Keno? Ohio deserves better than that

I'd just like to quickly point out to anyone that might not be aware of this, but Keno is one of the worst gambling games you can play in terms of the "house edge". The factor/amount of this house edge can vary based on the payout structure, but THE BEST you could hope for would be around 25% or so. This means that for every dollar you play, you will lose $0.25 in the long run. Why does Ted Strickland want us to lose so much money? Compare this whopping 25% house edge to any other casino game and you will see it is the worst bet in the house. Why can't we instead have a game like video poker where the house edge is as low as 0.46% (yes, that is about 50 times less of a house edge than keno). If you've ever been to a casino that offers keno, you will have noticed employees roaming the floor calling out "keno!" trying to promote the game and sell tickets for it. This of course is because the casino knows they have the biggest edge in this game and want to get as many people playing it as possible. You are right about one thing Mr. Strickland, keno is different from other types of gambling; it's far far worse! Please don't treat us like degenerate droolers that will gladly pour money into one of the worst gambling games there is when we know we have better options.

I urge you to take a quick look at the link below and see for yourself just how bad keno is

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Isn't the point to seperate a mark from his money?

...this game.

Old South End Broadway

The Tic-Tac-Fruit "skill" games were returning 90% to the players, 10% to the house. The state outlawed it. Obviously, the state wanted the monopoly for itself and at a better return. The whole gambling thing is hypocrisy.

Keno will most likely eat into the money spent on instant and online lottery ticket sales. I don't see much of a net revenue gain for the state. The bars will see an increase in patronage. That may not translate into an increase in revenue for them either, just seats filled while patrons nurse a single drink ( have to avoid a DUI) and gamble away any discretionary income and probably a lot of not so discretionay income as well.

... is any business of anyone else to judge the supplier of Keno machines, the establishment that places them, and the players?

Liberty depends on tolerance and adults are supposed to have liberty. Adults are playing games they want to play. Just leave them the fuck ALONE.

Disclaimer: I don't gamble, and I detest gambling.

I just don't think it will be the answer to the state's budget problems. There is only so much money to go around. Money for Keno will come from money that would have been spent on something else. Having run a business for 34 years that has sold lotto since its inception I've seen first hand what happens to problem gamblers and they are out there. I've seen people lose their houses because they spent the mortage payment money scratching off instant lottery tickets. I don't judge. It's just the way it is. I'll lose some business probably but I don't have a problem with that either. That's part of running a business. After 34 years at it you learn to expect and roll with market changes. My only point is that it won't solve the state's budget problems.

As I've writen before, it sucks that the state has a monopoly on gambling in Ohio. A saloon I frequest had 3 of those "skill games" and they paid out 91%. November last, Strickland cited the inherant evils of gambling and deemed them illegal. He also note that Ohioans have consistently voted against gambling.

Fast forward 90 days and Strickland offers this shitty game to taverns so they can give their customers the thrill of gaming. State lottery pays-out only 54% of the money it takes in as prizes. The specifics of this game have not yet need revealed, and it might be better than 54%, but it damn sure won't be at 91%.

I feel comfortable judging the supplier of the Keno games. I think they suck.

As compensation for collecting the bets every 10 minutes, the state will pay tavern operators a commission on the prizes they pay out. If customers don't win, the tavern owner gets 0.00 for getting involved. Thanks a lot Strickland, ya ass hole.

As far as judging the players, I'm with you GZ. They should be left "to their own vices". I'd likewise never judge a business owner for doing what he/she wants to as they cater to their customer base.

Disclaimer. I bet on everything and I think gambling is fine, so long as you don't bet the rent money.

Big Jim

Big Jim

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