When you vote Tuesday, remember, it's cheaper for a City Worker...

When you vote Tuesday, remember, it's cheaper for a City Worker to go to the doctor and get a three month supply of Viagra than it is for YOU to go to Krogers and buy generic asprin.


And also remember this, 30% of the households in Toledo have one family member who is part of a union. SO THE OTHER 70% OF YOU TOLEDO HOUSEHOLDS JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND PAY FOR MY PERKS.

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Also remember that the average CEO makes 531 times the pay of the average worker...

Are those CEO's subsidized by tax dollars in the same way City workers are?

Saddly they most likely are...

Don't worry, most of the CEOs worth their metal have already left Toledo!

A CEO is the equivalent of professional sports athlete in business.

When individuals can lead orgainizations in a global market place across multiple time zones with consumers of all age groups and laborers of all languages and continue to grow every freak'n year throughout a media political monkey circus engaged in daily poop launches and every lawyer's class action suit - the CEOs of today are a cut above ....PROVIDED they bring consistent PROFIT.

Too funny...when Rodrigues doesn't perform well it does cost me money...

A CEO is the equivalent of professional sports athlete in business.

Really? I don't think so.


Note the last paragraph:

But academics have found little evidence that higher executive pay leads to better company performance, and the recent study of three thousand companies actually found that the firms whose directors were the most well connected—and which paid their C.E.O.s most lavishly—in fact underperformed the market

Don't forget that the top THREE highest paid baseball players have made more than the entire UNITED STATES TRADE DEFICIT FOR CANADA, MEXICO AND CHINA COMBINED.

Why aren't you jelous of Professional Sports? Or does your Union puppet-masters not allow you to think of anything to be jelous about except CEOs who create jobs, create US wealth, and have helped make America the strongest economy in the world?

I guess some high-school dropout who can hit a baseball while jacked up on steroids is allowed to make $188,245,322 during their career.

You union lackys make me sick. YOU are what is wrong with America and SPECIFICALLY what is wrong with Toledo.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Pencil dick...

The top three baseball players have made only $500 million total over their life times...

Bonds $188,245,322
Rodrigues $170,416,252
Johnson $152,449,473
 Total $511,111,047


God, your stupid makes my head hurt...

Here is an article from 2006


The U.S. trade deficit with China rose to a record $201.6 billion last year, the highest deficit ever recorded with any country and 24.5 percent above the previous record of $161.9 billion set in 2004.

...a $76.5 billion deficit with Canada and a $50.1 billion deficit with Mexico.

Billions you moron!  This is why conservatives suck with money!

anyone know the percentage of toledans without health insurance? i'm sure those people can sleep better tonight knowing they are paying ALL of the union city workers medical coverage.

Why aren't you jealous of Professional Sports?

Uh, because they're unionized maybe??

We have insurance through Daimler, and I honestly think that people on welfare (no insurance via employer) have it better than we do, as far as medical, dental & vision. With a $4,200. deductable (out of hubbies paychecks, plus vacation days & life insurance he gave up to get this great deal) - our 'insurance' barely touches a thing until we deplete that deductable of OUR money. (and we do not have union 'protection'). Employer provided insurance is highly overated anymore.

starling02, well doesn't it make you feel better knowing city workers don't have any out of pocket expenses.

we are a family of 5 with one income and i cringe every time we go to the drs for something. my 4 year old has a heart problem, and to take him for a check up at the cardiologist at the toledo hospital was $850.00, and that was after insurance paid their part. we switched to st v's because they offer a sliding scale that is well above the poverty level. they want him in twice a year, but we go once because it's so expensive. thankfully he's doing ok, so it's not so much of an issue. we used to have to take him in weekly before he had his surgeries.

he had open heart surgery when he was 10 days old and my insurance refused to pay because they found it medically unnecessary. we got sent to a collection agency for $125,000, then they finally paid it. i'm so glad to hear city workers don't have to deal with it, while the rest of us struggle to get by.

We have insurance through Daimler, and I honestly think that people on welfare (no insurance via employer) have it better than we do, as far as medical, dental & vision.

So what would you say your Return on Investment is for those union dues?

... medical insurance is now just an official scam being pulled on the middle class. Instead of pricing medical care honestly and then showing by its huge price that the middle class can't actually afford it, the System relied instead on deceit with all this convoluted medical insurance.

I recall you posting some time ago about the statistics of people going into bankruptcy over medical bills. A large percentage of those people already HAD medical insurance, as you pointed out. But what are missing here are (1) government honesty in regulating such things, and (2) willpower-to-boycott on the part of the medical consumer. Until those change, the fraud implicit in the modern medical insurance system will NOT correct itself.

"This organization of the proletarians into a class, and, consequently, into a political party, is continually being upset again by the competition between the workers themselves.... It compels legislative recognition of particular interests of the workers, by taking advantage of the divisions among the bourgeoisie itself."

Does that sound familiar? "Divisions among the bourgeoisie itself" such as "A" Team and "B" Team Democrats and their socialist agenda?

So, according to Karl Marx, UNIONS ARE THE FIRST STEP TO COMMUNISUM. And Karl Marx predicted people like SensorG and Toledo Government sucking up to Unions and commies back in 1848. THEY are the "organization of the proletarians into a class, and, consequently, into a political party". Democrats.


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

You keep opening your mouth and shit keeps coming out...

Funny, I hold my noise and I can't hear you.

BTW it does cost more for three months of any name brand drug then a bottle of generic aspirin...

My wife’s a pharmacist and will check the exact amount tomorrow at work. A 120 ct of generic aspirin is about $3.

And Bedford Township will be a better place....

sensor - I think that was the point he made - that city workers can get the equivalent of 3 months of viagra, for LESS money than a bottle of generic aspirin. Your comment was non-sensical.

Three months of viagra does not cost less money then a bottle of generic aspirin for a city worker.

BlowMe was wrong as usual. He lies...

"Three months of viagra does not cost less money then a bottle of generic aspirin for a city worker."

this might be true, but city workers, and their "life partners", still get their medical paid for by tax payers while the rest of us are paying an arm and leg for our medical, that is iF we have anything at all.

Well here is the rub... do you think our Police and Fire men and women are over paid?

What you are advocating is a pay cut for every Policeman and Fireman. That is what you are saying here…

i'd be happy if they would cut costs by making the city workers pay more for their health insurance like the rest of us. maybe something like an 80/20 plan with deductibles and co-pays, which is what i'm assuming most people with insurance have.

i.e. you want policemen and firemen to take a pay cut.

i guess i do, if it means paying what the rest of us do, and reducing the budget. of course saying we reduce the budget means putting that money in needed areas and not into making the city look pretty. kind of like shoving all the crap in the closet when company comes over trying to hide what's wrong, rather than fixing it. the house might look clean as long as you don't open the closet.

remember, WE are the ones paying for it. check out the medical insurance poll, only one person has their employer paying everything. look at how many people don't have ANY health insurance. i'm guessing they aren't thrilled they are paying for the city workers medical while they have nothing.

are you implying that some people DESERVE better health insurance than others based off what their occupation is? does a person working at walmart DESERVE to pay more than a cop? i believe we are all equal, and should pay the same amount for the same service regardless of race, age, sex, or how much they make.

It's about total compensation. Salary + Benefits = Pay

So should a Police office make more $$ then a guy working at Wal-Mart? The answer is yes.

I think everyone should have the same level of care, regardless of what they do for a living. Look over at ToledoTalks however - we just finished a thread on how the rich deserve better care.

So you are saying that everyone should have to pay the same for health insurance? Wow - and I get called a socialist all the time.

i think everyone should pay the same amount for medical services. if an x-ray costs $300 for one person, it should cost the same for the next person. this is going against the health insurance agencies, who try to charge as much as they can, so in the end some pay more than others.

i think health care should be a basic necessity that everyone should have and should be able to afford, which is obviously not the case.

when i get an explanation of benefit from my insurance company, they show how much the service cost, how much was written off, what they paid, and what i have to pay. i feel the write off portion should be the same for everyone, or in other words, there shouldn't be a write off portion, and they should lower the cost, so it could be more affordable for everyone. i don't feel i am any better than anyone else because i have health insurance, so i shouldn't get special privileges. i don't think based off what partnership the insurance company has with the medical facility should dictate how much you pay.

it makes it harder for the person without insurance to afford it, in the end the person without health insurance, in many cases, will let the problem go on until it gets worse and costs a lot more to fix, and then we all pay the highest amount for it. it's just an ugly cycle that needs to be fixed.

i think a cop should make more money than the person at walmart based off of education and need, but i think they should have the same kind of health insurance.

this is just my opinion, we all have our own opinions. that's what makes these forums more interesting, and it helps people see from another person's perspective.

but now I understand why the personal attacks started instead of debating the FACT that, since City Workers get first dollar coverage for healthcare, it is cheaper for a city worker to go to the doctor ($0 co-pay) and get a three month supply of Viagra ($0 co-pay) than it is for you and I to go to Krogers and buy generic aspirin ($1.79)

I didn't realize that I hit a nerve. SensorG, how long have you worked for the city? When did you sell your soul to Unions? And is the Viagra working for you?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

The majority of the City of Toledo's employees pay a copay of at least $10 for each office visit and have a copay on prescriptions. The Teamsters union may be different, but copays for the AFSCME and union exempt employees began in 1999.


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Since when is Viagra a "covered" script in the first place? My insurance doesnt cover it, nor does it cover anything that is NOT medically nessisary. (but of course, im not a city worker)

Viagra (or any other erectile dysfunction drug) has strict quantity limits even when covered.

I've audited pharmacy plans for hundreds of employers across the country (both private, public, and gov't), and virtually every one has quantity limits on Viagra. 3 pills a month seems to be the norm, though I've seen plans that allow a few more pills. (If its covered at all, of course.)

I actually had a man yell at me once, because he told me that it was unfair that his employer was "dictating that he could only fuck 3 times a month." I calmly replied that he was welcome to have sex as many times a month as he wished, but he was going to have to foot the bill for anything over 3. lol

Funny thing is, most drug plans don't cover birth control...

Funny thing is, most drug plans don't cover birth control...

Mine didn't until just last year.

Insurance doesn't cover smoking cessation products & drugs either - and yet, the demand to quit is high, and smokers are made to feel like lower class citizens. Have you priced smoking cessation products? And given their low success rate, you have to keep buying more & more.

was covered on my insurance. And it worked! I only completed 8 weeks of the 12 week program but have been tobacco free since 11/27/07 after 25 years of smoking. I know that since I can still count the days my habit isn't kicked but feel I at least have a better shot at success.

BTW...I did not quit because of the Smoking Ban. I still feel its unfair and encroaches on our civil liberties and democratic principals. ______________________________________________________________________

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

i was just thinking about how expensive those products are when i saw them on sale at the store the other day. i'm so thankful i never started smoking. both of my parents smoked and having to put up with my dad while he was quitting convinced me never to start. i really give smokers that quit a lot of credit, it must be so hard.

Starling, some insurance plans will reimburse you for smoking cessation aids AFTER you have quit. I had one way back when that did that.

I quit in November. It's been difficult but not as hard as I thought. I used 'Chantix' - and it worked as represented for me.

It's just a tough thing to kick. I really thought it would be different than it was to quit. That I'd be crawling out of my skin - or miss it all the time. But you don't. Just once in a while...

I don't think it would have worked, because I tried so many times before, without that Chantix though.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I quit 8 years ago. It took about 10 months to retrain my brain to quit.

My thought process was that it took me several years to work on my smoking habit, I certainly was not going to quit overnight.

I believe after a certain period of time, few days, smoking goes from a chemical fix to a mental fix.

What worked for me was to work on cutting out all the B.S. smokes. These were the ones not asscociated with any specific routine activity such as coffee, driving, breaks, drinking, etc... At the same time, I allowed my self to smoke on the times when I enjoyed smoking. Incremental, positive progress.

In the end, I got to the point where I was able to control all my in between smokes. I then targeted driving. Pretty soon no smoking in the car. Coffee, Breaks, Drinking were still good.

If I screwed up, I just start the process over. Eventually my brain got trained where I only smoked while I drank. I wouldn't smoke until I went out and life was fine. My goal was then to drink with less smokes over time. Eventually I would go a night, then smoke, then a few more nights, then smoke.

Drinking and smoking finally got to the point where I did not need any smokes. I didn't freak out if I screwed up. I just started the process over again. Eventually you stop associating all things in your routine with smoking.

Now I feel better in the morning. I probably have about 2-3 cigars a year at special events.

I think quitting smoking is about achieving the short term wins and pacing your smoking before you achieve the long term success of quitting.

Who knows, everyone is different. This just happen to work for me.

I think my brain would need a lot longer than that. It's more psychological for me I think - stress reduction, hand habit, nervous habit, boredom.

Perhaps just focus on smoking the important smokes and work on minimizing the "no purpose" smokes. See where it leads. Become a more effective smoker, you might save a few bucks.

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