion of the general public. Makes me SICK that they would go SO FAR to conceal, and put my kids at risk while doing so.

That is what I was trying to convey. There is a lot of cover up that is done on a daily basis but once in a while something happens that can't be covered up. Parents should know the good and the bad things that happen in the schools. You think your child is safe in school and because the administrators don't want to look bad when an incident happens they cover it up and then something worse eventually happens. In elementary school a child is not likely to come home and say "Mom, so and so had a gun in school today." And if they do come home and tell a parent that, the school is not doing their job of informing parents.

Sandy, indirectly the school system may have been partially at fault since the shooting of the 17 year old probably would not have happened if he was in school engaged in the learning process. I think the shooting happened on a school day during school hours.

Schools or parents? Where does the responsiblity fall back on to parents. Amazing............

I don't think ANYONE understands this situation unless you were there and witnessed it. You people are discusting when you talk about TPS being so horrible. As someone else said before me its the PARENTS! Our teachers are with us for about 7 hours during the day. How in the world are they supposed to fully change what kids have been taught their whole lives???? Thats like expecting your boss to change everything you know and everything your parents have taught you. Teachers aren't mircale workers and TPS teachers deffinitly don't get payed like they are. Yes, there are things Start could do to tighten up security but that would mean metal detectors everyday and it takes away from the learning enough when we just have them twice a year. I wish you people would think about things a little more and not sit here and blame TPS because its more or less the parents who are to blame.

Very well stated......and from a TPS student! You are totally correct, Twila (or purnhrt) hears a little something negative in TPS and runs around causing havic!
I also went to Start and it is a great school, ofcourse that was 20 years ago! Keep up the hard work and I applaud your efforts as an advocate! Students like you make a difference in this world!

To some extent, I actually agree with you both. It has EVERYTHING to do with parents. Teacher's should be teaching social studies, math, science, technology, with a hint of discipline when its' needed. They should be providing an environment where kids' WANT to learn. They should not be chasing students around the streets rallying them to the classrooms. They should not be trying to teach your kid whats' right and wrong, maybe re-enforce it, but not teach it. THOSE ARE RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARENTS. The amount of care and effort you put in your child's education shows. When 17 year olds are out robbing people in the streets, its' a reflection of their parents, not the school system. Look at Sherman Powell, out in the streets with a kid who murder's a police office, and his mom recently indicted for drug offenses. Obviously that kid wasn't failed by the school system, he was failed by his parents and community.

However, that doesn't excuse TPS with their issues. TPS is not a transparent organization, they are very secretive and controlled by back-room dealing unions. The TPS system needs a complete overhaul.

... to conclude that part of such an overhaul or reform is to return full parental disciplinary power to the teachers. I despise the nearly lecherous display of incompetence (combined with over concern with pay and benefits) in the teachers of the TPS ... but they have been unjustly stripped of their rightful authority in the classroom and the school environment. Teachers need to have the power to seize students, to force them to move or sit, and to paddle them if necessary. Otherwise, our beloved MTV society will just tell students that they can walk all over such mentors ... as they do now.

Learning generally needs some form of discipline. If we're going to force children to attend classes, they really can't become STUDENTS until more esoteric forms of force are used to secure the environment. I'm talking about the basic structure of institutional learning here. Yet we've undermined it all by allowing teachers to be powerless in many situations where they should only logically have power.

You said: "How in the world are they supposed to fully change what kids have been taught their whole lives?"

So you're saying we should not expect professional educators to enact methods that overcome barriers to learning?

If that's the case, then why employ such expensive professionals to perform such a retroactively menial task like "coordinated babysitting"? I'm sure we can get security guards from a local company at a rate much cheaper than the $48K average salary of a TPS teacher.

At any rate, I admire your fortitude to come on here and try to argue whatever issue is at hand. However, you might want to think about your position a bit more carefully, lest you find it holed within 30 seconds. Peace, friend.

I can't speak for all schools, but a note came home with my Start student to inform parents of an altercation in which two students were attended to medically, police were involved and a lockdown was issued. There was a similar correspondence when a bomb threat occurred last year. I am not thrilled these incidents take place, but under the circumstances I'm not sure what else could have been done. I suppose to be safe I could pull my kid from school and we could wander through Franklin Park Mall on weekends until she starts at Virginia Tech in the fall.

Is there a chapter on this at principal school?

Good for you. Perhaps the "TPS Watch Dog" here will see how silly this is, by her responses.

to hear that you received a letter home on the incidents. At our school when incidents happen and they are successfully brushed under the rug we don't get a letter home.

I would think a gun on the playground and an attempted abduction would be a good starting point for a heads up to the parents, but sadly our principal disagreed.

I guess our principal missed that section at principal school.

Not wanting to be disrespectful to a Start student because I know you TPS students need all of the encouragement that you can get but Start is a high school, preparing students for college. How in the world will you get into a college not being able to spell or construct a coherent sentence?

I feel kind of bad saying that because I don't know if you are a student with a learning disability. Suffice it to say that as far as schools changing what kids have learned all of their lives, that is what schools are for: teaching and learning.

I am really sorry that you young people have to deal with the issues that you have to deal with, in school and out of school. But it does not help when the people in charge of providing safe passage to the next step in your lives are not doing their job. Children don't come with a label that tells you how to parent, but schools know how to teach, what to teach and when to teach it. Public education has been in effect for at least 100 years. Each time you sit down in your seat at Start or any other school someone is using a part of the $11,000 to educate you. Because you are young, you will not see the immediate implications of not receiving $11,000 worth of education this year. When you are older or when you are around your peers from other schools rated, excellent or effective you will see that you are being cheated.

Now that, purnhrt, is absolutely not right. I'm sure I could scrounge up some posts' of yours and find a spelling error. There are plenty of adults on here who can't spell, hell, Darkseid claims he's ancient and he seems to only be able to type incoherent sentences in all caps, sprinkled with the all intelligent cuss words.

Do not disregard his opinion because the sentence wasn't in perfect structure, if that is the case, everyone on this board should just disregard each other's posts.

Spartancc1221, ignore Purenhate. The part about your possibly being a LD student is completely off base and unnecessary - but then you must consider the source.

I'd encourage you to read some of her other postings and you could point out to her that she's misspelled words and used improper grammar as well - but I hesitate to expose a young person such as yourself to that level of venom.

Good for you to be up on the issues and forming your own opinions on them -

who was recently shot was not out robbing anybody. My point was he should have been in school. For whatever reason he was not.

I have an 18 year old who was given a diploma from Scott, class of 2007. He is not prepared for anything because he was given the diploma, didn't learn a thing except socialization skills that were not taught at home, such as smoking weed. I also have a 20 year old who was home schooled since kindergarten and is currently a junior at Bowling Green State University. At this minute she is in South Carlina on Spring Break helping to build houses, last Winter Break she spent it in New Orleans helping to build houses for the Katrina victims.

So I can't blame the parent because I am the parent and I know what I teach in my home. My Scott graduate is currently between jail sentences, just waiting for the big one. And yes this "Watch Dog" does blame TPS.

If it were known that I was smoking weed, my Dad would have had my ass. Discipline is what kids need, and they need that from their parents at home.

However, if teacher's and administrator's at school are letting the kids walk all over them, that doesn't do much to re-enforce that discipline.

I have an 18 year old who was given a diploma from Scott, class of 2007. He is not prepared for anything because he was given the diploma, didn't learn a thing except socialization skills that were not taught at home, such as smoking weed

And the smoke finally clears - you raised youself up a hoodlum and are now looking for someone to put the blame on. Maybe spending more time with your own child instead of bitching about some other kid who spelled a word wrong might end up with both kids being better off.

purnhrt - the Start student is absolutely correct. It is the teachers' job to teach, but it is not the teacher's job to try to undo what each child has learned at home. I'm sure they do try - but a lot of kids grew up hearing vulgar language, learned bad attitudes, indifference, laziness, etc. their whole lives & when school ends for the day, they go right back to the same at home. Of course, not all parents raise their kids so poorly - but many do. Many parents are so wrapped up in their own lives, or just flat lazy or indifferent , or ignorant to boot. Now, if each teacher has even half dozen of this type of student in each class, it's enough to disrupt the learning process for the rest of the class. And if the teachers are to be expected to undo those types of problems, how on earth are they supposed to even have time to teach the subjects they were hired to teach? I don't think it's coincidental that there are now tv reality shows like the nanny shows, where parents call in an expert to help them undo the damage they as parents, did raising their brats. Twenty - thirty years ago, this type of school violence was unheard of. When I was in school (grad '70) the worst offenses were chewing gum & passing notes & no student would ever think of back talking the teacher. If you didn't do the work, you failed plain & simple, and caught hell at home for it. Now, it seems if kids fail, the parents want to blame the teachers. The school systems have gone to hell in the last couple of decades, and parenting has gone to hell as well - I do see a connection. I've always been in awe of school teachers - in all grades - who had classes of 30 or more students per class (especially in elementary school now, when so many of these brats are excused for bad behavior or on meds for being "diagnosed" as add) & manage to maintain control of the class, with smiles on their faces. My aunt used to teach at Pickett elementary, and my uncle was principal at Libbey (years back) - and they did have their share of problems back then too. My aunt used to collect coats for the kids who didn't have any. She said that she always had a couple of kids in her class who were on Ritalin & if they missed the medication, they were tearing the classroom apart, jumping off walls. It seems there are far more kids today on these meds than back then, so I can only imagine what a teacher deals with on the day-to-day. My uncle had a kid who set his desk on fire - he was angry at him for a suspension or something. My uncle told me, that when a kid got sent to his office for misbehaviour, he handed the kid the phone & told them to call their grandmother. He said the parents didn't do (admin edit) , but the kids were shaking in their shoes at having to call grandma about it. So while I understand that there have always been problem kids & bad parents (or just plain poor parents) - teachers today have to deal with far more per class than ever before in history. I think I'd challange any doubters to sit in a class - all freaking day - and see what teachers have to deal with. The Start sudent is right - teachers can not be expected to undo bad behavior that kids learn & live with at home & still have time to teach. Behaviour is the parent's job.

my 19 year old, . He is currently receiving government checks and food stamps, having not graduated from high school (the teachers absolutely hated him).

Something I also did not teach in my home is relying on unearned government checks. I teach self-sufficiency. But they learn that stuff in school, what the government can do for you, not what you can do for your government.

purnhrt, that was very personal stuff you just shared, i sure hope nobody uses that against you.

I hope that she's using her testimony as a way to shame that 19-yr-old into understanding his errors and wanting to avoid the severity of his mistakes from now on. What she said should instead be used against HIM, in effect.

Ok so I go to Start (a honors sophomore) & this topic has drifted too far from where it started-the stabbing. Two freshmen boys were in a fight and one was stabbed in the gut with a knife and the other cut on the hand. Can we shift our focus to the students that were actually in the building, that saw the stabbing please? I agree mostly with spartancc1221, you adults don't understand the problems of the school unless your directly involved in the school. Although I do think with our wonderful new building, some metal detectors should have been placed by the student entrance. I was only minutes away from seeing the actual stabbing; I saw the blood on the floor, I heard the sirens, I sat in the lockdown not knowing if the stabber was caught. Where were you all? Sitting at your computers critiquing TPS for something they had no real control over. When students do this kind of stuff they aren't thinking about levees or money (I doubt that they even knew about the levy) I think that for what happened this morning the decisions that were made were the right ones, and were made promptly. This will be the talk of the school for the next week or so I would guess. Teachers aren't paid to babysit us, they're paid to teach us core subjects and electives of our choice, and to make the learning environment on that we want to be in. Morals are taught by parents and I think what happened today reflects what some students are exposed to at home.
So if you all are wanting TPS to be something that it isn't right now then where are you? Why aren't you helping teachers, counselors, and faculty set up programs that deal with the problems that teenagers go through. TPS isn't perfect and it never will be but with more support from the community and more parent involvement TPS could become the shining star that some know it is. Its really hard for some of us honors kids to sit back and hear how awful the schools are when we really have some wonderful things going for us. And who is shining the light on those things?
I think it is ironic that just in 1st hour Mr. Foley was giving a pep talk to all sophmores about the OGT next week, and then in 2nd hour we had a stabbing in almost the same spot he was standing in.


em: purnhrt needs to be volunteering in the schools and helping, but I hink she has been asked to stay away. Therefore, she bad mouths all of TPS at every given chance. I do volunteer around 30 hrs a week in my schools and I see what our teachers and students deal with. It is a different generation and being a kid is hard today. However, TPS has so many great students and by the sound of it, you are one of them. Keep up the hard work! Be proud of yourself............and never lose your spirit.

sandy, is your nose always brown, no offense purnhrt? :)

maybe from getting to close to you, a pill of (admin edit) !

I'll have to remember such phrasing for future use. But a pill of (admin edit) is a lot better than the BIG (admin edit) SANDWICH that we all have to take a bite out of in each election, given that we're tasked to pay a lot of money for a school system that seems to do little but FAIL.



sandy, are you sure you aren't a teacher because you seemed to have picked up some childish and lame come back lines. you don't even know me!!! i called you a brown noser because you like to suck up to others of your kind. you see, i don't have any issues with someone disagreeing with me, in fact if they are civil and polite i appreciate it, but i just can't stand people sucking up.

i am curious if you will respond to kateb's question for you. it seems that the last several times someone asks you a direct question you never respond, but yet are so quick to put on your rose colored glasses when anything that has to do with tps. is the sky the same rosy color in your world, or do you ever take the glasses off?

Well first, I am being sarcastic. Sometimes I think ya'll make a mountain out of a molehill, anything to bash our schools. I have also learned not to debate with many of you, so that is where my sarcasm comes in. I like to be funny and to have fun in life, because god knows it is too short. If you knew me, you would probably laugh at me too, as I am sure my fans reading these post are doing. I know what your sarcasm was getting at when referring to "brown nose”. My response was "no, I must be too close to you, you pill of (admin edit) ." It was a joke, humor, sarcasm- not childish. I hope children would not talk like that.

I do not believe the district is perfect, as I have stated many times. I advocate for change on a variety of issues, you just do not hear about them. We both advocate, just differently. Does that make you better than me..........no way. I have found my way works, so I will continue to wear my rose-colored glasses. How is your way working? LOL

What cracks me up about all of the negative people on this site that have negative issues with TPS, is most if not all of you have no kids in TPS. I have three boys in TPS, I am happy, and my children are a success. Parent involvement has enabled my children to reach their fullest potential. However, I also advocate for many other students that are not in any of my schools to create positive change. I attend IEP's with parents as a supporting hand, offer direction, and advise when asked. Therefore, it is not just about my children I am volunteering my time with any child. I have families with the Down syndrome support group who call me regularly and ask for help. Iwrote a short story on my son's success in TPS titled "Go Tyler!", it was published in last months Toledo Parent, read it you may learn something.

So what have you done in a proactive manner to create positive change in our district?

i have helped chris try to get elected, so the district can stop wasting our tax dollars.

i also have three children ages 2, 4, and 8. i am a stay at home mom because we choose for me to stay at home and teach our children our values rather than relying on someone else. since my children are much younger than yours we are in different places in our lives. i feel it is not my time to volunteer again. i used to volunteer at the Ronald Mc Donald house and i was very active in leading Bible study for our church at the high school level. maybe we shouldn't judge others before knowing the rest of the story? once again, you don't know me.

can you please explain to me how calling me a "pill of (admin edit) " on a forum board, where there aren't any physical expression to know if you were kidding. no smiley face or just kidding, just more profanity. notice how i put a smiley face after my post. that was for purnhrt to let her know i was not criticizing her since she has brown skin. in the future, so we don't have any confusion, could you let us know when you are kidding? oh and, in response to "I hope children would not talk like that." i hope you don't use that kind of language around your kids, they pick that up you know.

"What cracks me up about all of the negative people on this site that have negative issues with TPS, is most if not all of you have no kids in TPS." if you would have read my other post you would understand that we are also tax payers, so just because i refuse to send my kids to TPS does not mean i don't care where my tax money goes.

I am critical of TPS and I was in our school A LOT- tutoring reading, teaching Jr. Achievement, doing room mother stuff and serving endless hours for the PTO on the board.

Why does being critical of TPS make you less of a parent, or concerned citizen? Why can't you understand that there are some of us who are critical of TPS because we want the way administration runs TPS to IMPROVE so that our kids can get a GOOD EDUCATION???

We took our kids out on Monday. We have had enough.

To the Start high school student: Many of us are fully aware that it takes involved parents to help make a school great- even when you have parental involvement you still cannot change factors that already exist like ineffective principals or teachers. I am not putting a blanket on all teachers and principals, but it truly does speak volumes that one bad apple CAN ruin the bunch.

I'm curious how purnhrt's 19 year old son can receive govt. checks & food stamps. My 25 yr old unemployed daughter (with ged) isn't even eligible for Care Net, much less welfare checks. My 43 yr old alcoholic gimpy brother (hit by a car) with zero short term memory (due to car accident) doesn't even qualify for welfare, but does get a tiny bit of food stamps a month. Just curious.

Or is it a racial thing?

now why did you open that can of worms........LOL



he receives a disability check because he is legally blind. How he qualifies for food stamps, I really don't know as I believe in able bodied adults working their able bodies.
If you think that they only give food stamps to black people, once again there is something wrong with your thinking.

Littlered, no offense taken by me but I think Sandy took offense. :=)

you are so correct. Teachers have the power by law to act "in loco parentis." I don't think the power was stripped from them, I think they willingly gave it up and now want to "bond" with the students and be their friend, just like a lot of parents have done. Also a lot has to do with the child protective agencies regulating how, when and why you discipline your child.
A student in any grade can tell you more about a teachers personal life than is necessary. When I went to school, I didn't even know if my teachers even had a personal life. i didn't know if they were even married, except if they had a Mrs. in front of their name, not a Ms.

Parents have given up too much power to the schools, also. The schools feed the children breakfast and lunch, provide dental and health care, provide and wash clothes babysit before and after school, etc. etc. etc. I think a couple of the new schools have health clinics built into them. Ridiculous!

If it is school then be a school, if it going to replicate home then take the sign from the door.

If you haven't been there to see our brand new Start High School I highly suggest you do so. Its absolutley beautiful and it provides a wonderful learning environment. (who would have thought...a public school...a nice learning environment) Oh and yes, we do have a HEALTH CLINIC !

I"m sorry purnhurt - if your son has a disability, then I was out of line. You gave no reason for us to assume that was the case - the implication I think, was that he was a kid not long out of school getting govt. checks - no explanation given, but the general topic here being TPS incompetence, I just made an assumption which I apologise for. And no, I do not believe more blacks than whites get welfare checks - in fact, I believe the opposite is true. I seem to recall an article a few years ago, that gave the statistics that said more whites were on welfare than blacks. I apologise for giving the impression I thought otherwise. I've never been a big fan of home schooling - granted, I don't have expertise in it, I guess if the kids have plenty of opportunities to make friends, friends with common interests, etc., and the parent teaches at the same or higher level than a school does, it can be successful. I've known of a few parents though, who seemed to be 'teaching' at far below what the kids should have been taught. I'm sure my paranoia about home schooling has more to do with the fact that I'd never think I"d be qualified to do it with my kids. When my kids hit fourth grade was the day I realized how pathetic my own schooling had been. I honestly believe that kids learn more & learn it sooner, than we did when I was in school. (we weren't required to take algebra, biology, chemistry, geometry - just two math credits which I barely squeaked by on). My kids went to Washington Local schools & just blew my doors off as far as what they were learning. I was not equipped to teach them myself. But it sounds like purnhrt was successful doing just that & should be proud of having done it so well. Having said all this - it was a different world when I was a kid in school. There seems to be such a huge lack of discipline, respect & manners in kids today - along with such huge increases in kids from broken homes (I knew one girl who's parents had divorced when I was in school), increases in kids committing crimes, out of control bullying, kids on medication, multiple sex partners & rampant drug use (and I grew up in the 60's which seems to pale by comparison). I honestly don't think I'd even want to be raising a child nowadays - there's just so much outside ugliness & conflicts kids are confronted with now that I just never had to deal with. My kids dealt with some of it - but nothing like it is now it seems. Even my 25 yr old daughter tells me she worries about the kids today (and she was my wild firecracker that I'd never survive her adolescence). I'm just saying I respect purnhrt for making that choise, and doing a good job of it.

it was God and prayer in the schools

are now private elementary students as of Monday:-) We can't afford it but God will show me how... we will cut costs at home because what I cannot afford is to have our kids growing up in the TPS system.

... to explain to you the difference between religious partisanship and morality. The former needed to be evicted from the public schools. The latter should have stayed.

you should explain it, since I think some need it explained to them.

From GuestZero: ...explain to you the difference between religious partisanship and morality.

You don't? Just as I don't need to explain the differences between sarcasm, hyperbole and petitio principii. So there, McCaskey.

I also have a 20 year old who was home schooled since kindergarten and is currently a junior at Bowling Green State University. At this minute she is in South Carlina on Spring Break helping to build houses, last Winter Break she spent it in New Orleans helping to build houses for the Katrina victims.

My congratulations to you, PurnHrt.

You know, it seems to me that a part of the problem with TPS is that the staff wants the authority without the responsibility.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I went to a "good" school - high graduation rate, lots of grads continued on to college...

But we had a 'bad crowd'. Kids who didnt give a (admin edit) , didnt try, did poorly, and got in lots of trouble.

Here's the question - was thie fact that we had this 'bad crowd' the parents fault, the schools fault, or the fault of the kids themselves??

There were several familys who had one (or more) kids who did well, and one (or more) kids who were troublemakers and ended up poorly - Same parents, same school. Whose fault?

Im of like mind with the folks above who's contention is it's not the schools duty to provide a babysitting service for these kids. If it's a problem with ALL the students then I'd look to the school for answers, but if some students can make a go of things and others end up being thugs, then the person to point at is not a teacher or principal.

Is exactly what I feel about this thread. I just joined SwampBubbles, in the hopes of finding some intelligent conversation about politics and local news in Toledo. What I found, instead, in trying to find out about this stabbing is immaturity.

Hey Sandy, clean up your act. Swearing is simply a weak mind struggling to express itself. Be more articulate than just using foul language if you expect to be respected and taken seriously.

Let's leave racist comments out of this. The stabbing at Start has nothing to do with the race of those receiving government assistance. Let's everyone just grow up a bit, huh?

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

WOW, well that is a damn shame..............I have never considered myself a weak mind struggling to express myself. Actually, I have no problem in doing so.
You must never have conversed with MadJack or Darkside? LOL

I don't actually know who Darkside or MadJack are, but I think that it is hysterically ironic that you respond with some more weak language to my accusation of your inadequate vocabulary.

On second thought, I should probably type slower and use smaller words...




There is a tide in the affairs of men...


thanks sandy, now i understand you were kidding. :)

I am a smart ass with many folks that post here. I truly mean no harm. I am a good person and put forth a lot of effort to help others. That is my spirit. In addition to my own three, I have 350 students at my son's elementary school that hug me daily. I do what I do for all of them. I also see what many parents lack. Furthermore, kids open up to you when they trust you. Sometimes my heart just breaks from what they talk about.

I said smart ass, I am not expressing myself properly.

No worries, Sandy, I just don't think its necessary to be foul mouthed, and several of your posts had been. I have been known to be a bit on the sarcastic side as well.

I accept your apology ;D

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

sandy, that's nice that you are so supportive of the kids at school, i agree with you (who knew) that some of the stories are hard. i have quite an interesting childhood with a lot of abuse, so i understand having a caring adult there is so important. :) good for you.

Start High School has nearly 2,000 students and there are only about 100 kids that are real bad apples. You act like students at Start are running around like crazy stabbing eachother. Thats not the case at all. Yes, Start has its fair share of problems just like every other school in the country. I agree with everyone on the fact that TPS does have things it needs to work on. But sit back and think how big our system is and how hard it must be to run it. Some of the teachers/administrators are a bit off. I had a class last symester that I learned absolutely nothing in and the teacher was crazy, but doesn't everyone have a teacher that was wierd?

Now about the private & public school thing......
I have quite a few friends that have gone from private to public school or public to private. All of them have said the same thing. You learn the same thing out of the same textbook. When it comes to being a well rounded person, learning about different people, and just learning about life in general, private schools don't come close to what you learn at a public school. Not saying private school is a bad thing, but there is one corse that public school has to offer that private doesn't and thats the life class.

Start High School doesn't get to hand pick the students that attend there. When kids aren't getting good grades we can't just kick them out of our school like private schools can.

I respect your opinions as a TPS student. However, you are in the public school system, so you should be careful in making assumptions about how the private school systems work. Most private schools cannot simply handpick students that go there- if a school receives federal or state money, they have to adhere to many of the same guidelines about expulsions and admission as public schools do.

I do not run a school, so I do not know how hard it is to do so. I do know, however, that there are other areas with similar socio-economic makeups and urban situations that have significantly more successful school systems than Toledo does. The fact is that, by all accounts, TPS has failed the community and the children. The state has declared us to be in academic emergency several years running. And attendance is low... dangerously low. The quality of the education my peers received in TPS is vastly inferior to that I received in private school. That is not merely my opinion, because it is proven by the fact that most of them are not making the cut in college (of those that are still there, that is).

TPS has failed, and to argue otherwise is ignorant and moronic.

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

i have to agree, private schools do prepare kids better than public schools because the work load is harder. i was comparing what my son was doing as a first grader at a private school, to my niece, who's in 3rd grade at a public school, and they were learning almost the same thing, she goes to eastwood. my son was expected to be reading a month after kindergarten started. i'm not talking picking a word out here and there, but stringing the words together in a some what quick manner. they also have a lot more homework than their public school friends.

i also site my husband who went to private school and he was MUCH MORE prepared for college than i was. i had to take several classes to get me up to college level. my husband tested out of many classes.

when he was in school, he's 34, they spent a lot of time on dissecting sentences and structure, so they can understand how to write papers properly. public school does not focus so much on that.

i also know that has a lot to do with parental involvement, and most of the kids are there because they want to be there.

There's no question kids from private schools perform better than kids from public schools - but I think it's not just the more intensive curriculum.

I am close to two teachers from a local private school who tell me it's sad how many people pull their kids from public school and put them in private, only to pull them back out of private school when they discover how much parental involvement is demanded!

If a parent does Jack (admin edit) for their kid in public school and they fail, putting them in private school and doing jack (admin edit) will still ensure failure.

incident (stabbing) at Start. Five parents that I know who have eight students at Start were never notified about the incident. All they know is what was shown on TV and what the children told them. Bob the dad how were you notified?

There was a half page note from Principal Wray sent home with my daughter. It is hard for me to imagine they gave it to some students and not all of them.

Yesterday afternoon every student should have recieved a sheet of paper to their parents explaining what went on. They annouced that if for some reason you hadn't gotten one you could go down to the office and pick one up. (you can probably still do so)

i understand it is a big job to notify that many parents, but i remember being in high school, and not giving my parents everything. could they look into a system where they notify parents via a recorded message, so the parents have better odds of getting the message?



Actually they sometimes do call the house with a recording. When I was at DeVeaux they did that a lot. Its deffinitly a better way to inform parents but I know they had a lot to deal with yesterday, I mean we went on lockdown. They were probably just trying to give noticed to the parents as quickly as they could. But I agree they should have a better way.

i understand what you are saying, but they should have been prepared to begin with. with all the school violence in the news these days, it's not like they didn't know it could happen here.

So much for new buildings creating a more educational environment. Tax payers are duped again.

Quit putting band-aids on the problem like new buildings, more money, liberal discipline tactics, etc.
Start expelling the bad apples. Quit rewarding them, tolerating them, counseling them, cow towing to their stupid parents who think they do no wrong...etc... and start focusing attention on the good kids who want to be there and learn.

Its time to send a message to the kids and parents who are inconsiderate, uncaring, lazy, disrespectful, disobedient, and on and on

I agree with getting rid of the "thugs" at schools. However, the construction of schools began in the Dr Sanders era. The tax levy was a renewal, so it is the same amount that they have been working with.

Bring back the PADDLE! A lot of these kids would shape up then. I know it keep my brothers in line ( as boys tend to act up more). Me of course, never caused trouble or got caught. Either way, I never even had a detention and nor has my students..........who are 6, 8 and a 15 yr old with Down Syndrome. It is family morales and values as well. Something many lack.

Our new school truely is a better learning environment. My friends and I have all talked about how much more we want to learn now that we are in the new building. Its wonderful what we have been given. There are only a few students in the school that don't appreciate what they've recieved. We love our schol and have pride in it, even if it is a public school and part of TPS.

Our new school truely is a better learning environment. My friends and I have all talked about how much more we want to learn now that we are in the new building. Its wonderful what we have been given. There are only a few students in the school that don't appreciate what they've recieved. We love our schol and have pride in it, even if it is a public school and part of TPS.

I accept your apology

Finish with, 'in the spirit in which it was tendered'.

Understand that the woman lies, is somewhat ignorant and is not terribly bright. When our dear Sandy is confronted with a question or two that she isn't comfortable with, she resorts to name calling and profanity.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Thanks MadJack! You are turning me on............LOL

MadJack, I think we could be buddies :)

I was being a bit cheeky, since I don't feel like the apology was particularly sincere.

Anywho, I would like to try to get back on topic (although I'm not sure that some of you will allow the namecalling and profanity to stop...) by asking about TPS's "Zero Tolerance" policy for violence. Do we know whether these students were suspended or expelled yet? (Haven't seen the news in the last day or so...) And what does everyone think about the policy that say if one student assaults another and the second victimized student raises not a finger in defense of himself, both students are punished with the same severity?

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

and parents should appeal those suspensions or expulsions. Last school year TPS had 96,000 days of suspensions. Yes that is right, 96,000 lost days of education due to dress code violations and failure to follow directions. Most of the suspensions have nothing to do with violence.

I was really surprised to see the student who stabbed the other student walk out of the school without being arrested, when students are arrested on a daily basis from most schools in TPS.

That is startling... 96,000 days. Wow.

I agree that it's not fair, but having known kids who were suspended for exactly these kinds of circumstances (they got beat up and couldn't do anything to stop it), it happens. And one kid's parents did file appeal on his behalf - the administration quoted the "Zero Tolerance" policy and pretty much told them "tough luck." This was shortly before he and I both left for other schools (I for a private school and he for Perrysburg).

I can't believe that student wasn't arrested... ludacris...

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

I think I read in the Blade today, that one of the school officials said that they may consider suspension? CONSIDER SUSPENSION? I have a real problem with that type of thinking. A kid who stabs another kid in school MAY be suspended but they aren't SURE yet? Really. For violent acts, I agree with a zero tolerance policy. The problem is, is that the nanny types take it to extremes, where there are kids getting suspended for drawing a picture of a science fiction weapon; where they want the teachers to be on alert & report anything a kid even writes in a fictional story if they deem it 'violent' or threatening. I do applaud the parents who take time to be involved in their kid's schools - but don't be too quick to pat yourself on the backs yet about your perfect parenting & wonderful children. It sounds like a lot of your kids are still in elementary school - time will tell, and time has a way of humbling people - with a quickness. I heard an old saying years ago - something about not judging how other people raise their kids until they see how their own grandchildren turn out. Lot of sense to that. I was not the perfect parent - I made mistakes. My oldest son lost 10 years of his life to prison for a robbery because he freaked out over high debt (who knew? He denied it.) when he was a shade past 19. He was an honor's student, took mostly advanced classes, an excellent musician (he created a technique to teach blind kids to play guitar), a star wrestler, & the last person in the world anybody - even his teachers, expected to do something like this. It was contrary to how he lived his life. He was deeply religious (read the Bible 11 times with highlighters, planned to be a minister). He's the most well read of anybody I know. Years out of prison - he is now the person that everybody says is the most awe inspiring, he lights up a room, & is the sweetest, most honest, ethical, moral person you'd ever meet. But that is the same person he was before he committed that crime -he just sucumbed to a youthful, stupid act & paid dearly for it. He & my younger son have never smoked, drank or done drugs - both are well educated, much on their own. However, my daughter was the sweet kid who turned evil the day she turned 13 yrs old. That was the day she told the world to F*^% off. I knew it was due to insecurities, etc. but nobody could reach her. I was terrified at where she was heading. Then when she hit 18, she turned back into the original sweet kid. I'm sorry for rambling - but my point is simply, that I raised all 3 of my kids the same & all 3 were & are as different as night & day. They are now aged 25 -37 & are wonderful people - moral, ethical, honest, kind - their word means something. My oldest son has a 19 yr old son in international studies at UT who excells at everything he does & has the same, sweet disposition. My point is just that I don't think you can blame a kid gone wrong on any one thing, like a lack of a dad or religion in their life. And a kid can have two wonderful parents & still turn out like Charles Manson. Or two (or one) horrible parents & turn out wonderful.

One final thought - I wonder how these kids feel to hear & read how adults are talking (admin edit) about public schools. You keep telling the kids their schools are (admin edit) , they will buy into that & believe it . TPS are not (admin edit) . Some are better, some are worse - and I know TPS doesnt perform as well as other schools always - but be realistic. There are a lot of private schools that also turn out evil kids. My kids have friends who went to Catholic schools & they told me that those were the kids who were doing worse things than the kids in public schools. Even more realism - the education system in our country compares horribly to most other industrialized countries. And many of those countries have less to work with, fewer funds, less equipment & more ancient school buildings - and they still out perform us. The kids from Start who posted here deserve a lot of credit for speaking more sense than a lot of the adults here. I don't blame them at all for feeling insulted their schools are being put down.

The tax levy was a renewal, so it is the same amount that they have been working with

If it needs renewed, then it was originally put out there as a TEMPORARY thing!!!

Yes that was crazy when they said "considering suspention". He should be out.....for a longgggggg time. I don't want somebody who stabbed another person back in my school. Crazy I tell you. ONE reason why TPS has so many suspentions is because some of the bad apples get suspended once and the next day they come back and act crazy, so the deans have no choice but to suspend them again. We do have BIC (behavior intervention center) which they try to give to kids instead of suspention because then they can still be in school learning. As far as dress code goes...you should have seen what kds were trying to wear before we had uniforms. Girls hanging out, shirts that cussed and had pictures of weed. It was insain. Its the kids fault if he/she gets suspended or put in BIC for dress code. Most likely its because they refused to tuck in there shirt several times or they desided they could wear a hoodie. They aren't asking us to do that much, just to dress respectful.

I appreciate what you said. The reason why I even start on here was because it hurt to hear people saying so much about my school when I know its not a bad place. I learn there everyday, and i learn a lot. I have many friends over at central and they say its not much different from Start. They even call it "Central Public". Why do you think the new Jones Jr. High is already trashed? Adults put down their school so much so they don't take pride in it and they run around like wild animals. I would hate to see the same thing happen to Start (even though the kids at Start would do that because we like our new school), which happens to be the most advanced school in the state of Ohio. I just don't understand why people are so negative. If you don't like whats happening to kids these days, do something to help teach them better. I help talk sence into kids everyday at school and I figure its my way of giving back to the community because I do have a good head on my shoulders.

"I would hate to see the same thing happen to Start (even though the kids at Start would do that because we like our new school), which happens to be the most advanced school in the state of Ohio."

i don't agree with you on that one, i believe it does not matter how nice of a building a school is, what matters is the quality of education being taught. there are plenty of warn down school buildings outside of toledo that are rated excellent. just out of curiosity, where did you get it was the most advanced school in ohio?

they have to take everybody. And because schooling is mandatory in Ohio children have to go to school until they are 18. So in your school are all kinds of criminals and because they are juveniles you don't know who they are unless they tell you. Also because they are juveniles it is presumed that they can and will alter their behavior and become model citizens with the right kind of intervention.

So the student who did the stabbing will be back in school. Maybe not today or tomorrow but he will be back. That is why it is imperative that schools educate all students, even students with bad parents.

Don't think that only the good students get to go to school.

so many friends that have had terrible home lifes and aren't what people call "good kids" and i think they should have should have the same opportunities in school that I have. But some of them screw it up for themselves, they have to want to be there. I know a few kids who have got beat before, many with parents that are divorced and let them run wild, friends with parents who are in jail, one with a dad who was 9 kids with 8 different women, some with a parent who commited suicied, and suprisingly some with parents who are in gangs themselves and encourage them to fight. Its so sad what some kids have to grow up with. Everyone deservese an equal opportunity and that one of the reasons why we have the "no child left behind" program.

It is obvious that we need more knife control laws.

Maybe a 2 week waiting period before you can buy a knife.

Or registering your knife ownership in a government database.

Mommy government needs to outlaw some of these cheaper guns that criminals use. These cheap, small knives are too prolific in our community.

And what about banning Assault Weapons Knives! We need a law that outlaws knives over a certain length or those that obviously are made for stabbing people.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I couldn't agree more. A place (any place) can only be so safe as long as guns and knifes are out there. Why should a freshman be able to get his hands on a knife that easily anyway ???

Don't catch sarcasm real well, do you?

The government can't restrict the right to bear arms in such a way as to prevent everyone from ever obtaining a knife. (That right is not extended to minors however, so I agree with you that a Freshman shouldn't have had their hands on a knife like that anyway).

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

You Libs know how we real Americans are always saying "Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns"?

Let me explain what that means.

Imagine the type of person with the mentality to commit a crime using YOUR logic.

For instance, a criminal may use this thought process according to Liberal "logic":

'I think I will car-jack this car, kidnap the woman driver, take her to a back alley and repeatedly rape her, then go and rob a liquor store, take the money, grab some booze and kill the clerk.

So pass more laws that the criminal mind will IGNORE because that is the definition of a criminal.

Get it?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

*******Why do you think the new Jones Jr. High is already trashed? Adults put down their school so much so they don't take pride in it and they run around like wild animals*******

Jones Junior High has not been "trashed" because adults put down the school. The only adults I heard trashing the school were the adults at the school. Some of what you might call putting down the school is the fact that when the new school was opened school personnel put out the word that there were many things that the students did not have that they should have had. I am sure that this was not lost on the students attending the school.

Oh my mistake.


I think that everyone who ever made a comment here all agrees that things DO need to be changed in one way or another. Everyone on here cares about kids and what is happening in school. As a student I want to thank you all for caring and showing concern for us.

The building itself is the most advanced technology wise. Now don't hold me to this, but I believe the "guys" from the state who have to come in to check everything said that. They are going to be putting a lot of the things we have in other school now though. Its crazy what we have. I don't know who is encharge of doing this, but no one has taught the teachers how to use some of the new stuff yet. So basicly we have stuff at school that is just going to waste because no one can use it.

how long have you had this nice equipment and nobody has been trained how to use it? it seems like someone dropped the ball on that one. they should have been trained how to use it before the school was opened, so that you students would get the most out of your most advanced school. it's not like the school was built overnight.

We've been in the new school about 6 weeks. They know how to use some stuff but not all of it. The teachers have their own personal computers next to their desk and no one has come to hook up the printers so its almost pointless. My mom is an elementry art teacher and she was saying that they should've had a workshop where they could've just taught the teachers how to use things.

i would agree with your mom, they should have had a workshop explaining how to use the equipment. 6 weeks is a long time to have the equipment and not have it hooked up and or know how to use it. also i'm sure there was plenty of time to do everything BEFORE the school was opened. not to mention easier not having to deal with everyone in the school as classes are going on.

The problem with that is the teachers still taught all day with the Start students prior to the new building. I know when I work, I cannot wait to get home and see my family, take care of my home, cook, etc. Teachers are forced to attend more "inservices" this year to increase academics. Therefore, they are already putting in a lot of "extra tiime". When were they going to have the time to learn these skills? We must remeber that teachers are humans and many have families and responsibilities outside of TPS.

in the real world employees do what their employer tells them to do. if that means go to a training seminar to make them a better better employee, then they do it because it is their job. the tax payers voted for the new building and advanced technology (taxpayers being the employer), so the teachers (the employees) should learn the equipment, so that the students can learn more. "it's for the kids, and it's the right thing to do," to quote you. what's the purpose of having equipment if nobody uses it?

As a mom, I am surprised by your response. If I were a teacher and loved my job, it does not make me anyless of a good teacher because I want to be with my family rather than attending work inservices all the time. Moms and dads need equal balances in their lives. That is what is wrong with so many children today, they do not spend quality time with their families. However, we expect our teachers to do so, when they have spent the entire day with our children.

sandy, if you did not understand what i was saying you're nuts! i am not even going to try to explain it to you.

did anyone else out there get what i was trying to explain to sandy because i can't seem to speak her language. it was not an attack on the teachers, just another way they can help the kids.

WOW...........no need to explain, I understood completely.

at Jones, there is equipment that can't be used because it is either not hooked up, no one knows how to use it or there is not enough room.

In junior high school, students aren't very mature and are caught between being a child and behaving like an adult. Those social skills have not come together yet. That is why I don't understand why they put that age group together. When I went to school, schools went from K-8 then high school 9-12.

In high school, which is the case at Start, students have learned how to be more patient and not act impulsively. So if something is not working they have the ability to work the problem out.



Junior high students deffinitly are in a difficult spot in their life because they are inbetwen acting like a child and acting like an adult. One problem this year with Jones & the new building is that it is now 6-8 and none of those kids had ever been in a junior high before they came into the new jones. So think about how it would be if every student in that school had never been there or in a school where you switch classes every hour. Who ever desided to throw everybody in there like that made a bad desicion because something like that is bound to get chaotic. The students who are now 6th & 7th grades came right from elementry. The 8th grades were housed at Libbey in a small group as just 8th graders. Difficult situation because everyones new and hasn't really learned much when it comes to social skills yet.

the inservices are paid. So it's not like anybody was volunteering their time. When Chrysler says that there is mandatory overtime do you think the workers don't want to go home to their families? Of course they do. But if it is for the good of the industry they do the overtime.

Teachers should do the same. If an inservice is to benefit the students then the teachers can wait to see their families like everyone else has to do.

This extra time means extra money, it's not free volunteer time.

i'm sure there are also many kids that are lacking in computer skills due to financial difficulties at home, so having them at school would be very helpful for them when they get jobs and hopefully go off to college. there aren't that many "good jobs" out there that don't require basic computer knowledge. if the teachers are not taking the time to learn themselves then, they are not putting the kids first. this also applies to other equipment at the school.

our Libraries also have computers for public use.............

They offer many different kinds of computer classes at Start now. They're actually pretty neat.

spartancc1221, how many kids at your school use the public library to use the computers to learn on their own, so they will be better prepared for the future?

i had used computers as simply an example of the technology at your school that is not being fully utilized. i have never been in your school, and i am not exactly sure what equipment you are referring to.

i also enjoy hearing what you have to say, you seem like a student that has a bright future ahead of you. it appears that your parents have been doing a good job in raising you to be polite, kind and stand up for what you believe in. i admire that you came on here and explain to us what it is like to be a student. may i ask what you plan to do after you graduate?

soon as your husband graduated from school that you were leaving Toledo? How much longer does he have? :=)

I know some kids that go to the library computers. Its a problem for some kids thought because the library might be too far away to walk to. I know this sounds lazy, but we are in high school and dont really want to go out of our way to teach something to ourselves. But teenagers for the most part are lazy do to hormones and things.

Some of the equipment I have a hard describing because its so new and i haven't seen anything like it. But we have plasma things that they are supposed to be able to do live & taped announcements to the whole school. In everyroom there is a project hooked onto the ceiling and teachers are supposed to be able to do power point using that and we watch movies with that too. The score board in the game gym has different things on it that no one knows how to work. Again printers aren't hooked up. And much more.

I am considering being a physical therapist. I have been studying that for a while now. It sparked my interest even more when Ibroke my foot back in January and I've been seeing a physical therapist. Next school year though I am taking a criminal justice class and a marketing class to see if anything like that grabs at me.

"Some of the equipment I have a hard describing because its so new and i haven't seen anything like it. But we have plasma things that they are supposed to be able to do live & taped announcements to the whole school. In everyroom there is a project hooked onto the ceiling and teachers are supposed to be able to do power point using that and we watch movies with that too. The score board in the game gym has different things on it that no one knows how to work. Again printers aren't hooked up. And much more."

let me make sure WE ALL understand what you are saying. do you mean that IF the equipment was set up, and teachers were taught how to use it, then it would enhance your high school experience by learning new things?

Extremely high burn-out rate if you do get a job in the field.

Take some good advice - apply your talents elsewhere.



I don't think I'm going into that field. I just want to get to know a little more about it. I'm the kind of person that rather know a little bit about everything than be an expert on one perticular thing. You could call it well-rounded I suppose.


good for you, you have time to decide what it is that you really love doing.

so, and thoughts on my question about the equipment? :).

they should rename that field 'Criminal Injustice'.

Ask any participant if they received justice from the system.

In fact, ask anyone from the victim to the cop, prosecutor, the accused, defense attorney, bailiff, judge and correction officer. And if they are honest...

Truth be told, there is very little 'justice' in our legal system. It is a sham.



I will look into getting the class name changed. LOL

spartancc - I am very impressed with you, and see a bright future ahead of you. Just the fact that you've been able to hold your 'own' in this blog (some posters can be difficult & contrary) says a lot. You're right about Central - my daughter has friends that went there, and they used to tell me that the text books were out of date, and the kids did just as much bad stuff (if not more) than kids who went to public schools. They didn't say a lot of good about Central to me (and these kids hung out at our house a lot - some still do). My kids went to Washington Local (Whitmer) because of where we live. But I attended TPS, and my husband went to public schools in Ida, Michigan. If we did not live in Washington Township, I would have chosen TPS for my kids rather than private schools - for many reasons. Do not let some of the posters drag you down about TPS. I honestly believe that kids learn far more and learn it sooner than I ever did (I graduated high school '70). It had nothing to do with the fact that I went to TPS, it was just that certain courses were not required back then, and a lot was simply skimmed over or simply not taught. Also, I think it's important to take pride in your school. School spirit was a big deal when I was in school, and I worried if kids even felt that type of school spirit anymore.

As for the kids you know that have had hard lives - I know. Kids today seem to have to deal with more crap like that then kids ever did when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I only knew one person who's parents were divorced (I went to Rogers) . No parents were in gangs or had that mentality, and I don't know of any that had to deal with abuse or had parents in jail (although, there may have been some I wasn't aware of). Life was easier for kids when I was in school I think. Nobody ever had to worry about a weapon being brought to school - it simply didn't happen. Nobody used foul language in school or to teachers - we'd have been suspended. My heart aches for the kids who have lives like that - I have a nephew who's living a similar life, and it breaks my heart because I see so much potential in him - but his homelife is so corrupt & indifferent, it's just sad. If you can make a difference in just one student - you will have changed a life. And that would be amazing.

sandy - my husband works at Daimler & is required to put in one hour of unpaid overtime daily. He usually works 7 days a week, often many hours overtime a day. He's a maintenance supervisor so he has to be there, even though he'd much prefer to spend his weekends at home, and be able to walk out of the plant at by 3 pm. But more often than not, there are required meetings that are supposed to be less than an hour, but often go longer - daily, aftter his shift. It goes with the job.

that we would like to adopt you on this site. We are all older, some disgruntled, some unhappy, but all experienced by life in one way or another and have advice we can give you.

You had better get to bed now, it is past midnight.

One of my clients is lapping up some rum and cokes right now in Florida. He will be appearing soon and he is quite testy at this time of day...

I don't think you are ready to meet this type of person just yet...I am having a time of it just trying to figure him out myself.

el machio, are we seeing a softer side of you????????

i read what you said to our younger friend on here on the tps board post, and it was very sweet, not the kind of posts we've come to expect from you. :)

I prefer displaying the softer version.

Working in the Criminal Injustice system taught me to be very flexible. I met the person in my custody at the level that was displayed to me.

That is a much more effective method than being locked into a singular mode. Most, if not all inmates respected me for that. I would treat people the way they treated others, and not just me.

I had this badge that said 'Mr. Nice Guy' on one side, but if requested by the person in custody, I could very easily flip it over and the other side said 'Mr. Prick'. The cuffs would tighten, pleasant conversation would cease.

So basically you get what you ask for from me.

This young student appears to be genuine and sincere, and has not caused harm to anyone that I am aware of. She is innocent in my eyes and I would give counsel of my years to help her in any way I could. I do that for most young people. That is the case manager in me.
Out comes Mr. Nice Guy.

Conversely, when people from another state, another community, say Florida, try to interject themselves into discussions of our community.as if they lived here and actually knew what the heck is going on, and belittle our citizens and elected officials as if they knew them, well, that gets my dander up.
Out comes Mr. Prick.

ya are whatcha eat

Your bitch ass is the type that would go out in the community and stick-up some little old lady, or sling crack without thinking twice about it. Tough guy.

Yet you would cry if the soup was cold, juice was warm, or you were not treated like a king.

You are the kind of person we had a 'code' for. - CBG.
Cry Baby Gangster.

Always the 'me first' mentality. (admin edit)

"blow me bitch" is the best you can do?

Sorry bubba, you've made it clear how badly you want me, but cha can't have me! Have ya mopped your floor in front of your computer chair lately?

I'm a tough guy alright, but I'm a tad more ept than you to supplement my income, and it's not derived form robbing old people or slinging drugs, let alone talking trash and trolling.

Cry baby gangster? Did you just label me? LMFAO

Criminal justice, give me a break. I'd be embarassed if I were you, but you're too stupid to be that.

We've already ascertained that you're mentally deranged with your comments concerning Mr Jones being shot, your stalking and delusional assumptions it just reinforces your inability to know when enough is enough cuz your ego is damaged for everyone to see!

It's got to be tough to not be able to establish your own idenity with that tattered ego and no credibility, instead relying on silly comments without substance assuming the audience is as dense and ignorant as you. That's why you find it difficult to bother me, you can't intellectually challenge me on my level, I have to stoop to yours. And if my spelling is all you have to hang your hat on, it just proves even more how stupid you are.

I've not only addressed anything you've posed to me, I've backed it up with fact and links. Which is wayyyyyy more than you deserve, seeing you can't even address anything I've posed to you with your shameless smokescreen skills, but I take great joy in knowing each time you type something, it's just one more nail in your own coffin.

So take this to heart, fruit loop, each time you make a comment concerning me, it's not going to bother me, it's just showing everyone your fanatical interest in me.

And that just speaks volumes about your mentality.

Besides, I love the irony of "giving back".

Teachers at Start were offered 1 training session (unpaid) before the move into the new building. A booklet was provided, but it does not give clear and concise directions for all of the new equipment. Many teachers do not have printers yet or have them but they are not "installed." No one except the official TPS computer techs are allowed to do any installations of hardware or software in any buildings. There are very few techs, and they haven't finished installing equipment in the new schools, and are unable to service existing problems in other schools because of their heavy workload.

There is a lot that goes on that we have to deal with. Its a heck of a lot easier though if you simply know right from wrong. I know that sure has helped me a lot. There are ways to get around the obstacles that get thrown at us but a lot of teenagers have yet to find which way to go. Lucky for me I was quick to find the right door to go through.



can we please watch our language! chris, can you add a dictionary and thesaurus to the site, it might be helpful. :)

I concur wholeheartedly. But it does show us who has a limited vocabulary and can't express themselves appropriately.

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

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