what kind of medical insurance do you have?

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i'm curious about this because tomorrow as everyone knows, we will be voting and i hope people vote no on both issues. i thought this poll might help people see how many of us don't have our employer pay for all our medical bills like the city workers. if they want to cut costs, then why not have them pay for some of their medical like the rest of us?

I haven't seen the need to purchase into any of these plans -- either inside an employer's offering or outside -- for many years. Such insurance is simply too expensive. I'm one of those individuals that the Republicans claim are out there in too many numbers, by choosing to avoid the insurance system. However, that just sidesteps the issue of PRICE ... in that I would indulge in health insurance if the price was at most 1/2 of what's offered now in employer plans, and about 1/4 of outside plans.

The Republicans speaking on this issue should also note that I'm voluntarily not buying a fucking LEXUS, either. As well, the issue there is PRICE.

I do perform the best regime that can be done without "reliance" on medical insurance: stay fit, eat right, and avoid excessive physical and chemical risks. But everybody should be doing those things.

This is all well and good, but a friend of the family has spent over $400,000 tin the last 3 months trying to keep there child alive and my parents spent over $150,000 since the new year on my Dad with an extended hospital stay.

With out insurance, both would have been wiped out.

Better add drive safely with your list....one car accident and you got one huge bill. Better practice up on your Spanish. No hablo englesia.

so, if you don't mind me asking is it just you, or do you have kids that live with you? i couldn't imagine how expensive it would be without health insurance with three kids 8, 4 and 2. then again, we are being charged $130 a month, and i still need to call them to pay for what they say they should pay for.

i liked how you say you don't own a lexus, nice to see your priorities are in order. :) wouldn't have much creditability if you drive a hummer and lexus, but could not afford health insurance. :)

... it blows my mind how often modern "parents" are hauling their kids into the clinics, hospitals and doc offices for a bewildering variety of aliments, not to mention all the IMAGINARY ailments largely known as "mental illnesses".

When I was growing up in Toledo in the 1970s, we didn't have all these frequent visits to medical practitioners. And you know what? We weren't badly off because of it. I even recall catching a faceful of a freshly batted baseball from 30FT away, and all I got was some ice in a towel to salve my pains. I'm not crippled.

So what's REALLY going on here is EXCESSIVE USE of the medical care system by all sorts of people who should otherwise know better. Such excessive use combined with insurance coverage leads to its own increase in the price of medical care for everyone.

It strains credulity that somehow our children are so fucking sick right out of the womb. The only real problem is the misunderstanding of parents about the proper use of medical care -- which involves discrimination between what's truly necessary for service, and for what can be treated at home. It seems that parents today have no idea that children can HEAL, and can heal well enough on their own.

well we all have our own opinions. interesting observations, i disagree with many of them, but i feel that trying to dispute them would be pointless.........

AFSCME Local 7 and AFSCME Local 2058 have been paying $10 copays on all office visits since 1999. Union exempt employees also pay a copay according to the Toledo City Journal. Finding out what the Teamsters get is a bit harder as the city funds a trust that supports their medical benefits, so the terms of their health plan are harder to find. What I have found makes it obvious that the Teamsters need to suck it up and join the plan that the rest of the city employees are enrolled in, as the City's contribution to the Teamsters' medical fund cost more per employee than the AFSCME and exempt contributions.


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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I have 80/20 with a $3000 per year max. Then again I make over 2 times what a cop makes and my wife makes 3 times a cop's salary so paying more for my health care isn't a big deal.

Ahhhh, the good ole 80/20 five cop plan with the 3K kicker.......

We have medical insurance through Daimler with a $4,200 deductable - there's no such catagory in your poll for that.

sorry starling02, but you get the point that MOST of us have to pay, some more than others.

starling - I'm curious. Is the $4,200 deductible plan your only option? I'm familiar with several of the Chrysler benefit plans, and most employees seem to have more than one plan option to choose from. But, of course, I don't know what your husband's classification is, so I didn't know if he also had options other than the $4,200 plan.

Have you looked into an HSA (health savings account)? If you haven't, it might be worth looking into. You can accumulate money towards your deductible tax free, and roll it over from year to year.

I'm very fortunate in that I have 100% coverage with my present employer.

Even at my last employer, my coverage was 90/10 with a $150 deductible. (Neither of them were gov't entities.)

(Of course, I had neither of these plans when I gave birth to my children...at that point, we were on the plan of my husband's employer at the time, which was 80/20 with a $500 deductible. Sigh...the one time period where I actually *used* a good chunk of services, and it occurred at the time where I happened to have the least amount of coverage that I've ever had. lol But, I can't complain - 80/20 with a $500 deductible isn't too bad these days either.)

Yikes! This years plan at my company only covers 70/30 for ER services. Thats after a $250.00 deductible and $4000.00 Out-of-Pocket! You think working for a company that specializes in Health Care we could have received a better deal!

As far as HSA's go....be careful. I forgot that I had invested $500.00 into mine last year. By time I realized, IT WAS GONE! I do not know who ended up with it. The company says NOT ME, the Health Insurance company says NOT ME, and I sure as hell know it wasn't me. So I guess it just evaporates into thin air. Or, maybe it goes towards funding of National Health Care. I don't know. I guess my ignorence lost me $500.00 but I sure didn't sign up again till I know that MY MONEY is going to roll over from year-to-year and not end lining some bureaucrats pocket! ______________________________________________________________________

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

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... of some of these HSAs being "use it or lose it". I always wondered who would be stupid enough to ever put their money into such an account.

I'm not saying YOU are stupid if that's the case, but it seems that perhaps people put money into those things while not particularly paying attention to the "... or lose it" part.

All of them are use it or loose it. And they are a no brainer to use. I put $3000 pre tax money into and I get to spend it on anything medical related for the family.

If there is left over at the end of the year, you just spend it on contact solution or over the counter meds.

My family of 4 never has any trouble spending it,,,

we also have a flex spending account for $1,000 a year, and we don't have any problems spending it by the end of the year, works great for us.

Our health ins. just went up to over $600 a month for an 80/20 with $5000 deductible. Now shopping for another company for about the 4th time in 8 years. We will be voting ourselves a raise tomorrow.

Most people who have health insurance don't believe they have enough. Generally this is false.

Where the bulk of Americans are under insured is with disability insurance. Most people are not likely to get a terminally ill disease during their younger years however disabilities are more likely to occur. Also many diseases and illnesses are covered under disabilities as well as time off is required. I ran into this problem in my own family.

My father, a 20 yr union member, had some medical problems and had to take extended time off of work to recover. In his absence his employer only had to pay him $380 a month. This was before the union subtracted their $70 of union dues.

Luckily he was cleared for work before he incurred any unsurmountable debt but he is still paying medical bills and trying to recoup his savings.



sarah, ours is an HSA, and we thought we were getting a better 'deal' than we had last year (with a deductable of $2,400). It appeared to have been the best 'product' to choose from. Also, to get this great deal, my husband had to sell many vacation days (again), and also cut his life insurance in half. I have no idea what happened to the $2,400 we paid into it last year - we sure didn't use that much in medical (we are healthy & avoid doctors anymore because we can't afford more bills), and it doesn't appear to have been 'rolled over' into this year at all. Last year, he sold vacation days & also paid out of salary, that $2,400. & it was like having no insurance at all, which is why we figured we'd give this plan a try. But honestly, my son has better health coverage from the insurance plan required by UT, at $500. per semester than we do. His insurance covers most of office calls, tests, er, prescriptions. I may look into that company for next year.

can your son claim you and your husband as dependents?:) seems like a logical thing since you've been paying for his health insurance for many years. :)

My son is a full time student, currently unemployed. I don't think he'd be able to do that, nor would my husband (a Daimler employee of 30 years) be willing to do that. My son's insurance costs are tacked onto his student loans. He did go for a couple of years with no insurance at all, and we paid his medical, dental & vision costs during that time. We also paid for our daughter's dental work - she has no insurance & doesn't qualify for Care Net because she lives with us, and they 'consider' our income - even though she is over 21 yrs old. Her teeth were important enough for us to do that. I'm not complaining Daimler's insurance won't cover our grown kids. I'm complaining that our deductable is so freaking high - and it's all money out of my husband's pocket - not Daimlers, before insurance even kicks in. Unless one of us ends up with an extremely expensive medical condition, it doesnt seem worth it financially to even have Daimler's insurance. My Dr. cant understand why I won't have a mammogram or bone density test or colonoscopy done - I simply can't afford it. I gave in to my Dr's whims & had a test done (on his speculation - which he was wrong, & I was right - I was fine) assuming insurance would cover most of the test. It did not, and that test cost us over $1,000. One reason people in countries with universal health care live longer, is that they get more preventative medicine done, like those tests. But I worry about universal health care - as soon as the govt. controls health care, it will also control it's quality & costs.

starling02, it was just a thought :) i hope you get those tests done, so hopefully they will come back normal, and you won't have REALLY BIG bills coming in. i understand your frustration and hesitation. i'm going to give in and call my son's cardiologist to get him in for an expensive 2 hour long check up. who am i to encourage you to get these tests done when i have not done the same. :)

There are groups in the area who will pay for those type of treatments.

In fact I think a portion of the Race for the Cure money is kept locally so that people in your situation can have the costs offset.



does anyone else have their own insurance policy? Mine started Jan. 1 through HCCUA. It's a credit union group plan - decent coverage and only about 260.00 a month for vision, medical and prescription.

But there is a ripoffreport.com on this company also - just a little leery. Wondered if anyone else has experience with this kind of thing.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

That's fine. The risk that hospitals will get stuck with a huge bill for care you might need and can't pay for is built into the costs hospitals charge every paying consumer. Of course this raises the cost of health care premiums for those who are responsible. So go ahead, essentialy you are covered. I and others who are insured are paying for it.

hospitals, including those here in Toledo - provide pro bono services to the most needy in the community. People without a way to pay, while they are billed - those bills are eventually written off as those community services.

That's why hospitals do not pay taxes on profit. Even though they are 'non-profit'.


If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

The problem of improper reporting of bad debt and pro-bono care by hospitals has become so serious that the IRS has imposed Form 990 Schedule H. It forces hospitals to disclose just exactly how much they do write off and how much they do provide to the community in pro-bono services. Not as much as you think apparently. The hospitals have fought this new reporting schedule tooth and nail.


The impetus for this reporting came from the practice of hospitals billing insurance companys one price for a medical service and many times that amount for the same medical service to an uninsured patient. Then if the hospital accepts less from the patient ( if the patient is very, very lucky to get a reduced amount at all) the hospital writes off the difference as pro-bono. Slick huh? Sure makes a hospital look like a hero on paper doesn't it? (Not all hospitals are non profit by the way, which is a whole other set of reporting problems when a for profit is run by a charity. Many of them are.)